Eden Chief Delegates Meeting #9

The latest meeting of the Eden Chief Delegates saw the group discuss technical updates, website upgrades and new bylaws.

Credit: Bywire News, Canva
Credit: Bywire News, Canva
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LONDON (Bywire News) - Eden’s chief delegates met up for their ninth meeting. On the agenda this week were new websites, technical updates and proposed changes to the bylaws.  

Individual updates

First up as always came individual updates: 

Chris Barnes

The hypha tool is up and running with ten Eden members signed in. They are assigning badges, the assignment of a badge will be visible to people and may attribute additional responsibilities. Meanwhile, Chris is still working on his website to introduce people to Eden. 

Dan Singjoy 

  • Dan organised an Eden town hall. It was not broadcast but lasted for about an hour.
  • This week’s Eden Fractal meeting had 15 participants. 
  • There has been a lot of discussion on the interim consensus process through which they can make group decisions with the Eden Fractal.
  • They have added three more members to the Genesis Fractal team 
  • He has also made payments from his disbursements and is working on his proposed bylaws. 

Hahn Ryu 

Hahn has managed to recruit a whitelist of BPs to support my vote EOS. He has also made a payment to Edenia to make the smart contract for the proxy. 

After securing most of the BPs on the EOS mainnet he has been reaching out to other chains. 

Luka Percic

Luka has been working on his bot. They are on target for the October elections. The plan is to run it in parallel. 

Remove member action 

They discussed this last week. Chris spoke to the tech team lead who thinks it could be 30 to 50 hours worth of work to get a removed member action. This could then prove to be an expensive process. Chris suggests he might use his next disbursement for this development.  

Luka wants to check how the function works right now to be certain there isn’t a quicker and cheaper way to do this. 


This has not yet been done but will be next week. 

What to do with EOScommunity.org 

This site is what they use for their front page. It is focused on EOS and how to get an account. 

Hahn has some thoughts. This was brought up by Edenia. Initially, it contained only information about the EOS mainnet. The forum which was operated by Greymass is operated under a subdomain. 

He believes that rather than having a host of different domains they could bring this under the one website – perhaps with a tab for the Eden community. 

They agree to set up a call and work out how this might look. 


With around five weeks to go before the end of their term, the delegates will only have a certain amount of time to make any changes to the bylaws. Chris Barnes suggested the following options:

  • Dispute resolution process: Removing members would need a dispute resolution process which should be specified under the bylaws. 
  • Putting annual dues in the bylaws: There are proposals to pay annual dues, but there is nothing about non-payment. 

Luka raised concerns about what happens if they have large numbers of people not paying their dues. Removing them by hand would be labour-intensive so they need to write code to ensure this happens automatically. He also expressed concerns that this would place an obligation on the next chief delegates. 

Chris suggested an alternative approach which could state the need to pay a fee even if this was not enforced. 

Dan’s proposed bylaws  

In addition to these, Dan also has three suggested changes for new bylaws and changes to Eden. 

  1. Decentralizing Genesis.eden account so it’s more than 2/3 plus one. In addition to this, you’d need authorisation from at least one level one delegate. 
  2. Push the date of disbursement back a week from its current position. 
  3. Implement automation of permissions changes between the chief delegates and delegates.

These and other changes will continue to be discussed as they move towards the final straight of their term. 

(Writing by Tom Cropper, editing by Klaudia Fior)

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