Chief Delegates Weekly Update #2

In the second meeting of the chief delegates, there are debates on how to measure success, and how they can secure funding to keep Eden operational.

Credit: Bywire News, Canva
Credit: Bywire News, Canva
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LONDON (Bywire News) - As we move into the second meeting, Eden’s new set of chief delegates are getting to work. This week, they covered a number of issues including the proposed My Vote EOS, questions about metrics and how Eden will be funding into the future.

At a glance

  • Hahn Ryu’s proposed new project for EOS.
  • The key metrics which will determine whether this group has been a success.
  • Funding for the future
  • Putting the infrastructure in place


The first question was on what metrics they should use.

Chris Barnes says he will focus on growing the size of Eden. For that, key metrics will be the number of members and people participating in the community. As things stand, Eden has 429 members with 70 people taking part in the election. By the next one, he will hope to have increased both of these benchmarks.

For Luka, the key metrics will be the Telegram bot he is building. His team has already started working on it and collecting the technical details they need. At the end of the three-month period, they should be on the testnet and pre-production.

Dan Singjoy will also focus on Eden membership as well as participation in the Eden fractal meetings he has been hosting. He will also look at social media participation in events such as town halls and Eden fractals, as well as engagement in videos.

Hahn, meanwhile, has been working on a new proposal which he put to the delegates.

Has been working on MyvoteEOS for a long time. He aims to integrate it with Eden on EOS so it can be reborn as a truly democratic blockchain. The whole blockchain has been heading towards democracy and Eden has been ahead of this trend.

The reason why Eden has not achieved its goal so far, he says, is that it is dependent on ENF funding. To be truly empowered, it has to have voting power on the BP election and on EOS DPOS governance. He wants to see all the voting power sitting on top of the Korean exchanges integrated on Eden on EOS.

His project has three goals:

  • A publishing framework for self-regulatory function and selecting only those block producers who agree to abide by a set of principles, including not spinning up sock puppets. There will be someone who will be overseeing their progress. It could have a form of circle, in the same way as the election process and the tech sphere.
  • Building EdenonEOS block producer proxy smart contracts which could make BP voting mandatory in return for claiming the drawdown.
  • Support Korean Eden community fork. They have already forked the code for the smart contract and are now looking for their interface.


From metrics, it was on to personal updates.

  • Dan Singjoy: He has been holding town hall meetings every Sunday with a lot of familiar names as well as new members. The discussion included collaborations with EOS Bees and NFTs as well as other new issues.
  • Eden Fractal had more participation than ever with 22/23 people taking part, as well as new Eden delegates. The meeting lasted 2.5 hours and the meeting is available online in a timestamped video. Initiatives include a contributor agreement and a formal governance system.
  • EOS Bees swarm: The first swarm to promote EOS got underway. There was a Tweet promoting Eden and it had almost 200 retweets. It ended up growing the Eden Discord and bringing new participants into the Eden Fractal.
  • Luka Percic: Luka has been working on the bot and learning the tables where we can pull the data from the blockchain. Eden software is not well documented so you have to pull everything by hand. He has been researching the goals they have defining the costs and structure.
  • Chris Barnes: Had a meeting with the key players in the circles, the fractally team to hand over the details which they need to run.
  • Hahn Ryu: Put together his proposals outlined earlier. He has been collecting details about all the conversations he’s been having in the Korean community to see where they can move on. He’s focused on getting Korean votes out to empower Eden.

Logistics for Eden infrastructure

They have been meeting with Domenic who did the elections, and with Edgar from Edenia who is managing the technology and Michael who is managing comms and the website. They also met with fractally and EOS support about what would need to be transferred. All meetings went well and they are working to find the best way to set up the infrastructure.

Chris Barnes reports that his meeting with Michael went well. They will try to raise funds through Pomelo to advertise and promote Eden. 

Cost of running Eden

Eden faces a number of costs, both for running the infrastructure, holding elections and running the upgrades necessary to make Eden a success.

