SHOCKING Secret COVID 19 Government Pandemic Profits - Comedian Explains

The Secret COVID 19 Government Pandemic Profits Scandal in the United Kingdom has led to huge profiting from PPE which is a deadly government scandal and clearly totally shocking. Worryingly its fallen on the shoulders of a British Comedian and Political Satire to save the day! We may be doomed!

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Credit: Michael O'Sullivan, Jolyon Rubinstein, Mark Davis
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LONDON (Not The News) - Welcome to episode one of #NotTheNews with Jolyon Rubinstein (thatโ€™s me)! 

Each week we will bring you a new episode, covering stories that mean a lot to me and hopefully will to you too. We need to better understand what the hell is going on; we are living in deeply troubling and confusing times. 

This week we kick off by looking at the ยฃ5billion Secret Government Coronavirus Scandal, where the UK government has handed out more than ยฃ5billion in public money to private companies, often with little or no experience in providing the services they claim to provide, all in the midst of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. 

Over the coming shows we are going to discuss the US Presidential Election, the leader of the Labour Party, Sir Keir Starmer, and much, much more. 

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๐Ÿ† Credits: 

Written by Jolyon Rubinstein & Alistair Griggs;

Produced by Jolyon Rubinstein, Mark Davis & Michael O'Sullivan;

Directed and edited by Mark Davis;

With thanks to Story Blocks, Bywire News, Premium Beat & for video and audio overlays.

Additional footage courtesy of AP, Sky News, Bloomberg, New York Times, BBC and Byline Times



Who is Jolyon Rubinstein? 

Jolyon is an actor, writer, producer and director. In 2013 he won a BAFTA for his BBC3 programme The Revolution Will Be Televised, developed with Joe Wade and Heydon Prowse. The Guardian described it as โ€œSacha Baron Cohen with a bit more substanceโ€ and the show went on to record 3 successful series. BBC3 then went on to commission An Idiotโ€™s Guide to Politics which Jolyon starred in and in 2015 they commissioned the Revolution spin off Revolution Presents: Democracy Dealers. Next in his BBC career, came the BBC2 series Revolting โ€“ which Jolyon wrote and starred in.

Revolting, also produced by Hat Trick Productions, aired on BBC2 in January 2017. It is estimated to have reached 75M Facebook profiles with its lead sketch The Real Housewives Of ISIS hitting 30M views and becoming a global news story. The sketch was the 8th most shared in BBC history.

Jolyon is the Associate Producer and Creator of the hit ITV2 hip-hop-themed panel show Dont Hate The Playaz. The show was described by Digital spy as โ€œinstantly everyoneโ€™s new favourite TV showโ€. Hosted by Jordan Stephens and featuring Maya Jama โ€“ it was certainly something fresh, new and exciting for the channel.

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