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Crypto Near Miss: Banks Collapse, USD Coin Depegs, and Investors Receive Warning Shot - An eye-opening reminder that crypto investors must take steps to decentralise their investments and be their own bank.
Credits: Openai DALL-E Image Generation. Prompt: 'Create a vivid and eye-catching illustration visualizing the collision of traditional banking and cryptocurrency worlds, highlighting the chaos of the recent banking collapse alongside the rising call for decentralization and financial freedom in the crypto community'
EOS Network Ventures invests $20 million to develop decentralised applications and games on the EOS blockchain with the upcoming launch of EOS Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to boost innovation and growth in the ecosystem.
Credits: Openai DALL-E Image Generation. Prompt: 'Create an image of a rocket ship blasting off, with the EOS logo prominently displayed on the side. Inside the rocket, there are developers and gamers working together to build and play cutting-edge dapps and games on the EOS blockchain. Outside the rocket, there are other blockchain networks represented as competing spacecraft, trying to catch up to EOS. In the background, the Earth is visible, with the words "The Future of Decentralized Applications" written in bold letters'
The Web3 industry has been built on the pillars of trust, transparency and accountability between projects, contributors and community members. With this in mind, the EOS Network Foundation aims to grow the EOS ecosystem by adhering to these values and ensuring that those in the EOS community are provided with regular information on all the [&#8230;] The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com/blog/monthly-program-operations-health-report/">Monthly Program &amp; Operations Health Report</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com">EOS Network Foundation</a>.
The EOS Community Poker Tournament unites Web3 gaming enthusiasts for a philanthropic cause, merging competition and public goods funding on the EOS platform.
Create an illustration featuring a group of diverse people playing poker in a virtual environment, with EOS blockchain elements, Pomelo Astronaut Coins, and other NFT prizes floating above the table, symbolising philanthropy and public goods funding.
You’re invited to play in the 3rd Edition of the EOS Community Poker Tournament! Sunday, March 26th, 8pm ET / 00:00 UTCJoin us on the virtual felt as we hang out in the Discord voice chat and play some cards. You could win some sweet prizes for yourself (like Pomelo Astronaut Coins!) and even allocate [&#8230;] The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com/blog/eos-community-poker-tournament-for-public-goods-2023/">EOS Community Poker Tournament for Public Goods</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com">EOS Network Foundation</a>.
You’re invited to play in the 3rd Edition of the EOS Community Poker Tournament! Sunday, March 26th, 8pm ET / 00:00 UTCJoin us on the virtual felt as we hang out in the Discord voice chat and play some cards. You could win some sweet prizes for yourself (like Pomelo Astronaut Coins!) and even allocate [&#8230;] The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com/blog/eos-community-poker-tournament-for-public-goods-2/">EOS Community Poker Tournament for Public Goods</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com">EOS Network Foundation</a>.

#Pomelo - Crowdfunding on EOS

BTC Ordinals 미션

Pomelo 우주비행사와 함께 크로스 체인 NFT 모험을 시작하세요 Pomelo NFT 수집애호가들 주목! 여러분들을 위한 아주 특별한 것이 준비돼 있습니다. 당신의 우주복을 장착하시고 이 세상밖의 갤럭시를 넘나드는 어드벤처를 떠날 준비를 하세요! 우리의 사랑받는 Pomelo 우주비행사가 곧 그들의 첫번째 미션을 수행하게 됨을 공식적으로 발표합니다: Bitcoin 블록체인으로 떠나는 획기적인 여행이며, 당신도 여기에 가입하세요! 이는 EOS 위 NFT 의 첫번째 크로스 체인 NFT 모험으로서 인생에 한번밖에 없는 역사를 쓸 기회입니다. 하지만 — 미션을 위한 좌석이 제한돼 있음으로 참여를 희망하면 빨리 움직이세요! Pomelo Ordinals Bountyblok 콘테스트 저희는 스페셜 Pomelo Ordinals Bountyblok 콘테스트 를 주최합니다. 저희를 도와 Pomelo Astronaut BTC Ordinals 미션에 관한 소식을 널리 알리고, Pomelo Astronaut 토큰 10개 중의 하나를 받을 기회가 있습니다 . 당신이 알아야 할 것 매 한명의 Pomelo 사용자는 포털을 통한 최대 우주비행사 2 명을 보낼수 있습니다.BTC Ordinal 포털은 3월 15일 23:00 UTC 에 오픈됩니다.우주선에 80개 가능한 자리가 있습니다. 준비하고 계시고 포털이 오픈 됐을 때 지체하지 마세요.당신은 당신의 Pomelo 우주비행사 NFT 와 Bitcoin Bech32 Ordinals 주소가 필요합니다. Hiro Wallet Chrome Extension 을 사용하여 Ordinals 주소를 생성할수 있습니다. Pomelo Astronaut Ordinal NFT 처럼, 당신의 주소를 생성하여 자산을 Bitcoin 블록체인에 저장하는게 쉬운 방법입니다. 이 문장을 통해 그 과정을 가이드 받을수 있습니다.당신의 주소를 획득하였다면, Pomelo NFTs 를 방문하여 그 과정을 시작하세요. 당신의 물품 목록에서 이 미션을 수행하기에 적합한 용감한 우주비행...

