EOS Fireside Chat - Oct 5th

Token 2049 Recap, #Pomelo Season4, and news from EOS Support were among the topics discussed at this week’s EOS Fireside chat.

Credit: Bywire News, Canva
Credit: Bywire News, Canva
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LONDON (Bywire News) - Every week the EOS gets together online for updates about the latest developments in the world of EOS. This week there was plenty to chew on with a recap from Token 2049, news of Pomelo season four and much more. 

EOS is a layer one smart contract platform, governed by its community. It is the only crypto network with a foundation merged organically from within the community. 

Since it created the network foundation one year ago, the new EOS has seen an incredible acceleration of progress and innovation by establishing central frameworks that empower its community. It’s an achievement that has been made through foundational initiatives such as recognition grants, blue papers and the Pomelo funding platform. Not since its launch in 2018 has there been so much work to develop the network. For the first time in a long time, it seems as if there is a genuine belief that “the new EOS has the potential to become the greatest crypto comeback story of all time”. 

#POMELO S4 announcement

The Antelope Pomelo system is a community owned by blockchain software that powers a variety of high-performing blockchain networks including EOS.

Daniel's freshly announced Season 4 focuses on donations and grants regarding Pomelo grants, which will occur in early November. Every season it aims to raise the bar with the NFT series and this time we are presented with a new feature of collections coming to Pomelo S4. 170 grant applicants have been said to have this season in the hopes of having a more equal playing field and a chance of getting a pitch session.

Accountable Funding With EOS Support

The team from EOS Support was on hand with an update about an initiative that has been in the works. The organisation has an ambassador programme that extends around the whole world. Those ambassadors can become members of the EOS Support team. 

In addition, they also mentioned their new program, Accountable Funding, which led to EOS Respect, a governance layer for the ambassadors. These funds will be distributed to those who help EOS the most and EOS support as well as their partners during the monthly elections.


Thiago joined this week’s fireside by mentioning his experiences with the highly anticipated Token2049 event in Singapore, which he attended alongside ENF head Yves La Rose and other ENF members. 

He mentioned that Yves spoke twice on the main stage telling the event about the story of EOS and the development of EVM. Thiago said there were several blockchain enthusiasts, some of whom had familiarity with EOS because of its ICO, and others were completely clueless about the chain. Their booth was busy consistently and he noticed a pattern of EOS enthusiasts coming to these booths who were already in the loop regarding Antelope.

Overall it was a successful event. All the main protocols were there. It was fitting – given EOS’ ambitions, that it was among them. 

Introducing The New ENF Communications Manager

In a bid to continue the growth and scale of the ENF, Zack Gall introduced the new ENF communications manager Lliam who was a long-time Telos community member. 

Lliam introduced himself by adding that he has been participating in these fireside chats frequently and he has been around the Antelope community for around a year and a half. He was heavily involved with Pomelo and he made it clear that he is eager to get to know the wider community.

Web 3 Creators Podcast 

Hernan announced that he has been silently working on a new podcast that currently is on its fourth episode! The aim of the podcast is to educate and bring tools to people who want to build in the web 3 space. He is attempting to breach the chamber of the EOS community and aiming to bring some light to EOS founders and builders who want to share their stories.

Hernan also wanted to leave an open invitation to anyone who believes their business or product could provide some valuable lessons for anyone preparing to embark on their web3 journey. 

EOS European Conferences 

Rhett joined the call from Lisbon reporting his work representing EOS and the ENF in Europe. The Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai will begin this Saturday with an expected 100,000 people attending. It’s an official government-sponsored blockchain event and Rhett plans to be flying there to fly the flag for EOS. 

Meanwhile, there were two trade shows – one in Amsterdam and the other in Cologne. He suggested there will be some surprises from interesting projects that have shown an interest to develop on EOS and Antelope. 

(Writing by Samba Jallow, editing by Tom Cropper and Klaudia Fior)

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