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Hogan Lovells

Logo of the Anglo-American multinational law firm Hogan Lovells. Photo Credit: Hogan Lovells, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Hogan Lovells is an Anglo-American law firm with its headquarters both in London and Washington DC. By 2013, Hogan Lovells was the eleventh largest law firm in the world in terms of its revenue, earning approx. £1.1 billion. They did not stop there, going further, by 2017 the firm was the seventh largest in the world with gross revenues of around £2 billion

In 2019, Forbes listed Hogan Lovells as one of America’s Top Trusted Corporate Law Firms. 

Hogan Lovells take a sector-focused approach, working across Aerospace & Defense, Consumer, Education, Energy & Natural Resources and Technology, to name just a few. They also managed 650 M&A deals across the world over the previous three years totalling an impressive $490 billion. 


Hogan History

In 2010 British law firm Hogan & Hartson merged with British Law firm Lovells to create Hogan Lovells. Today it has almost 3,000 lawyers working across more than 40 offices in the US, Europe, Latin American, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Today it is in the Top 10 law firms in the world focusing specialisation, litigation, commercial litigation, and arbitration, corporate, finance and intellectual property. 

The company’s roots stretch way back to the beginning of the last century when, in 1904, Frank J Hogan founded the Hogan & Hartson. 

In 1970 the law firm made history as it became the first major firm to establish a separate practice dedicate exclusively to pro bono legal services. The community services department dealt with civil rights, environmental issues, homelessness, and other public interest cases. It was a move which marked the firm as a world leader in community outreach.

A couple of years later, Hogan & Hartson hired its first black law partner, the trial lawyer Vincent H Cohen who had previously held positions at the US Department of Justice and the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  

In 1990 it took its first steps out of the US when it opened an office in London before it expanded to Tokyo and Berlin. At the same time, it beefed up its presence in New York and LA before it merged with UK firm Lovells in 2010. At that time, it was the oldest major law firm based out of Washington DC. 


Lovells history 

Lovells, meanwhile, can trace its heritage back even further to 1899 when John Lovell set up his own account at Octavia Hill in London. He was later joined by Reginald White, a clerk from his former firm to whom he produced articles. They were joined by Charles King in 1924 forming Lovell, White & King. 

The modern law firm Lovells came into being in 2000 after a series of mergers which saw it shorten its name to simply Lovells. It expanded into China opening offices in Beijing and Shanghai to become the second largest foreign firm operating in China. By the time it merged with Hogan & Hartson in 2010 it had also opened offices in Dubai and Riyadh. The new firm, Hogan Lovells now has more than 300 partners and 3,150 employees operating around the world from 26 offices in Europe, Asia, and the US. 

Today, Hogan Lovells has approx. 55 offices across the globe and 2494 lawyers with revenues in 2019 of £1,755 billion.

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