EOS CHIEF DELEGATES Term #3 - Meeting #2

Eden on EOS 3rd official Chief Delegates held their 2nd meeting. Check out the full meeting notes and links to the recorded meeting video below.

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18 July 2022 - VIDEO LINK



Present: Hahn Ryu, Dan Singjoy, Luka Percic, Chris Barnes

Not Present:  None

Meeting Chair: Dan






Dan: Will relisten to this call, have meetings throughout the week, and keeping up with the KPI on growing Eden, and the Eden fractal.

Luka: Will speak to Edgar and Michael on running the election. Will also write a report next week. Would like to speak about removing the induction ceremony video.

Chris: Will hold a brainstorming session on Tuesday to gather input on the mission of Eden and incentives to join. Will have conversations with the circle leads on their respective progress.

Hahn: Would be good for us to create a document to list the expended expenditures and our KPI.



with Notes

KPI/Metrics for our Three Month Term

KPI/Metrics: Chris: Will use membership count (currently at 429), and election participation (last election had 70 participants). Luka: Will build the telegram bot for elections and have it in production. Hahn: Will integrate MyVoteEOS with Eden on EOS with a self regulatory structure. Will also develop an Eden on EOS smart contract to update a BP list selected by Eden members. Third item will be to support the formation of a Korean Eden community. Dan: Lots of metrics that matter, Eden membership growth, Eden Fractal (how many join, and participate), how often was consensus achieved (number of elections), social media participation (viewership, subs, retention).


Individual Updates:

Dan: Eden Fractal had 22 people participate in a 2.5hr meeting. Eden Town hall was 1.5hrs and had 10 people in the room. Supported EOS Bees Eden tweet that drive more engagement on Discord and the Eden Fractally meeting. 

Luka: Researching the bot and identifying where the tables are on the blockchain. Was on calls looking at the cost and structure for Eden. 

Chris: Met with Edgar, Michael, and Domenic on their Circle roles. Also met with the previous CDs, and the fractally team on the handover of the assets needed to run Eden from them to Eden itself.

Hahn: Worked ont the KPI proposal. Also collected and organized information about Bithum votes. This around bringing Korean votes out to empower Eden.


Logistics for Eden Infrastructure:

Eden Infra: Update from Michael, will try to raise some funds through Pomelo to support the marketing of what Eden is. The cost for this is to come from Chris’ disbursements and whatever is raised from Pomelo, but isn’t really an OpEx cost to be considered other than the hosting fees of the website itself. From Edgar, we do not yet have a quote and confirmation of him being able to fulfill the full scope for this, but are expecting that as soon as he’s able to provide it, which does take some time to figure out. The largest cost will likely be the transfer costs of the infra, not the ongoing recurring costs.


Paying for Eden Infrastructure:

How to Cover the Cost: One general way to do this is to create a pool of funds that the CDs have control over via MSIG and is fed directly from the treasury. The other is to generally have funding to cover these costs pooled from willing contributors and the success of a Pomelo pitch. The Delegates spoke at length about their views on how this is done. Chris and Hahn are more willing to use the Eden treasury to cover the ongoing monthly OpEx Costs. Luka and Dan are of the view the the community will come together to pay these costs.


Additional Items Discussed:

Removal of Vote.Eden: Luka looking to remove the vote.eden circle and have either someone from the Tech.Eden and Comms.Eden circle take care of the elections.

Action Items: Chris: Will speak with the various Circle leads on their scope. Luka: Will scope out his bot. He will also plan to put in a Pomelo pitch to raise funds for this. Dan: Will aim to meet with the Circle leads with the other CDs. Will host the Eden Fractal on Wednesday. Will co-host the Eden Townhall on Sunday. Will look to create a concise document on what the value proposition of the Eden Fractal is. Hahn: Will try to join the calls that work with timezone considerations. Primary focus will be to define what it means to empower Eden. IE with an automatic proxy or something else. Will also communicate with the Korean community. Will have a document on this for the next call.






Chris will chair the next meeting on Monday July 25th.

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