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Sam Bright dissects the multi-billion-pound affair that saw lucrative public contracts awarded to Conservative donors
As football's record on LGBTIQ rights goes under the spotlight during the World Cup, Sian Norris reports on the Government's trading agreements with anti-LGBTIQ regimes
We can’t seriously address the climate emergency until we admit that some of our hopes have died, writes Rupert Read
John Mitchinson explores how our brains reflect our lives not our genitals John Gray’s Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus was the highest-selling non-fiction title of the 1990s.  With sales of over 15 million copies across 40 languages, it created its own publishing ecosystem: Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps; […]
Because your grant deserves to get out there. 😉🌐 中文 | 한국어Your Pomelo grant is approved and open for donations. Bravo!What comes next?Now you must promote your grant (which includes promoting yourself 😜) to spread the word about what you’re building for the EOS community.Where to start?Use the tips below to promote your grant. Build on what you do each season.1. Be part of the communityThe most effective way to increase awareness of your project and gain supporters is to get involved and be an active member of the community.Participate in the communityBe active in EOS community social channels. Follow and share community content.Attend and participate in EOS community events, like the weekly Fireside Chat on Discord.Apply to participate in Pomelo pitch sessions. Prepare your pitch well in advance and answer questions from the community. Attend the sessions and ask questions to learn more about other grants.Support and donate to community members’ initiatives and projects.Seek opport...
Barrister Gareth Roberts sets out the options available to Nicola Sturgeon following the UK Supreme Court's decision that she cannot hold a second independence referendum without Westminster's approval
The UK’s rigged energy market will do little to restrain the cost of living crisis or promote renewables, says Thomas Perrett
Rachel Morris looks at the ideological underpinning and likely real-world effects of Jeremy Hunt's Autumn statement and sees Britain heading down a road to nowhere
The Union is not based on consent – European leaders must now make it clear Scotland will be welcomed as the only country to be taken out of the EU against its will, writes Anthony Barnett
New Government data shows how deaths of homeless people – including to Coronavirus – continues to rise. Sian Norris reports
Coordinating resources and distributing funding is one of the biggest hurdles limiting growth in Web3. New individuals enter the space everyday, eager to contribute their skills and there’s certainly no shortage of work that needs to be completed. However, the decentralized nature of the industry makes it difficult to efficiently mobilize funding to where it’s [&#8230;] The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com/blog/public-goods-funding-on-eos-fostering-decentralized-growth-in-web3/">Public Goods Funding on EOS: Fostering Decentralized Growth in Web3</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com">EOS Network Foundation</a>.
Putin has already lost his war against Ukraine, on the ground, in the air, and on its airwaves. It's just a matter of time before the consequences for him and his repellent regime become apparent
The cost of living crisis, more than a decade of cuts and the pandemic have left local authorities on the brink when it comes to key services
Iain Overton reflects on how Brexit and austerity, as well as Conservative ideology, have weakened Britain on the world stage
As concerns mount about dire living conditions in Britain, Max Colbert reports that there have been five different housing ministers this year alone
A mannequin left by the Russians near Novopetrovsk to deceive Ukrainian troops. Photo: Tom Mutch
Afsana Lachaux warns of the impact of Britain's dependence on the £140bn invested by Gulf states, from the impact on London's housing to a rising political influence
Mark Frary and Nik Williams look at the perilous position of Saudi Arabia&#8217;s 25 million Twitter users, who face imprisonment or even execution for speaking out on social media For all that Elon Musk talks about his belief in free speech, he has chosen some “interesting” bedfellows when it comes to his $44 billion acquisition [&#8230;]
In reaction to the pro-Kremlin tilt in the Government, Georgian opposition parties hope to draw attention to the forgotten slaughter of 30 years ago Venera Meshveliani fled her home in Abkhazia thirty years ago. With it, a wave of ethnic cleansing would see thousands of Georgians tortured, raped and slaughtered by Abkhaz separatists backed by [&#8230;]
An Uber Eats courier claims he was blocked from the app after failing its ID verification, but he is not the first says the IWGB Union. Sian Norris reports