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Mental and physical health are all at risk when energy costs go up again, reports Sian Norris
Richard Murphy argues that freeports may benefit businesses through reduced taxes and regulation, but not employees or the economy of the local area
A truce is called between fighting delegates and the new bylaws have been officially ratified – all the latest from the Eden chief delegates.
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Yield+ began as an ENF sponsored working group in January of 2022. The group was tasked with researching and proposing methods to create a system of economic incentives to bring increased liquidity and opportunities for on-chain yield to the EOS Network.&#160; In May of 2022, the multidisciplinary collaboration of research, analysis, writing, and countless hours [&#8230;] The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com/blog/launch-of-the-yield-incentive-program-is-imminent/">Launch of the Yield+ Incentive Program Is Imminent</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com">EOS Network Foundation</a>.
Harvey Pitt looks at the role social media has played in Kenya's 2022 election and finds that the social media giants are failing to learn from the errors of the past
Sam Bright and Sian Norris track the evolution of pro-Trump, pro-Brexit ideologies in the UK and US
Economics professors Muhammad Ali Nasir and David Spencer explain why wage hikes do not herald economic disaster
Sian Norris analyses the rhetoric of war in Nigel Farage's performance at CPAC, and explores its links to fascist theory
James Grace explores the number and nature of EU rules on the UK statute book
Tornado Cash becomes the latest crypto organisation to face sanctions from US authorities as it faces accusations of helping to launder proceeds from North Korean linked hackers.
Representations of virtual currency bitcoin are seen through broken glass in this illustration taken, June 25, 2021. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration
The soft drinks giant has announced the new NFT collection as it continues its journey into the metaverse.
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The Byline Intelligence Team dig behind the shocking stats to find the truth about who is crossing the Channel and why. Sascha Lavin and Sian Norris report
John Mitchinson lifts the lid on why the Luddites weren’t really ‘Luddite’
The $5.5 million Dominic Perrottet illegally awarded a regional NSW gun club escaped the scrutiny of the state’s chief auditor because it was not “sampled” as part of the annual government inspection.
The $5.5 million Dominic Perrottet illegally awarded a regional NSW gun club escaped the scrutiny of the state’s chief auditor because it was not “sampled” as part of the annual government inspection.

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Mandel v3.1 Release Features

The Mandel v3.1 release blockchain software distills months of research and development into a network upgrade that is full of useful features and fixes.  The Blue Papers outlined some of these features. The API+ Blue Paper recommended several improvements to mitigate lost transactions and improve the predictability of transaction lifecycles. Previous articles explored how the subjective billing system can cause lost transactions and outlined existing fixes for common transaction lifecycle issues like lost transactions. The Mandel v3.1 release introduces new tools to address these issues and other user experience hurdles.  The Mandel v3.1 release introduces the following new transaction lifecycle tools:  Transaction RetryTransaction Finality StatusTransaction Resource Cost Estimation Subjective Billing ImprovementsTransaction failure tracing with a new transaction endpoint  Additional Mandel upgrades that are not focused on transaction lifecycle include: Improved compatibility with th...
Baidu looks to have gained permits to operate driverless taxis in two of China’s biggest cities in a major step along the way to driverless vehicles.
FILE PHOTO: Men interact with a Baidu AI robot near the company logo at its headquarters in Beijing, China April 23, 2021. REUTERS/Florence Lo/File Photo
Tom Mutch reveals his time on the front line with Amnesty officials and the glaring oversights and errors in their recent much-criticised report
While we've all been distracted by Westminster drama, what's been happening across the Channel? Sian Norris takes a look at the latest political news from Europe
An investigation by the Byline Intelligence Team raises questions about how civil servants are being recruited to Government roles