#Pomelo - Crowdfunding on EOS

BTC Ordinals 任务

加入 Pomelo 宇航员的跨链NFT冒险 Pomelo NFT收藏爱好者请注意!我们有一个十分特别的活动要介绍给您。 穿上您的太空服,准备好一次星际冒险吧!我们激动地告诉大家,英勇的 Pomelo 宇航员将开始他们的第一个任务:开启开创性的比特币区块链之旅,我们希望大家积极加入进来! 这是一次千载难逢的机会,可以创造历史,成为EOS上NFT的第一个跨链NFT项目之一。 但是 — — 执行任务的仓位有限哦,所以先到先得,赶紧行动吧! Pomelo Ordinals Bountyblok 比赛 我们还举办了一场特别的Pomelo Ordinals Bountyblok 比赛。 帮助我们传播Pomelo宇航员BTC Ordinals冒险任务的好消息,您可以有机会参与瓜分10个Pomelo宇航员代币。 任务须知 每个独立的Pomelo用户可以通过网页门户发送最多2个宇航员。BTC Ordinal 门户将于北京时间3月16号07:00开放。飞船上只有80个仓位。一定提前做好准备,不要耽搁等到门户开放哦。您需要准备好自己的 Pomelo 宇航员NFTs 和 比特币 Bech32 Ordinals地址。要生成地址,我们建议您使用Hiro Wallet Chrome Extension。这是一个比较简单的方式,便于您生成自己的地址和管理存储在比特币区块链上的资产,可以说是Pomelo宇航员Ordinal NFT。本文将指导您完成整个过程。获得自己的地址之后,您就可以去Pomelo NFTs开始本次冒险旅程啦。 是时候在自己的清单中选出您最满意的英勇宇航员来执行任务了。 发送每个宇航员,都需要执行以下步骤: 需要发起转账,找到您要选择的宇航员并单击图像下带有比特币logo标志的按钮。在memo字段中,输入您的比特币Bitcoin Bech32 Ordinals地址。点击发送,签署交易,我们的团队将接管后面的操作。 以上就是所有需要您操作的过程,通Ordinal 门户,发送自己的宇航员展开史诗般的旅程,在比特币区块链上铸造自己的Pomelo宇航员NFT。 成为故事的一部分 那么,您还在等什么?这是您成为NFT历史上重要时刻的一次机会。让我们一起创造历史,发送自己的Pomelo宇航员去比特币区块链! ...
Introduction The monthly calls with EOS block producers (BP) are meant to establish regular communications between the top 30 EOS BPs and the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) to foster an open dialogue between network operators and custodians in support of the mutual development of the EOS ecosystem. Meeting Overview The meeting started at 02:00 UTC [&#8230;] The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com/blog/march-block-producer-meeting/">EOS Monthly Block Producer Meeting Recap</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com">EOS Network Foundation</a>.

