EOS Bees Announces Collaboration with NovaCrypto/EOSDEN

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The Antelope ecosystem is fertile ground for collaborations that shape the course of innovation. Such is the nature of the alliance being forged between EOS Bees and NovaCrypto/EOSDEN, our supporter and early sponsor. We are thrilled to announce a significant collaboration that takes our mutual engagement to new heights.

When the initial concept of EOS Bees was just an idea, it was Patrick of NovaCrypto who recognized its potential and offered his unwavering support. He was one of the first to join our telegram group and message us with an offer to help, demonstrating his commitment and aligned vision.

In September 2021, NovaCrypto/Patrick served as EOS Bees' first sponsor, allowing us to advertise on Boid's EOS PowerUp site. This sponsorship came a month before the first EDEN on EOS election, helping us further validate the idea by achieving the role of Chief Delegate. 

Beyond sponsorship, NovaCrypto/Patrick actively engaged with the Swarm system, regularly ordering Swarms. NovaCrypto/Patrick actions enabled us to test, iterate, and improve the Swarm product. He also built an analytical tool to view statistics about the Swarm campaigns, called the EOS Bees Cockpit. 

NovaCrypto/Patrick's dedication extended further when he built an eos bulk account check tool  that helped facilitate payments to the bees. Occasionally, bees would make errors in submitting their EOS accounts during registration, disrupting our payment flow. NovaCrypto's MindWeb3.0 Solution stepped in to verify the validity of all EOS accounts, ensuring they are ready to receive Swarm rewards. 

NovaCrypto/Patrick covered and will continuously inform the community about EOS Bees Updates during Antelope Swiss Workshops. These contributions are instrumental in our growth, and for that, we remain grateful.

Today, as EOS Bees continues to grow, so does NovaCrypto/Patrick's support. We are excited to announce a Web3.0 collaboration between EOS Bees and NovaCryptoโ€™s EOSDEN, a Web3 Platform Enabling Collaborations. EOS Bees will become a networker/advertiser on the EOSDEN Platform. This will stimulate growth for both projects through the exchange of resources and shared synergies.

As EOS Bees and EOSDEN moves forward, we look to strengthen this relationship, working towards a common goal of innovation, growth, and success. We are committed to provide an AI & Blockchain toolkit for the most impactful Marketing 3.0 & Development Multimedia Experience. A new era of WEB3.0 collaboration is upon us, where data and information are turned into consumable knowledge with affiliates/users jumping from one Antelope network to another.

Therefore, this collaboration EOS Bees <-> NovaCrypto/EOSDEN is a โ€œleapโ€ in a sustainable direction. We look forward to our mutual potential as we navigate the challenging landscape of AI & Blockchain and inter-nested WEB3.0 universes together.

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