The Fall and Rise of EOS

The creative team behind the likes of the Crown, Peaky Blinders and black mirror is working to bring the true story of EOS to the world.

Credit: Bywire News, Canva
Credit: Bywire News, Canva
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LONDON (Bywire News) - A new documentary project aims to tell the story of how a ‘plucky band of misfits’ rescued a floundering blockchain and set out on the road to remake democracy. Welcome to the remarkable, and little-known story of the little blockchain that could – EOS. 

Most people in the blockchain community will know the first part of the EOS story. In 2018 it was the most hyped blockchain project in history. With a $4bn ICO and the backing of some of the biggest names in crypto B1 launched EOS or, as it became dubbed, ‘Ethereum on steroids’. 

EOS was to be faster, cheaper, more scalable and more sustainable than anything else out there. It would be a next-generation blockchain delivering everything Ethereum couldn’t. 

Then, nothing. The community saw none of the money. Development slowed to a trickle and B1 found itself mired in battles with the regulator, and accusations of fraud. EOS became a punchline for late-night comedy shows. From a top ten cryptocurrency, EOS fell off the map and its token value tanked. 

That’s the bit people know. What they don’t know is what happened next and that’s the story this film will help to tell. 

With EOS facing oblivion, the community took back control. In true revolutionary style, it seized the means of production and effectively froze B1 out of the blockchain it created.  

Under the guidance of former EOS Nation CEO Yves La Rose, the ENF pumped millions of dollars into the ecosystem to deliver the support which B1 had promised but spectacularly failed to deliver. 

After years of disappointment, EOS is now finally delivering on the original promise. It’s faster and more sustainable than its competitors. It addresses the scalability issues Ethereum has been struggling with and offers transaction costs which are as near as damn it zero.

The EOS naysayers are having to eat their words as Vitalik Buterin, one of the founders of Ethereum, found out when he tried to throw some shade at EOS by sarcastically clapping back at the old claim to be Ethereum on steroids. In doing so he gave the EOS community the perfect platform to show that – whatever went on in the past – that’s exactly what EOS is these days. While Ethereum struggles to make the move to the future EOS is already there and preparing to take the next step. 

But, as this film will show, that’s possibly not even the most exciting thing about EOS. Among those fleeing the sinking ship of B1 was star developer Dan Larimer. In January 2021, he quit B1 and set out to resurrect EOS on his own terms with the creation of Eden. 

Billed as the democratic governance layer of EOS, Fractally brings true democracy and decentralisation to the blockchain. It gives EOS true democratic accountability, something which no other blockchain has. At a time when crypto looks to be on its knees, it aims to spark a democratic revolution within the blockchain community which could spread further afield. 

The ambitions shown by the EOS community are profound. They are looking to do much more than create a slightly better blockchain – they are attempting to change the entire world. It’s a vision of an organisation which is more transparent and accountable to its community than any other and is a counterpoint to the corrupt broken system we see all around us. 

It’s a fascinating story and one which Bywire want to bring to the world. Directed by Mark Davis who worked on shows such as Black Mirror, Sherlock, the Crown and many others, this documentary will trace the turbulent three-year history of EOS from the ICO, to the expulsion of B1 and the community-inspired renaissance. The only thing needed is to raise the funding. 

To that end, we’re raising funds for season three of Pomelo. To create this film to a high enough standard, we believe will take at least $500,000. While it’s unlikely to raise the total budget from Pomelo, the team are hoping to raise a substantial amount – enough to demonstrate enthusiasm and demand for this project from within the EOS community. The more they raise the more incentive there will be for investors to get involved. 

The documentary will be freely available for all to see in keeping with the spirit of Pomelo. It’s a story which will benefit everyone in the EOS ecosystem by telling the world about the true story of EOS and why it’s now finally in a position to take its place as the blockchain of the future.

You can see the proof of concept trailer on YouTube and Pomelo now. 

(Writing by Tom Cropper, editing by Klaudia Fior)

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