Eden Member Service Proposal

Credit: Bywire News, Canva
Credit: Bywire News, Canva
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‘Eden on EOS’ is a decentralised EOS based community organisation that serves at the pleasure of Eden members and the EOS blockchain community. The mission statement of ‘Eden on EOS’, known henceforth as ‘Eden’, is ‘To Create Value for the EOS Ecosystem’. 

In order to achieve its mission, Eden must first ensure both its viability and repeatability. Prior to the mission definition, Eden was first a means of reaching consensus with the objective of selecting appropriate leaders. This was achieved thanks to the guidance and support from the Eden creation team (Fractally LLC), who have since switched their focus away from Eden. 

This switch, and the proposed Bylaw changes made by Chief Delegates group one and ratified by Chief Delegates group two has created the need for, 1) a new team to take over responsibilities of delivering a successful forthcoming election, and 2) the need for Eden to have the ability to make technical changes to its own smart contract and other digital assets in line with the Bylaws and Peace Treaty. 

This proposal therefore presents the Eden Members Service as a solution.



The Eden Members Service, known henceforth as the EMS, shall serve at the pleasure of the Eden Delegates and Chief Delegates. The purpose of the EMS will be to provide limited centralised operations in the form of ‘Circles’, which can facilitate the procurement of both products and services deemed necessary by Delegates and Chief Delegates in aid of their pursuit of the Eden mission statement, and in accordance with their compliance to both the Bylaws and Peace Treaty only. 

Circles will be formed in response to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) made by Chief Delegates.

All Circles must be led by at least one individual or entity who is both competent in the Circle’s primary objective and has been democratically selected by a simple majority of Chief Delegates. Circle Leads will serve for a maximum period of one Eden election cycle, currently defined as three months within the Bylaws. All Circle Leads are automatically terminated on the day of the soonest Eden election from the start of their appointment. Should the subsequent group of Chief Delegates wish to appoint the same Lead to a newly formed, yet similar Circle (to one that existed in the previous Eden election cycle), they may do so, however each Eden election cycle is treated as one. Therefore, no Circle Lead should remain in the same or similar post for more than three consecutive Eden election cycles as a protective measure. 

Upon ratification, this proposal envisions the necessity for the creation of at least three Circles: 

  • Circle of Election Services
  • Circle of Technology
  • Circle of Communications and Public Relations 


The Circle of Election Services will be tasked with ensuring the repeatability of Eden through consistent, successful, and efficient, EOS blockchain hosted elections that deliver elected delegates in accordance with the election period as defined in the Bylaws and Peace Treaty. 

The Circle of Technology will be tasked with ensuring the scalability and repeatability of Eden through its assurances that any proposed changes to the Eden smart contract in the form of Bylaws are both achievable and deliverable. Also, Leads must provide technical expertise to Delegates if requested. Additionally, the Circle of Technology will be the product owner for all digital assets used in the operations of Eden during their tenure. 

The Circle of Communications and Public Relations will be tasked with managing the public brand of Eden and delivering regular communications to the Eden community from its Delegates. It will also be responsible for the weekly publication of the Chief Delegate meetings and ensuring that all election, Treasury and Bylaw information is communicated to the Eden community in a timely and concise manner. The Circle Lead will be Eden’s public spokesperson and its first point of contact for the press. 

Suggested: The Circle of Community Investment could be funded in the same way as other Circles, however, instead of delivering a service or product, delegates could democratically agree upon which projects to fund and how much for, with funds contributed via Pomelo. Each Circle of Community Investment instantiation will be free to determine how it will operate and with what means of consensus it chooses to make its decisions. 

Circles may seek external funding from the EOS community only via Pomelo, with the sole aim to bolster their resources in pursuit of the Circle’s objectives. 


Treasury Redistribution 

This proposal suggests an increase to the current treasury disbursement of 5% to 15% per month. With a revised remuneration payments schedule defined as follows: 

  • Monthly disbursement threshold raised from 5% to 15%
  • The Head Chief Delegate and Chief Delegates (CDs) disbursements are equalised at 30%
  • Delegates (Ds) will receive their proportionate share at 20%
  • Assuming Total Circles = 4, (C1=10%, C2=5%, C3=5% and C4=30%) then an example disbursement for July would be: 

All CDs

Each CD

All Ds

Each D

Circle 1

Circle 2

Circle 3

Circle 4










The disbursement to Delegates should be set at a minimum of 50% (30% to CDs and 20% to Ds), with the remaining 50% distributed across Circles at the discretion of the Chief Delegates. However, the total cost to run an election should accumulate within the Circle of Election Services to ensure enough resources are available. 

Disbursement Spreadsheet


Circular Hierarchy

Any Delegate may propose a Circle; however, a Circle is only formed once approved by a majority of the Chief Delegates. 

Circles will act independently of each other in pursuit of their objectives, as defined by the Chief Delegates and the Circle Leads. Circle Leads will be set milestones, with payments made monthly from the Treasury. 

Chief Delegates should vote on a multi-sig each month to release Circle payment to the Circle leads, once confirmation that any key performance indicators or agreed milestones have been met. Circle Leads will be responsible for delivering the successful outcomes and objectives set by Chief Delegates, but it remains the responsibility of Chief Delegates to determine what form this takes. 

Although Circles will be independent of each other, they are freely able and encouraged to cooperate and collaborate as they see fit. 

All Circles will immediately cease and disband upon the completion of the subsequent Eden election cycle. 


Bylaw Requirements

  • It is recommended that the responsibility for the continuity of Eden be met by the Chief Delegates. 
  • It is recommended that a Bylaw be put into place that sets the monthly Treasury disbursement amount, represented as a percentage, which should be set to 15%. 



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