  • Infrastructure: The costs of running infrastructure are estimated at around $2,000 per month.
  • Elections: Having spoken to Domenic who ran the last election, he believes the next one can be managed much more cheaply once all the preparatory work is out of the way, for as little as $1,000. There could be a possibility to remove that role altogether and merge it into comms or tech circles.
  • Technology: Tech could be the biggest cost, but they do not currently have it.

Eden Chief delegate disbursements are around $700 per month so they will need more to cover this.

Luka suggests it’s fair to say that they will need to increase the disbursements. He says they should wait until they have a clear figure before they go to the community. What they can do is discuss how they can cover it.

Dan Singjoy

There is an offer from Fractally offering support if they are not able to find a tech lead replacement. They are not entirely sure exactly what level of support would be on offer if it would include the cost of running the servers.

Edenia’s bid appears to be much more cost-effective in comparison.

The big question will be if they will be able to logistically achieve this by the end of the month and which organisations take the lead. Fractally and EOS Support have done a lot of work on this and Edenia looks to be taking the tech lead. The question will be which of them will take control of this work, whether it will be one team or if the work can be split into two teams.

Luka suggests they should stay with one because it’s important to retain knowledge and he doubts Eden will be able to pay for two teams. Given that the ENF has already paid money to Edenia they should stick with them. That might change if they cannot deliver.

Funding options would include Pomelo, raising to 15% per month disbursements and if they do fund it would they be able to fund the other initiatives they are looking for.

If not, they will need to make a case to the ENF or another investor for funding.

Others have talked about dipping into the Eden Treasury to pay for this.

Luka is reluctant to use the Treasury putting him directly at odds with Chris Barnes. He sees the Treasury as a security measure which was put in place to safeguard the future of Eden. He concedes that if the ENF has given them the green light to tap the Treasury. He would prefer to go to the community and increase funding through higher disbursements.

The CDs can then ask all level one delegates to help them fund it and try to fund it through Pomelo. If we see that the money raised in Pomelo is not enough the funds can be topped up from the chief Delegate’s funding.

Chris Barnes, meanwhile, is in favour of using the Treasury. “Eden has a Treasury. We should use that Treasury for Eden.”

He points out that they had already had this conversation with Yves La Rose and the ENF who signalled he was reluctant to provide more funding if Eden did not use the money it already has at its disposal.

He suggests a separate pool of funds not tied to their specific disbursements. They would need a consensus of 2/3 plus one.

Hahn agrees that they need to tap the Treasury

Dan Singjoy is also reluctant to sign a transfer from the Treasury.

He believes Eden is a public good. He can make a case that Eden is in the interests of the ENF and EOS generally. There are other potential investors and organisations who may be willing to help with funding Eden. He identified three potential issues with using the treasury:

  • Questions legality: They do not have a legal structure to distribute the treasury. If we use the treasury without considering legal implications, then this could potentially risk creating a general partnership and bringing liability to everyone in Eden.
  • Social issues: Many in the community may not be happy to tap the treasury.
  • Elegance of the original system: It can become a slippery slope if the chief delegates can reach into the Treasury the money set aside for the future of Eden.

Despite the message coming from Yves La Rose he still believes they can convince him that Eden is worth topping up.

Much of this depends on the cost. The basic costs of keeping Eden ticking over, Barnes believes, should only cost a few thousand dollars per month. Luka Percic believes the true cost could be much higher in which case they will end up taking a large amount of the Treasury out.

In summary, they have several options to pay for this:

  • Use their drawdown to pay for it.
  • Increase drawdown and pay for it.
  • Use Pomelo, in which case there is a question about whether Eden would qualify.

Any other Business

Before signing off they also addressed a few other issues.

  • YouTube: Anabella has contacted them about YouTube and Twitter accounts. Luka suggests contacting the media circle about this.
  • Circles: Should they optimise some of the circles? Luka believes that running the election should be split between two circles: Media and Tech. Edgar at Edenia would be in a better place to handle technical issues.
  • Running the election: Is it possible to make more of a spectacle out of the election?

(Writing by Tom Cropper, editing by Klaudia Fior and Dan Singjoy)

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