Weekly Chief Delegates Meeting 3

“Don’t be such a d***head!” Sparks fly as the chief delegates clash over the future of Eden.

Credit: Bywire News, Canva
Credit: Bywire News, Canva
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LONDON (Bywire News) - For most of the first two terms meetings between the chief delegates have been cordial love-ins. Not so this time. Last week Chris Barnes and Dan Singjoy clashed over the contentious issue of using Eden’s Treasury. This week, Chris found himself up against Luka Percic over the definition of the mission statement and the English language.

Individual updates 

  • Chris Barnes: On the discussion of how to fund opex, he has reached out to three of the five delegates who voted for him. They have said they are open to the idea of reaching into the treasury if necessary. Had a brain storming session with around 18 members about what the purpose of Eden should be and how to draw in people. Met with former chief delegate Michael O Sullivan about what’s needed for work on the site.
  • Dan Singjoy: Joined the brainstorming session hosted by Helios and Chris. Have been holding a lot of meetings about the future of Eden including a three-hour town hall discussing issues about Eden including how to ensure the next election is funded. Eden Fractal with 15 people at the event. They discussed the next steps going forward including a formal governance structure. A Bitshares fractal is forming which was inspired by the Eden Fractal process.  
  • Luka Percic: Researching how to read from the tables to get socials. Had talks with Edgar Fernandez about tech work and how to get easy support for the people who are deploying the codes, so they can fix problems without the same issues they had at the last elections.   
  • Hahn Ryu: Worked with Chris and Gabrielle on the Eden Vision workshop and proposed the same thing for the Eden Korea community on Thursday. Looking into how to design a smart contract for Eden proxy in case we are delegating the voting power from Korean exchanges.

Vote report from Domenic 

  • A short report about the successes of the election and problems. Highlights issues of voter apathy with around 20 no shows. There were problems with the website updating which created confusion. Most of these problems have been resolved and were due to the short turnaround. 
  • He has a number of recommendations including an Eden-owned and operated video account, reducing the need for Eden to have their own Zoom accounts. 
  • Measures to make it easier for people to sign up in the last 24 hours.
  • Will aggregate documentation into one place to be a single source of truth.  
  • Proposed election walkthrough videos. 

Review status of Eden infrastructure transfer 

Edenia is taking the lead on transferring the infrastructure needed to run Eden from the Fractally team. The update from Edgar is that he’s working towards this but doesn’t have a cost. There are two – the transfer costs followed by ongoing running costs. They may have to ask Fractally to extend their deadline of July 31st. 

Invitation to join EOS Fireside Chats 

There is always an open invitation for EOS Chief Delegates to join the Fireside chats every Wednesday. When things come up in the meeting, he is happy to be asked those questions directly on the public forum. Many chief delegates are already there every week. This will be an opportunity to pose questions about what the ENF will be willing to do. 

Review bylaw ratification 

What should have been a routine discussion on ratifying the bylaws, turned into a heated exchange between Luka and Chris over the proposed mission statement and how English works. 

Luka raises questions about the wording of the current mission statement. The wording, he says, is ambiguous and different people have their own interpretations of what it means. As it stands, he says, he will not support it. 

“If chief delegates can’t agree what it means if it means ensure in our own way or in a specific way,” he says. “We need to respect their different opinions and if there are different opinions it means it’s ambiguous and not a good statement.”  

Chris Barnes, though disagreed: “They are words written in English and they have generally assumed meanings via a dictionary,” he said. “Interpretation can be diverse; dictionaries generally are not. Ensure means to not leave something to chance. Continuity means it continues.”  

Luka shot back accusing Chris of trying to impose his definition on the community. 

“You are trying to force what that meaning is,” he said, “that’s the reason why I cannot support it. This is your opinion you are trying to push again and again to try and force people to read into your meaning.”

“Google or buy a dictionary and you can read it for yourself,” suggested Chris prompting the sharp reply: “Maybe don’t be a dickhead and try always to preach.”

Dan points out that terms such as organisation can be ambiguous for some it is the specific application they have running while others will see it as the community. 

They agree not to ratify this week and leave room for more discussion. 

Plan to transfer Eden permissions to current CDs 

Permissions are sitting with previous chief delegates. They need to propose an MSIG and have them sign it. It’s a question of who wants to create the MSIG to do this. Luka will try to do this but there are questions about the number of people who should be involved in signing the MSIG. Currently, it’s 2/3 plus one which would mean three out of four for this group of chief delegates. As Eden grows there is a concern that could centralise power in the hands of a small group of people. That becomes a problem as more people will increase the chances of having malicious participants gain an inflated influence in the community.  

Role of the video for member inductions 

Luka had proposed removing the need for new members to go through a video induction which would include communicating with people over video conferencing. This, he believes, should be removed to encourage more people to sign up. However, given the costs involved, he proposes delaying this until later. 

Hahn believes the video is one of the biggest roadblocks to adoption. He supports removing it. However, there will be changes to the code and political problems given what Eden is. Removing the video would make it much easier for people to join. 

Chris is less positive about the idea. One of the problems they’ve run into is English fluency. How do you ensure people are fluent enough in English to participate? The difficulty of understanding the induction meeting is beneficial as it ensures people can hold a conversation. 

He suggests it would be a better way to run these video meetings in a way which is more fun and intuitive. It is a way to verify that new members are who they say they are. 

Luka said when you put up a barrier you will dissuade people from joining. He believes having witnesses who can vouch for people is a way to verify that they are real people and can hold a conversation in English. 

Chris points out the problem which occurred during the election in which someone did not turn on their camera and voted. That’s against the rules designed to prevent sybil attacks with people not verifying their identity or ability to speak English. 

(Writing by Tom Cropper, editing by Klaudia Fior)

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