EOS VISION Monthly Report- April

Welcome to the first information centre created in EOS, feel yourself free to look at the most recent news about EOS and its Blockchain.

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Welcome to the first information centre created in EOS, feel yourself free to look at the most recent news about EOS and its Blockchain.

EOS VISION had done 25 daily Newsletters, and also 2 weekly reports throughout out youtube channel created by EOS VISION TEAM.

Leonardo and Diego who continue informing about the recent  novelties on EOS network, in this report you will find the most significant news of april season,which are giving impetus to the EOS network and giving new opportunities to our ecosystem.

Our team is being prepared for the next activities of May season: 

  • Give impulse to EOS VISION Website: We’ve had some problems with the SSL certificate, but we’ve kept working.In our platform you'll find the day's news, as well as detailed reports of EOS and our work, which will be posted on Bywire News.
  • Weekly actualization of EOS through our Youtube channel. 
  • Modification of our working area (Office) in Venezuela: Everyone knows about the economic and cultural problems that Venezuela is suffering, making almost imposible to connect with each others by internet or to upload a document, nevertheless we decided to create a fiscal working place for our team to give them the chance to work and develop themselves. 


EOS NEWS FIRE: The hottest news all EOS long had been projected to the whole EOS ecosystem, from the creation of POMELO, up to the opportunity to applied for the ENF Grant Framework, we’ve evolved on the news intensity from EDEN ON EOS, in its beginning on 2021 up to now, you can clearly notice the improves that crypto had been waiting by years. 

We brought for you the ultimate news that has shaken this april 2022 with any dudes about technological development and the new projects are helping to give a new face to what we had considered lost. Our team recommends reading the news specially if you have in mind that EOS is no longer present, you will be surprised about the massive quantity of opportunities given by our blockchain.

The EOS Network Foundation has announced the grant framework.

Preparing itself to boots mor projects from EOS/EOSIO community, EOS Network Foundation announced grant framework the last april 7th 2022, with the access to a inversion framework, clear and based on hits,  EOS will enter to a new era of opportunities of development that were not available before, for the website customers.Having in mind the differents levels of grants that could be presented, and the chance offered to every single user of EOS NETWORK.  

The EOSIO coalition. 

The last April 8th 2022, EOSIO is being prepared for an impact transformation, joined together 4 Blockchain based on the  protocol EOSIO: EOS, TELOS, WAX and UX Network has combined their develop means to take over the development of the core code of the EOSIO protocol that underlies each of these blockchains.

This blockchains pledge an year financing of $8  millions to move along and change the level of the core development framework.

 So this allowed the creation of new opportunities between networks and the process of building of the blockchain coalition EOSIO that started in January 2022.

The EOS Network foundation announced TRUST EVM. 

Throughout the meeting on a twitter space created last April 19th, the ENF announced that the official name of the EOS EVM is going to be…. TRUST NETWORK

TrustEVM, is a virtual machine Eth based on the EOS network, which offer a solution, key on the hand for the web developers to operate their applications on a compatible Ethereum chain, plenty of high performance, scalability, security and reliability that EOS got us used to. 

EOS ETP Start to quote. 

The ETP EOS Is now included and its going to quote in Börse Stuttgart on April 26th by Iconic Funds, EOS ETP become in the most rentable way for the investments to win exposition to EOSIO with a total expense ratio of 0.95%.

This is a unique opportunity for new users who wants to have a physical backup by EOS and stored on the very well known as "could storages" trusted, highly regulated crypto custodians with additional third-party insurance. 

We are seeing the new stage of EOS evolve very fast, the work that is being developed is impressive and we only hope to reach the moon with the hope of being the most complete Blockchain.

Elections Eden On EOS- April 09, 2022.

The Eden elections were present this past April 09, with wonderful proposals and new development opportunities for fractal governance, the first round had 25 teams of which 24 delegates were obtained, one representative for each group, while one group could not reach consensus.

In the second round we got 5 groups with the 24 previously selected delegates.

We saw the results later where we got the selection of our Chief Delegates and our Main Delegate.

Update of our Mind Map of April.

𝗨𝗽𝗱𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗩𝗶𝘀𝗶𝗼𝗻 : http://mindweb.io/EOS_Vision.html

Ending April 2022, created by NovaCrypto.

MindWeb.io is a website built as a Collaborative Platform that will contain MindWeb MindMaps about EOSIO / EOS where everyone free of charge can enhance them by proposing their own mindmap.


EOS VISION presents to you the most important news of the EOS NETWORK, don't stop looking at the monthly reports, and see the technological advance that we are seeing grow. Remember that our allies maintain daily information in their accounts.

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