Eden Fractal Brainstorming Sessions - Proof Of Concept

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Eden Fractal Brainstorming Sessions - Proof Of Concept

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Co-hosted by Patrick - NovaCrypto and Dan Singjoy - Eden Fractal

The Eden Fractal adopted a process (EDEN+ Fractal) where proposals are signaled on WEB 3.0 platforms such as Consortium and Eden Talk on BBS. The links to those proposals that need to be brainstormed are submitted to the Eden Fractal MindMap using a MindWeb Form.

  • Patrick of NovaCrypto start those Eden Fractal Brainstorming Sessions as a POC co-hosted with Dan Singjoy
  • The Zoom link will be published in the Eden Fractal Discord channel
  • The POC is about 3 Eden Fractal Brainstorming Sessions on 2022
  • The first one start on Tuesday, November 15th - from 1600 UTC until 1700 UTC
  • Followed by November 29th and December 13th closing the POC

The audience: Eden Fractal members and Eden Fractal contributors with their proposals

Eden Fractal MindMap as a tool

  • It is the collective Eden Fractal memory to reduce the Rashomon Effect
  • It is a tracking tool to dive into Eden Fractal proposals
  • It integrates a search engine

2 phases for the sessions

Phase 1: Brainstorming - 30 minutes

  • The Eden Fractal Contributors do a 5 minutes pitch on their branch (proposal)
  • The MindMap is updated live with embedded notes by NovaCrypto/MindWeb

Phase 2: Linking - 30 minutes

  • The brainstorming group links the branch (proposal) in the MindMap

Process gamification

  • Interoperability between Antelope Networks throughout the Eden+ Fractal process
  • A win-win for the Eden Fractal contributors to submit quality proposals because a swarm is published and gives awareness for their proposal and they are encouraged to submit a Pomelo grant
  • This process is iterative and repeatable every 2 weeks with an every week Eden Fractal Meeting that occurs on Wednesday (where the proposals are introduced)

Eden Fractal publishing

  • At the end of each brainstorming session, the Eden Fractal MindMap is published online
  • The brainstorming session video is published on Eden Creators
  • A post including the brainstorming session video + the latest Eden Fractal meeting video is posted by NovaCrypto on Bywire
  • 3 tweets sponsored by NovaCrypto will be swarmed by EOS Bees during this POC

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