#EOSBEESWARMS 2.0 is a way to instantly reward $EOS for engaging on tweets
#EOSBEESWARMS 2.0 is a way to instantly reward $EOS for engaging on tweets
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In this article you will find information about EOS Bees' "Swarms".

It's a new way to promote content on Twitter! We are so excited to share this with the EOS community. Our goal, as always, is to popularize a positive narrative for EOS.


Over the past 6 months, the Bees and Tipit have built open source software to incentivize engagements on Tweets. As we grow, the most important Tweets by the community will be bolstered with thousands of likes and ReTweets. Currently we have amassed around 200 Bee signups. Our latest Swarm for the EDEN community showed near full participation.


We layer influencer research and outreach on top of the engagements. Imagine an influencer getting tagged multiple times in a Tweet. At scale, we can capture the attention of the biggest crypto influencers! It's way to start building relationships with them to then suggest Pomelo and EDEN participation. Here is a semi-technical infographic that describes the process. It's called #EOSBEESWARMS and you can join today.




Anyone can signup to earn easy $EOS rewards for simply engaging on Tweets sent to your mobile device. For more passive Bees, engagements mean Like and Retweet. Completing the signup process means you have:

  • Twitter profile 
  • EOS account
  • A link to a video of your face saying “I love EOS”
    • Upload to Google Drive or other free file hosting service to get a link


You will need to type BEESWARM to start the registration process. 


We will be determining the net followers on your Twitter profile. We use the formula [followers minus following] * 1.5. Every quarter we will update your net follower count.

If the formula results in Level 3 or higher, we will use an engagement test to certify your level. The most recent 10 original Tweets will be analyzed. We will take the average engagement (likes, RTs, comments) and divide by the number of followers. If the engagement percentage is greater than 0.1%, the level is validated. If below 0.1%, it will be one level down. If there is not enough original Tweets, it will be Level 1.


After filling out the registration bot, you will receive a non-transferable NFT based on the number of net followers on your account. Distributing the NFT is a manual process so you won’t receive it instantly after completing registration. 


We use LEVELS to reflect ranges of the quantity of net followers. Advancing to higher levels means higher pay for engagements. 


The formula for pay per campaign is:


x = given 

y = level


The starting pay for LEVEL 1, or “given”, will depend on the importance of the #eosbeeswarm, $EOS price, the number of signups and other factors. 


Now it’s time to reveal the NFTs. We'll use an example x value.



Name: EOS Bee

Pay: x = 0.2 $EOS

.2(1^2) = 0.2 $EOS

Net follower range: 0-499



Name: Electro Bee

Pay: .2(2^2) = 0.8 $EOS

Net follower range: 500-999



Name: Byte Bee

Pay: .2(3^2) = 1.8 $EOS

Net follower range: 1000-4999



Name: Defender Bee

Pay: .2(4^2) = 3.2 $EOS

Net follower range: 5000-9999



Name: Visionary Bee

Pay: .2(5^2) = 5 $EOS

Net follower range: 10000-49999



Name: Rocket Bee

Pay: .2(6^2) = 7.2 $EOS

Net follower range: 50000-99999



Name: Plasma Bee

Pay: .2(7^2) = 9.8 $EOS

Net follower range: 100000+


All values are subject to change as we observe behaviors based on these starting incentives. 


We hope to grow to many thousands of participants while Tipit plans on integrating other social media platforms. 


The EOS community is on its way to changing the narrative around EOS. We hope #EOSBEESWARMS 2.0 will act as a catalyst towards a more positive narrative, in and outside our EOS bubble. 


We need all the help we can get. The process in 2.0 should be easy. One time sign-up. Automatic reward distribution. Use the Tipit platform to withdraw your $EOS to your native wallet as frequently or infrequently as you please. Here's how to check whether your registration is complete.


Let’s do this! Let’s change the EOS narrative together!


Signup for #EOSBEESWARMS now!


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