Web3 leading companies Bywire and Edenia announce strategic partnership

Together, the companies will offer state-of-the-art Web3 products and services that will focus on blockchain, AI, and governance technologies for SMEs and enterprise clients.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Bywire News today announced that as part of their strategic partnership with Edenia, they are releasing a host of new products and services built around the exciting concept of dTaaS or Distributed Trust as a Service.

Offering Web3 governance, blockchain, AI, web engineering, BAFTA award-winning video production, and campaign services, the companies hope that they can build upon their vision of making the next iteration of the internet a more trustworthy, transparent, and reliable experience.

“When Google made SSL certificates mandatory in browsers, this revolutionised and fuelled the E-Commerce boom that we are experiencing today.” Said Michael O’Sullivan, the CEO of Bywire News.

“This is because the internet, in particular the mobile internet, was made safe and secure. People could shop safely without hackers stealing their data with ease. dTaaS will do for Trust in Web3, what SSL did for E-Commerce in Web2”, concluded O’Sullivan.

“Edenia’s mission is to build web3 solutions that empower the individual and increase transparency in our society. We share Bywire’s vision and will work tirelessly to make sure the next era of the internet is built on trust.”

Edenia, a dev shop creating customised solutions using Web3 and other technologies, will provide the backbone of the Bywire Web3 offering and come to the table with an unmatched level of experience across a wide variety of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

The partnership is already in full swing. Edenia developed the Bywire DAO platform in just seven days, including on-chain voting and facial recognition login systems. They recently upgraded and ran a decentralised election for the Eden on EOS community, which was created by the EOS inventor, Daniel Larimer, and they are quickly evolving into the most innovative Web3 team in Latin America.

Edenia runs independent blockchain infrastructure and develops Web3 solutions. Their team of experienced builders has been transforming the internet since 1987, leveraging the newest technologies to make the internet safer, more efficient, and more transparent.

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