Eden on EOS 2nd official Chief Delegates held their 3rd meeting. Check out the full meeting notes and links to the recorded meeting video below.

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Present: Gracie Lau, Michael O'Sullivan, Chuck MacDonald, Brock Pierce, Edgar Fernandez

Not Present: None

Meeting Chair: Chuck



Brock motioned to create the Eden Technical Office and staff it with a Technical Lead. Seconded by Edgar.

All were in favour.

Chuck motioned to formally request the Eden assets and account permissions from the Fractally team. Seconded by Michael.

All were in favour.


Chuck: Post the Technical Lead position for Eden Members to apply for.

Michael: Will formally request the Eden assets and genesis.eden Active account permissions to be transferred to the sitting CDs from the Fractally team.

Michael: Will lead the Community Engagement discussion with CDs in advance of the next meeting.


with Notes


Review individual updates as per CD election commitments: (2 mins each, 10 mins total)

Chuck: Working on a couple of projects. Started a speaking tour locally. 1st session had 10 people, next one is Saturday with 30 people, more to come. Onboarding everyone with a new EOS account and EOS backed NFT.

Edgar: Prepared and published the Eden account standard proposal. Also discussed with previous CDs on their bylaw work, scoping etc… Intends to nominate someone today for the technical support role.

Michael: Brought on board Felix Ruiz to help with Eden/Bywire townhalls. Also have Dan Singjoy added to the team. Created the Eden Odysee channel, and donated $1k worth of LBRY tokens to it. Created the intro part of the Eden videos. Set up a new Eden ByWire channel for the home of the Meeting Minutes. Attended Fractally integration session. Wants to focus on serving Eden members. After each meeting a Bywire team member will create a highlight article of the meeting to share with other new publications. EOS has a new governance system. Set up an Eden Trello Board, Joshua might help with this. Create a system where good ideas don’t get lost. Attempting to track down eden social media accounts. Some progress, in a private group with Annabelle from Fractally to work towards getting those. Randall also assisting here.

Gracie: Focused on deploying the Eden Chinese version. Was able to change the timing of election, and new member fees. Seemed to work ok. Didn’t change the budget for the delegates yet as its not needed. Feels confident to ratify the bylaws now. They will try to run the system offchain to test the process.

Brock: Had meetings with the council of Eden L1 delegates from the election on how to utilize the CD tokens. Made contributions to Pomelo for this. Now in discussion of what comes next. 


Creation of Eden Technical Sphere/Office: (10 mins)

Eden Technical Sphere: Chuck: This is to create the means to implement bylaw changes. A draft post for the technical lead role was created. Edgar: Is the Chinese version of Eden running on a test environment. Gracie: yes 3 rounds of tests, the first was on Jungle, the next two are on mainnet with different accounts. Edgar: Looking for a repository of the contract deployed on Jungle. The Tech lead role should be posted to see who is interested. Would like to nominate Edenia as a technical lead. Not a person, but a dev shop. Could give it a week or two to see who else comes up. The goal would be to implement the accounting standard and work with the Chinese community to work on the other changes. Would use HCD funds for this. Chuck: Go through the posting for the technical lead role after the call to get this out for potential Eden members to apply for. Then decide on the role for the next meeting. Michael: If we put ourselves forward for a role, we should be recused from voting. Chuck: Part of this is to create a more permanent role/sphere/office for this. Technical role is most pressing. Should this be a persistent thing for Eden CDs to use? Micheal: Would like to create an Eden member service with defined roles that are consistent outside of elections. CDs choose to keep or replace individuals in roles. Might be good to set a fixed term if projects are longer to complete. Edgar: Agree, don’t want to over complicate it. If the mandate length is being changed it may want to match durations. Chuck: 12 is divisible in many ways, so maybe roles are 4 month terms, that allows for overlaps. Edgar: This matches what Brock mentioned previously. Really likes 3 month term, because we’re in a space that moves so quickly. Chuck: It can be 3 months, but offset by one month. Brock: Their start date doesn’t need to be the CD start date. It won’t be as it stands now by the time they hire/appoint someone to the role. Will need a bigger team, and people able to stay on long-term. They would have an agreement with the DAO, perhaps as a consultant of the DAO, thinking of employment rules. Motioned to create the office, seconded by Edgar. Chuck: Will post for position immediately after this meeting and next week ratify a Technical Lead.


Bylaws Ratification Consideration: (10 mins)

Bylaw Ratification: Chuck: Might be ready to do this, should we wait for a scope from the technical committee. Michael: We should wait to ensure financials are in place. Delay this week, but we are doing this. Edgar: Agree with Michael, maybe by May 9 which is the next time they claim funds. Don’t claim funds unless they do this. Brock:  Agree with waiting. Next week is ⅓ through their first term. Hopefully they are through the housekeeping by then, and the remaining ⅔ is focused on implementation and charting a course for the future. Gracie: Agrees with all this. Chuck: Everyone agrees then to do this for May 9. Question asked later in realtion to this: Chuck: After bylaws are ratified how will the group deal with differences between the code and the bylaws until the code is updated, EG 10 EOS vs 3 EOS membership fee. Michael: Not against it. Question of how many new members join in that month. Happy to issue a refund.


