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Upcoming Events

Scottish media, for everyone? - 6pm BST, Monday 28 June


Reimagining Public Service Media in Wales - 11am BST, Thursday July 1st

Can public media be antiracist? - 6pm BST, Weds July 14th

Past events


"The nation's quarrel with itself": public media and constitutional crisis



June 22nd 2021, jointly organised with Ulster University. With Amanda Ferguson, freelance journalist\; Sarah Creighton, on hiatus solicitor and political commentator\; Dawn Foster, Jacobin Mag\; Alan Meban, writer and podcaster on OFCOM's Advisory Committee for Northern Ireland\; chaired by Stephen Baker, Ulster University. The speakers addressed the lack of representation of the different parts of the UK to one another and the consequences for Northern Ireland during the Brexit negotiations, as well as public understanding of issues such as Welsh independence. The conversation stressed the need for more nuanced coverage of complex constitutional questions, and a wider plurality of voices and positions to be heard across the media landscape. With over 3600 views across our platforms.


'Protest, dissent and the media'




May 14th 2021, part of the 

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