Declaration of the Transfer of Control and Assets to the Members of ‘Eden on EOS’

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The Official Communication from the Office of Eden on EOS Chief Delegates can be found here. The following is transcribed from that official source:


It is the unanimous will of the ‘Eden on EOS’ Chief Delegates, elected freely and fairly, and in accordance with the rules that govern and form the basis of the Peace Treaty, to Declare that ’Eden on EOS’ is wholly independent, and it is so without limitation; any bonds that now or previously limited the total independence of ‘Eden on EOS’ are hereby and irrevocably dissolved; and as a free, unencumbered, independent decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), ‘Eden on EOS’ will have the power without limitation:

  1. To insist each Chief Delegate, and only Chief Delegates be added and remain in control to and of the Active multi-sig permissions of the genesis.eden account found at:
  2. In accordance with 1, each account currently in control of an Active genesis.eden multi-sig permission (doingitright,, mikemanfredi, sparkysparkstoddbfleming) should expediently assist in the peaceful and simple transfer of permissions to the current set of Chief Delegates. 
  3. To celebrate with ceremony the successful and peaceful transfer of genesis.eden keys from incumbent to democratic control. The ceremony shall cordially invite all past and present delegates, members, and the creators of Eden to attend an event of glorious fun and frolics in a ceremonious celebration of consensus. 
  4. All assets created in the design, implementation, and deployment of the ‘Eden on EOS’ project should be kindly, and wholly donated to the ‘Eden on EOS’ community representatives; the Chief Delegates. 
    1. This must include the total surrender of any intellectual property claims now and in the future;
    2. The full and total control and ownership, where possible, of each asset, partial control shall not be considered;
    3. Should an asset fail to be successfully transferred, it will be replaced by an alternative in accordance with 4.2; 
    4. Fair remuneration or quid pro quo for any asset may be agreed between the Chief Delegates and those in control of the asset, but must be concluded in the form of a public purchase agreement.

In conclusion of this declaration; we the Chief Delegates would like to greatly thank the following pioneers for their creativity, innovation, dedication and loyalty to the original Fractal; ‘Eden on EOS’; and remind all Eden Members that without their selfless and valuable contributions, our DAO would not exist today.

A special thank you to: Daniel Larimer, Mike Manfredi, Todd Fleming, Brandon Fancher, Brandon Lovejoy, Thomas Hallgren, Annabella, Yves La Rose, Brock Pierce, Matias Romeo, Ray Shilling, Zack Gall, Domenic Thomas, Robert Konsdorf, Hahn Ryu, Aaron Cox, Crystal Rose, and the EOS Network Foundation.


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