LONDON (Bywire News) - Ambitious project SovereignSky has begun to upload its BEOS hybrid blockchain to its satellites in space, sent in to orbit via SpaceQuest and Elon Musk’s SpaceX program.  SovereignSky aims to be the first space-based superfast blockchain, eventually powering global WiFi and a new financial system and accessible cryptocurrency. Its “Free World Currency,” is being designed to “distribute the world’s wealth to provide and protect our children, save and preserve our wildlife and aim to help eradicate global poverty.”

The blockchain company plans a next generation artificial intelligence (AI) powered mobile Dapp call RUON AI pitched to “organize your life,” by making social connections easier and improving lifestyle, shopping, banking, and earnings. Posting and streaming content on RUON AI will earn users money and donate a portion to charity. A partnership with RUNEWallet, Open Transactions and Zapple promises to deliver a “crypto-friendly” bank with fiat functionality.

SovereignSky appears to have the answers to a number of global problems with an encompassing blockchain-lifestyle proposition. It launched the first of eight satellites for Wi-Fi connectivity to the “3rd World,” in December 2019 and processed its first blockchain transaction in space in December 2019.

Co-founder Stan Larimer, who also happens to be the father of EOS co-founder Dan Larimer, and has co-founded RUON AI, BEOS, Steemit, and Bitshares says:

“The project is so all-encompassing, it has taken some of the smartest, most visionary minds in blockchain, aerospace, mobile technology, and even science fiction to achieve its grand vision.”

Putting an encrypted Wi-Fi and blockchain network in space, hosting a secure financial system, potentially protects this ecosystem from natural and man-made disasters and conflicts on earth.

The concept is drawn from SovereignSky and RUON AI co-founder Timothy E. Burke’s sci-fi movie idea “Planet X.”

RUON AI may even have the potential to scan social and news channels to identify users affected by disasters and conflicts and which information can be sent to potential donors who can contribute to the affected individuals and their recovery directly. SovereignSky and RUON AI plan to work with charities, global agencies, and Fortune 500 companies to distribute the projects “connectivity boxes,” which will enable donations and, via blockchain, provide transparency of charitable contributions.

Movie and visual effects expert Burke is known for his work on Harry Potter movies, the Doctor Who series, and “Nightmare Before Christmas.” He says of SovereignSky’s charitable and wealth distribution potential:

“Beneficiaries receive donations instantly and can upload photos and videos showing your money being put to good effect. People in need can personally thank donors through the RUON app, and donors can monitor exactly how their donations have been spent. All of this is made possible via blockchain technology, auditing and reporting. We feel it’s one of the most effective and trusted donation and verification processes ever created.”

SovereignSky & RUON AI boast over 900 “patent pending title systems to help better organize your life & help save our planet and its population.” With its lofty ambitions and use of EOS blockchain technology in its BEOS hybrid blockchain build it’s certainly a project to watch. 


(Written by Melanie Kramer, edited by Michael O'Sullivan)

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