Keir Starmer's Labour just came out AGAINST building more houses - and renters and young people are FURIOUS at them

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LONDON (Bywire News) - Young people and private renters have vented their fury at the Labour Party after it came out in opposition to extra housebuilding and in support of wealthy homeowners.

Writing on Twitter, the official Labour Party account slammed the Tories' so-called Developers' Charter - proposals which would relax planning rules and allow more houses to be built - stating:

"The Conservatives’ developers’ charter would sell off and sell out our communities. Local people, not Tory Party donors, should decide what’s best for where they live."



The Developers' Charter is a white paper - officially titled Planning For The Future - commissioned in August 2020, which recommended a huge overhaul of housebuilding planning rules.

However, whilst many have concerns with the Tory plans - including the fact that it would hand more power to property developers and take power away from local communities - young people and private renters are furious at Labour's approach to the issue.

The co-founder of Novara Media, Aaron Bastani, accused the party of simply ignoring the housing crisis:



Whilst Philip Proudfoot, the leader of the Northern Independence Party, replied by stating that only a tiny proportion of UK land was currently built upon, and that the country was in the grip of a housing crisis - before giving Keir Starmer's party a piece of his mind:




And even the current serving Labour leader of Trafford Council, Andrew Western, slammed his own party - stating that the party's message on housing "devastates" him:



And many others shared the same sentiment - with Labour being roundly accused of ignoring their core voter base of young people, renters and low earners, in favour of wealthy homeowners:







Many also accused Labour of cynically attempting to copy the Lib Dems - who won Thursday's by-election in the prosperous Chesham and Amersham constituency after campaiging against housebuilding in the area:




In his 2020 leadership campaign, Keir Starmer promised to maintain the bulk of Labour's 2019 housing policies, as well as putting forward his own agenda to end the housing crisis.

However, despite having been in charge of the party for over a year now, Starmer is yet to set out any concrete policies on the issue, and appears to be backtracking on its 2019 stances.

(Writing by Tom D. Rogers, editing by Jess Miller.)

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