#Pomelo - Crowdfunding on EOS

The BTC Ordinals Mission

Join the Pomelo Astronauts on their cross-chain NFT venture. Attention Pomelo NFT collectors! We have something truly special for you. Put on your space suits and get ready for an intergalactic adventure that’s out of this world! We are thrilled to announce that our beloved Pomelo Astronauts are going on their first mission: a groundbreaking trip to the Bitcoin blockchain, and we want YOU to join us! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make history as one of the first cross-chain NFT ventures for NFTs on EOS. But there’s a twist — the number of seats on the mission is limited, so act fast if you want to participate! What you need to know Each unique Pomelo user can send a maximum of 2 Astronauts through the portal.The BTC Ordinal portal opens on March 15th at 23:00 UTC.There are only 80 spots available in the space ship. Be prepared and don’t delay when the portal opens.You need your Pomelo Astronaut NFTs and a Bitcoin Bech32 Ordinals address. To generate the latter, we recom...
네개 Pomelo 시즌을 통틀어 공공재를 위한 기부액 $2,600,000 이 모집 되었습니다 !Pomelo 는 첫번째 한 해 동안 아주 많은 성과를 이루었습니다! 🎉🎊커뮤니티가 공공재의 조건에 대해 보다 잘 이해함으로써 저희가 매 시즌 통과하는 그란트가 늘어나고 있습니다. 크립토 마켓 환경의 변동으로 인해 매칭풀이 줄어들었음에도, 참가자 및 커뮤니티의 참여가 늘어났습니다. 💪💪💪저희는 신청 제출 및 그란트 열람 과정을 지속적으로 개선해 왔습니다. 또한 저희는 컬렉션과 같은 새로운 기능을 추가하였으며, Pomelo 바운티가 곧 여러분들과 만나게 됩니다.🤯Pomelo 가 지향하는 방향은 커뮤니티가 그란트 과정을 관리할수 있는 환경을 만드는 것입니다.시즌 4 를 돌이켜 본다면?시즌 4 통계 수치통과된 그란트: 138기부자 수량: 907기부 수량: 5,281모집된 금액: $93,740매칭된 금액: $365,000시즌 4 의 새로운 Pomelo 참여자 수량은?시즌 3 로부터 시즌 4 까지, Pomelo 는 34개의 새로운 그란트 및 446 명의 새로운 기부자를 얻었습니다! 새로운 기부자들 중에 일부는 시빌 기부의 가능성이 있지만 저희는 더욱더 많은 커뮤니티 멤버의 Pomelo 참여를 보게 되어 너무 기쁩니다.항소 결과한개 그란트가 시즌 4 분석 및 액션에 대한 항소에서 승리하였습니다. EOS Turkey YouTube Channel 의 그란트 오너는 시빌공격으로 간주되었던 일부 기부가 정당한 것임을 증명하였습니다. 이를 통해 그들의 매칭풀 분배에 대한 감소가 줄어 들었습니다.피드백 설문조사 결과를 통해 알수 있는 것은?우선, 저희는 여러분들이 생각하는 잘 진행되었던 부분을 다루고, 그다음 개선이 필요한 부분을 짚어 가도록 하겠습니다.Pomelo 의 훌륭한 부분은?1. 간편한 신청아주 많은 응답자가 신청 과정이 간편하고 유저 체험이 매끄럽다고 하였습니다.2. 그란트 열람많은 사람들이 열람 기능이 더없이 뛰어나다고 하였으며, 이를 어느정도 개선된 필터와 컬렉션...
Pomelo 四个赛季总共为公共产品筹集了260万美元!Pomelo在过去结束的一年里,有很多值得庆祝的事情!随着社区对什么是公共产品有了更好的理解,我们现在每个赛季都可以看到更多通过审核的项目。尽管由于多变的加密货币市场条件导致匹配池减少,但项目参与度和社区参与度均有所增加。我们不断改进提交申请和浏览项目的流程。还添加了“推荐集合”等新功能,不久后我们将推出 Pomelo Bounties赏金计划。Pomelo 正在努力创造一个社区可以帮助管理项目流程的大环境。第 4 季的表现如何?第 4 季数据批准的项目:138捐助者人数:907捐助次数:5,281筹集金额:93,740 美元匹配金额:365,000 美元第 4 季有多少新的 Pomelo 参与者加入?在第 3 季到第 4 季的过程中,Pomelo共接到34 个新项目,并收获 446个新的捐助者!虽然一些新的捐助者可能是潜在的女巫攻击,但我们还是很高兴看到更多的社区成员参与到Pomelo中来。申诉结果有一个项目在第 4 季的分析结果中成功申诉。 EOS Turkey YouTube Channel的项目所有者提供了一些证据,证明一些最初被认为是女巫攻击的行为其实是合规的。这使他们的匹配资金调整较少。反馈调查结果可以看出什么?首先,我们将介绍您认为进展顺利的方面,然后我们将讨论以下需要改进的方面。Pomelo 在哪些方面表现优秀?1. 申请方便不少反馈者表示申请流程简单,使用体验流畅。2. 项目浏览许多人说浏览功能非常好,部分原因是过滤和推荐集合功能的改进。3. 推荐集合和信誉度等功能反馈者称赞推荐集合是一个很棒的功能!他们觉得,这个功能可以有效帮助他们整理项目。添加短信验证选项增加信誉度也很受欢迎,第4季有 311 位捐助者通过短信验证。4. 持续改进很多反馈都提到了Pomelo在每季都取得了进步并增强了功能。第 5 季会是什么样的?在第 5 季之前,团队专注于开发 Pomelo Bounties赏金计划并为其发布做准备。这意味着我们没有任何重大的新功能要宣布,但我们在其他领域仍然取得了进展。通过调查,您向我们反馈了 Pomelo 未来可以如何改进。您的许多评论与我们一直在做的工作一致,它们帮助我们了解优先考虑的事项。您可以在下方了解我们如何回应您的反馈。需要改进什么?项目跟踪和进度报告调查问卷反馈者希望获得...
$2.6 million dollars raised for public goods across 4 seasons of Pomelo!🌐 中文 | 한국어Pomelo had a lot to celebrate at the end of its first year! 🎉🎊With the community’s better understanding of what qualifies as a public good, we’re now approving more grants each season. Despite the matching pool decreasing due to variable crypto-market conditions, participation and community involvement have increased. 💪💪💪We’ve continuously improved the process of submitting applications and browsing grants. We’ve also added new features like Collections, and we have Pomelo Bounties coming soon. 🤯Pomelo is on the path to create an environment where the community can help govern the grants process.How did Season 4 go?Season 4 statsApproved grants: 138Number of donors: 907Number of contributions: 5,281Amount raised: $93,740Amount matched: $365,000How many new Pomelo participants joined in Season 4?From Season 3 to Season 4, Pomelo received 34 new grants and gained 446 new contributors! While some of...
Social bulletin board sites like Reddit are a fantastic way to connect with others and build community online. However, secret algorithms and opaque codebases rob users of the trust they need to ensure corporations and governments do not curate their content. BBS solves this by recording all data on-chain and distributing BBS tokens to early [&#8230;] The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com/blog/bbs-powered-by-eos/">How BBS Utilizes The EOS Blockchain to Bring a Web2 Experience to Web3 Message Boards! &#8211; #PoweredByEOS</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com">EOS Network Foundation</a>.
By Elizabeth Howcroft LONDON - Zodia Custody, a crypto custodian owned by Standard Chartered, said on Friday it has registered its Irish unit with Luxembourg's financial regulator. The registration will allow Zodia to provide digital asset custody services for financial institutions in Luxembourg, the company said. According to the regulator's website, Zodia will be subject to supervision from the watchdog for compliance with rules around anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism. "There is a massive opportunity for financial institutions to offer a range of products and services related to cryptoassets," John Cronin, chief executive of Zodia Custody Ireland, said in a statement on Friday. Cronin said the firm is seeing increasing interest from investors in establishing products such as a "RAIF" - a type of Luxembourg investment fund for alternative assets that can be set up without regulatory approval. The registration was first reported by Bloomberg News on Thur...