Eden Delegates Accounting Standard Proposal: (10 mins)

Accounting Standard Proposal: Edgar: Posted in the EOScommunity.org forum. Intention is to bring transparency to the use of funds by Eden delegates. Accountability leads to more funding. Focused on the future of Eden. Committing to do this MVP before the next Eden election. Budget proposed is from HCD funds collected so far as a retainer and then pay for hours to complete the project. Github is listed in the post. Goal is to make it easy for Eden CDs to classify the use of their funds. Bad data in will equal bad data out, so this is a tool. Will have visualization. Unless there is negative feedback from the community, this will be the focus. No bylaw changes are required for this optional tool. Looking for feedback from the other CDs. Brock: No motion would be required for this. Goal would be to get Eden members to consent to volunteer to use this. Michael: Once this is finished who will own the code/IP. Which funds are being used, base CD funds or the extra Head CD funds. Can other businesses use this? Edgar: It would be Eden’s IP, Eden would be a client of Edenia. The repo will be the deliverable. Will use the April funds claimed as the budget, not using May/June. The 6k EOS that has been claimed so far is being used. The new bylaws haven’t been ratified. Anyone will be able to use this as it will be open source. This is like Quick Books, but this is Clear/Transparent Books. If DAO’s are the new corporations then how will they be transparent. This is to be helpful and not tedious and will create a clean pie chart to track fund usage. Brock: Loves it. Edgar: Doing real-time accounting is easier and clean and neat.



Eden Account Permissions and Other Assets: (10 mins)

Eden Account Permissions: Chuck: The current genesis.eden account has Owner permissions as the Block Producers, with the Active permissions are not the current CD board. Need to talk about a formal request to get the active permissions moved over to the new CDs. Michael: Would like to make a vote on this today. With the role as comms/press secretary will take this take on, and organizing transitioning the assets. The Fractally team as the majority of the assets. Edgar: Who owns the Active keys. Brock: Need a spreadsheet of all the assets and who holds the keys. That info should be handed from one set of CDs to the next. Michael: EdenOnEOS twitter is only able to be accessed via Jesse as a manager. Same for the YouTube. The Bywire Eden page is free to have access to those that should (Chris Barnes currently does). The Eden website is controlled by Ray. LinkedIn is controlled by Lennie, who is handing it to Michael. The Reddit is owned by EOS Support, and also adding Michael as admin. Facebook that Lennie runs with 18 members. Suggest closing the FB since its not really being used. Edgar: Who owns the Eden Github. Chuck: Fractally. Edgar: Gut feeling that everyone is amicable. Michael: lets make it official. Chuck: Motioned to make it official. Seconded by Michael.


Eden's Next Desired Spheres/Offices:

Eden’s Spheres/Roles/Offices:  Chuck: Eden Technical is the first of these. What other Roles are needed? Discussions have been had on community engagement, recruitment, rewards for members, unused talent, and the issue of if one is not successful in an election, Eden has nothing for them. Rewards for taking part in an election is one thing that could be done via an EOS-backed NFT. Others on the list of potential offices: Community Engagment/Recruitment, Communications, Business Development, Analytics, NFTs/NTTs, and a Bylaw Committee. Michael: Awesome ideas. Likes the idea of creating the Eden Members Services of paid roles that are staggered from the election cycles. The priority or prerequisite is to be an Eden member. Wants to propose Joshua Seymour to help with processes and simplifying things via process guides. Primary focus is to maintain and grow Eden membership. Chuck: What is the source of funding for this? No unfunded liabilities should be passed from one government to the next, or one set of CD’s to the next. Eden members all pay equally if funding is pulled from the Eden treasury and it is spent from there. Are there any limitations to doing this. Brock: Delegates could contribute to staffing. If roles are for 3 months and are staggered from the election cycle by one month, these CDs would fund those roles for 1 month into the next CDs term. It would be up to the next CDs to choose to keep rolling with the current set up and individuals. Edgar: Agrees with Brock, the funds can come from us now, and CDs can staff them now. CDs could run on a  particular aspect, i.e. technical, or recruitment, and then use those funds to cover that role. Hesitant to access the Eden treasury and fund the honey pot. Likes the idea, prioritize what to start with next week, and earmark how much funds are earmarked. Chuck: Agrees with this from Edgar. CDs can’t just reach into the honey pot to fund an idea. Should still work to identify the spheres and set up an account to fund them. Could consider Pomelo pitches to fund this. Things need to get set up, and staffed from individuals from within Eden. Michael: Agrees with not needing to pay out of individual budgets to pay for these roles. Would be ideal to invest into projects that drive revenue back into the Eden treasury. Chuck: Community engagement is a primary concern. Need to build up the community and get everyone engaged. Could create an account for community engagement and fund it from the treasury. Its very conservative to only draw down the treasury by 5% per month. Need to prove Eden has a vision to use these resources. Committees can come up with proposals that could be funded by the CDs. Edgar: Let's do this piecemeal. Let's pick one to discuss next week, then motion to create, fund and staff it. Then move onto the next one. The best way to acknowledge an Eden member is with functionality, experiences, benefits and generally value. Brock: Community engagement is something that Brock could drive energy towards, and looking to have a side conversation in this area. Focus on one of each of these items per week. Would like to be involved in those conversations prior to next week. Michael: Happy to lead with this. Edgar: Community engagement is great. Successful DAOs are social clubs with a treasury. We want to play in that, something that is valuable and in real life provides a value to membership. Michael: Would be good to utilize Brock while we can when he is on Fox news TV. Brock: A few ideas, we should do a virtual conference to talk about what is being done to engage with the community. How can they get together the existing members of Eden. Who is willing to speak at conferences to make the most active participants of this industry aware of what Eden is doing. Eden is not showing up in the mindspace of these individuals. Michael: Been asked to talk at Davos, will be happy to bring up Eden on EOS there. Brock: Will also be there. Chuck: Next meeting will be at the same time, Gracie will chair that meeting.





Gracie will be chairing the next meeting.


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