Welcome to the first information center created in EOS, feel free to read the most outstanding news about EOS and its blockchain.

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We are the first information center based in EOS to complement, analyze and share news, reports and recent facts of the community, in addition to videos and podcast about EOS and EOSIO.

Our Mission

Educate and inform the crypto currency world about the most recent events about EOS and its technological improvements, generate active use of Reddit encouraging the adoption of EOS, promoting the different contents of interest to users on Reddit. 

Secondary Objectives:

  • Weekly informative bulletins and important information releases.
  • Important podcasts with the EOS community.
  • General support for the different EOS projects.
  • Informative courses for new users in EOS.
  • Monthly report of the work done in EOS VISION.

Oriented to solve current problems

Interact and correct misconceptions about EOS on social networks, especially on twitter and Reddit, which have been based on price, as well as respectfully encourage users who make negative comments dedicated to FUD to check the new stage of EOS.

Rules of Reddit

1.Follow redditquette and the rules of reddit



2.No Spam


3.No abusive, harassing or trolling contents

Everyone has a right to use R/EOS free of harassment, bullying, and threats of violence. Users that incite violence or that promote hate based comments will be banned.

4.No duplicate threads. 

(If someone shares similar news before you, your thread will be removed.)

5.No misleading titles


6.Only EOS related threads. (Other EOSIO chains are not EOS related)

All post must be related to EOS. EOS Dapps, updates, voting, user resources and other related content is acceptable. Discussions on WAX, UOS, TELOS, BOS and any future chains or their Dapp are not relevant to EOS or allowed

7.No malicious content


8.No repetitive negativity without productive criticism


Repetitive off-topic negativity without productive criticism is censoring those who want to get productive positive things discussed. Our policy is to allow discussion about future paths forward but filter out pointless complaints about the past).

This is a place for EOS holders to discuss issues they feel EOS could help with.

Here are some tips for those who would like to offer constructive feedback https://asana.com/resources/constructive-criticism

Mod. Responsibilities Reddit.

  • Mod Queue Cleanup
  • Delete Spam Reports (New and Accumulated.)
  • Daily posts on important topics related to EOS.
  • Interact respectfully with different users who leave Negative Comments (FUD.) about EOS.
  • Special interaction on other Subreddits regarding EOS.


EOS VISION proposes to support the EOS community on Reddit, which has 97.7k members, is being one of the largest EOS communities, it is also the one with the most FUD of all EOS, since a couple of years, It has been a bit abandoned, and has been recovering thanks to the team of EOS SUPPORT and EOS BEES. We have seen how necessary and important this social network can be to attract both new users and new projects, so we propose to support Reddit through a proposal that you will find in the next Pomelo Season 3.


Welcome to EOS REDDIT 2.0, the new stage of EOS REDDIT, where we will be able to turn the old, lonely and depressed Reddit into a new way of reading the news and giving constructive opinions. Our trained team prepares to work on 3 Fundamental Pillars, offering a new face to Reddit, as well as providing new alternatives and attention to users with a misconception of EOS.

Let's get ready to interact in all of Reddit in a respectful way, not only in the official EOS Reddit, trying to give a good marketing to what is being developed in EOS, reaching other Subreddits informing in a simple way developments, processes, improvements and projects that we have within the ecosystem.


  1. Make different daily Posts regarding the EOS Ecosystem: Maintaining activity within Reddit is one of the most important ways to eradicate FUD, demonstrating that it is an active community and that good opportunities, good projects are being created and there are new news for read, share and comment at all times.


  1. Increase in daily moderation: A moderation of all the SPAM that contains the official EOS reddit will be carried out, as well as the active moderation queue that may exist, it is worth mentioning that the SPAM queue has accumulated in recent months due to the number of bots that enter our Reddit.


  1. Reddit-Discord Reward System: Based on the “Tip.cc” Reward system in Discord, and the EOS BEES idea of ​​performing “SWARM PAID” to different important Twitter Posts, we will bring this idea to Reddit, dedicate 2 minutes a day to Vote on our Reddit, check out the “VISIONS REDDIT” channel where we will upload active posts daily, here you can vote and post in our thread that you have voted so that you can earn daily rewards. (THE PLAN CALLED VISIONS REDDIT BASED ON REWARDS

We hope that by focusing on these three general ideas, EOS VISION can help bring back your Reddit, we promise to do a clean, organized and constructive job. EOS VISION seeks the opportunity to attract new users to EOS from all over the world, using tools that are already at our disposal, from the use of the most important news, to the opportunity to support different projects so that they have more visits, we focus on carrying out a broad and active ecosystem day by day, where new information is always found, necessary for the attraction and education of future new users. Ensuring that each person receives the correct information from trusted sources within the EOS ecosystem.

EOS VISION will go hand in hand with EOS SUPPORT, to bring the information that everyone needs to know about EOS and its Blockchain.


If something goes wrong, we promise to send the funds intended for Reddit, to an equally capable project like EOS SUPPORT or EOS BEES.


Our team is made up of great minds, with great visions that have found their place alongside EOS:

CEO FOUNDER: Verónica Díaz.

CTO: Leonardo Diaz.

CMO and DESIGNER : Yuliannys Tovar

CLO: Diego Díaz.

WEB DEVELOPER: Nelson Aular.

Translator: Paula Schröder.

You won't stop looking at EOS.

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