#EOS Network Foundation

February 2023 Yield+ Report

Notice To DeFi Protocols From the Yield+ Team In the initial Yield+ Blue Paper, there were a number of requirements laid out for DeFi protocols to be eligible to receive funding. Although code audits were recommended in this document, it was not presented as a requirement. However, after listening to feedback from the EOS community, [&#8230;] The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com/blog/february-2023-yield-report/">February 2023 Yield+ Report</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com">EOS Network Foundation</a>.
From our steadfast pursuit of a Web3 future that reflects the ideals of a decentralized, transparent, secure, and inclusive internet of value, we take this moment to pause and recognize International Women&#8217;s Day (IWD). Today, we celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, while reminding ourselves of the ongoing struggles that women [&#8230;] The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com/blog/empowering-women-web3-international-womens-day/">Empowering Women in Web3: Celebrating International Women&#8217;s Day</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com">EOS Network Foundation</a>.
EOS: From ICO Failure to Community-Led Comeback with New Upgrades and Ecosystem Growth Plans!
Credits: Openai DALL-E Image Generation. Prompt: 'a digital illustration of the eos crypto, a Chestahedron, in the future, IMAX, cinematic lighting,'
Open source software development has been a driving force behind the rapid evolution of the internet, and so too, the world of blockchain technology. The pioneering efforts of software engineers who have committed themselves to the principles of free and open source software development have allowed us to stand upon the shoulders of giants. The [&#8230;] The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com/blog/embracing-open-source-and-transparency-within-the-eos-ecosystem/">Embracing Open Source and Transparency Within the EOS Ecosystem</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com">EOS Network Foundation</a>.
The EOS Network Foundation is utilising data-driven decision making and market analytics to build towards a brighter future, with the ambition of making EOS one of the most successful blockchains in the world.