Briefings: Nodeos RFP, Mandel, Greymass' Captian, Fractally Math, Pomelos, DUNE

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A building storm and seasoned captain. A call to the community and enthusiastic support. Innovation from all angles and a plethora of contributions. Once a community of strong bonds; now, focused, fractal communities harnessing independent powers from developers and users alike. It's August now, so less than two months to prep for the mainstage at Token2049, September 2022.


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Mandel 3.1 Update

The EOS Network Foundation confirmed that Mandel 3.1 is set to go live on September 21. This comes in the wake of several tests in recent weeks. To aid the process, the ENF published an Upgrade Guide. All node operators will need to:

upgrade their nodes before September 21 to continue syncing with the network.

Mandel 3.1 promises to be the most profound event in EOS’ history since its lauch in 2018. For those unfamiliar with the consensus upgrade process, know that issues can be mitigated or prevented through planning (as outlined in the Upgrade Guide). The guide also touches upon how to prepare a node and includes information about:

  • Binaries
  • System contracts and applications
  • Contract Developer Toolkit

Note that BPs will need to:

…activate all of the new features in Mandel 3.1 simultaneously.

Public testnets are available for developers to test new features and ensure dapps will continue to run as expected. If you want an overview of Mandel 3.1, visit:

Note that the Fractally team tasked the ENF with finalizing and deploying Mandel, the third major consensus upgrade of EOSIO. Why? Team Fractally has its own dedicated project looking to take flight in the weeks ahead. Join the fractally whitepaper discussion on Saturdays to see what else might be in store for the EOS community. Also keep in mind the impending impacts of the Trust Network, an EOS EVM.

Greymass Update Still Hot

Ahh Greymass… Before the ENF and the enduring events leading to B1’s departure, EOS held fast, Anchored to promising potential. Maybe old Aaron Cox is a seafarer at heart, which is why the community awaits so anxiously for news out Greymass like a ship returning from a long voyage with untold treasures. Options for wallets expect to grow as EOS does. EOSIO+ Coalition works with Greymass to open source wallet SDKs. If you’re a WAX user accustomed to a web wallet, maybe take a look at Unicove. Last week Greymass provided the community with an update. This week Aaron heated things up on EOS Fireside chat. Discussed topics include:

  • Ledger Support
  • Anchor
  • Unicove
  • hirings

ENF CEO Highlights

Few people push the envelope as hard as Yves La Rose. He’s always been a top producer, but like a kid who sees Santa’s sleigh approaching, Yves has kicked it up a notch. With Token2049 in EOS’ sights, BigBeardSamurai serves up a storm worthy of NHC monitoring. Now that you have the weather report, here’s a blitz through Yves’ last week in July (we’re about 8 weeks outside of T2049):

Nodeos RNF to be Awarded by EOSIO+ Coalition

The ENF is the primary financier of the EOSIO+ Coalition. The ENF presented a Request for Proposal (RFP) for advancing the nodeos p2p protocol. Proposals need to address: 

…peer node discovery and synchronization processes…

Specific requirements and provisional services are detailed in the 13 page document. The Coalition will determine the full scope of awarded contracts. Responses are ‘intends to bid’ and must be submitted by August 1. Here’s the most recent, relevant tweet.

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More about DUNE

Has EOS become the party animal splashing around in the pool? The “splash” is what EOS’ relentless innovation must look like to complacent investors. Innovation, in its many forms, remains essential to the blockchain space. Seen out in the distance, beyond the wastelands of EOSIO 2.0, a sort of saving grace echoes far across the ecosystem. Most EOS discussions center around the same Coalition+ projects, an Ethereum bridge (Trust Network), and the third version of the mainet. Another, low key, project might well garner as much excitement from hardcore developers whose main complaint was that EOS seemed unnecessarily hard to build on. If you’ve not guessed the name of the project by now, it was released and covered last week. Termed D.U.N.E., one must wonder if project leaders are fans of the movie or if the acronym coincidently reminds of an apocalyptic wasteland:

…Node management, compiling smart contracts, and running tests has never been easier for $EOS developers! ⚒️…

Pomelo: Community Supported Grants

As promised, donations opened on the 27th. Over $350k will be distributed according to how the community supports each project. Amount raised and total contributors will determine a project's influence in claiming the matching pool provided by the ENF. View a recent Pomelo tweet for an illustration of the power that many small donations advocating for a particular project can have over the matching pool. Below is a list of grants with 40 or more unique contributors as of July 31:

Over this same period, an estimated 63 projects recorded at least 10 unique contributions. Among them is a proposal to expand upon weekly Briefings (like the one you’re reading now) to include project specific briefings and timeline segments of key events. The goal of the new Briefings site is to save the community time by helping individuals stay current and get new/returning members quickly up to speed. For those looking for more exposure from their projects, Pomelo discussions, as in past seasons, again dominate community chats. You’re encouraged to join in and apply for promotional events like Twitter Spaces Pitch Sessions. Bywire interviewed Pomelo’s Daniel Keys about the latest Season 3 additions like new NFTs.

Daniel Larimer Discusses Meritocracy (and some math)

Things are getting busier for the Fractally team. Recently, Dan Larimer took time to respond to a Vitalik Buterin tweet by outlining the advantages of true meritocracy. He cites it as being the most democratic option with advantages for blockchain that include:

  • Sybil resistance
  • Free of government ids
  • Power allocation flowing to public goods

Additionally, the community was fortunate to receive two articles from Dan this week. The first discussed fees. The proposed fee system is a one-way based funding mechanism that once blockchain expenses are purchased, they cannot be resold from the holding account. Dan’s second article was a mathematical analysis for deriving:

... group values from individual values...

Key underpinnings of Dan’s logic is better valuation via pareto distribution. Though, even with such non-linear values, the competitive rankings of determined lower contributions proves quite difficult. Dan highlights the non-transitive aspects of rank order. For those who regularly attend meetings, lower rank challenges might bring to mind the recent Addendum and alteration of round 2. More info about that in the dedicated fractally section below.

Eden on EOS

Seems as if each passing week, the forces of Eden and fractally intertwine a little more. Maybe it just feels that way because of certain Pomelo projects that went live this week. Some exciting project ideas seek to integrate Eden/EOS with what fractally promises to deliver in its open source software. The most notable is to leverage the power of a decision-capable crowd intelligence. Fractals both find better solutions and appropriately reward past contributions. For information solely about Eden, checkout Chief Delegate meeting #3 and/or attend the weekly Eden town hall. Both links are available below as well as Mandel team meeting #25, the team tasked with delivering the third version of the EOS mainnet: 

BTW, fractally and Eden have their own weekly recaps on telegram.

Go Fractally: Addendum Begins to Take Effect

New fractally info was discussed in the Dan Larimer section above. Though, I did promise to elaborate on round 2 alterations. Details on the new protocol can be found in Addendum 1 of the whitepaper. To sum up, three participants from each group will move on to the second round. They each now start with the same respect as the highest earner who didn’t advance. Also discussed in this first addendum was the new token structure. Dan goes into more detail about the math involved in the articles he published this week (linked above). Note that there’s currently 3 independent fractals offering their own participation rewards on different chains:

  • Genesis (independent)
  • Eden (EOS)
  • Alien Worlds (WAX)

Join the discussion and make contributions by applying here, as well as find out more about each fractal.





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