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Embracing high-risk, high-reward projects and fostering community engagement, Eden on EOS is set for an ambitious bylaws overhaul, marking the dawn of an innovative era in the EOS ecosystem.
Eden on EOS gears up for its upcoming elections with a last call for registration, against the backdrop of its significant commitment to invest 400,000 EOS annually in innovative projects through a new incubator program.
EOS News: EdenOnEOS DAO is realigning its strategy to elevate its role, aiming to drive value and stimulate greater usage of the EOS blockchain network.
EOS News: In the latest EOS Fireside chat, Pomelo's product owner, Andrew, and host Stephane discuss the current Pomelo season, revealing significant grant statistics and advocating for increased community contribution.
Latest EOS News: Unveiling innovative technologies, Firehose and Substreams, Antelope IO is set to globally revolutionise the way developers utilise and process EOS blockchain data.
Eden on EOS upscales its incubator investment plan to an annual contribution of 400,000 EOS, to foster high-potential projects, fortifying its role as an influential agent within the EOS ecosystem.
EOS Network Foundation CEO, Yves La Rose, discusses the platform's growth, unique focus on scalability, and responsible tokenomics approach in a recent interview.
EOS Network marks its fifth anniversary with a host of accomplishments and big EOS News, including an imminent EOS EVM upgrade, a guest appearance on Real Vision podcast, the launch of Pomelo Season 6, and several significant developments in DeFi, gaming, and community funding.
Eden on EOS and Hypha join forces to enhance DAO management and governance, paving the way for decentralised growth and a thriving EOS ecosystem.
SatoshiLabs launches the Vexl Foundation to empower individuals financially, championing personal liberties and resisting intrusive KYC norms while promoting a secure platform for peer-to-peer Bitcoin transactions.
The SEC charges against cryptocurrency giants Binance and Coinbase signal heightened regulatory scrutiny, leading to a significant downturn in the crypto market.
In the world of Bitcoin, recent court rulings against Craig Wright over copyright claims and developers' fiduciary duties highlight the intricate intersection of law and cryptocurrency.
SEC launches an extensive investigation into Binance and founder Changpeng Zhao, accusing them of violating U.S. securities laws and shaking up the crypto landscape.

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Antelope Swiss Workshop 20 - Pomelo Update Season 6

Antelope Swiss Workshop #20 w/ Daniel Keyes Pomelo Season 6: A Leap towards Multi-Pool Grants and Future Innovations Short summary (1min read): In the latest discussion between Patrick Schmid and Daniel Keyes, Pomelo announced the introduction of multi-pools in Season 6, allowing grant owners to choose from diverse matching pools to suit their projects. The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) is launching three specialized pools, with Telos joining as a second matching partner, thus augmenting the total funding available. Season 6's application process offers increased flexibility for grant owners to apply for different pools, based on their project's relevance.    The Pomelo team introduced their new "Bounties" feature, currently in the beta testing phase. This feature enables users to post tasks that need completing, paying with tokens, and helping build user reputations within the ecosystem. In community engagement, most of the activity takes place in their Telegram channel. The discuss...
Antelope Swiss Workshop #20 w/ Daniel Keyes Pomelo Season 6: A Leap towards Multi-Pool Grants and Future Innovations
The Antelope ecosystem is fertile ground for collaborations that shape the course of innovation. Such is the nature of the alliance being forged between EOS Bees and NovaCrypto/EOSDEN, our supporter and early sponsor. We are thrilled to announce a significant collaboration that takes our mutual engagement to new heights. When the initial concept of EOS Bees was just an idea, it was Patrick of NovaCrypto who recognized its potential and offered his unwavering support. He was one of the first to join our telegram group and message us with an offer to help, demonstrating his commitment and aligned vision. In September 2021, NovaCrypto/Patrick served as EOS Bees' first sponsor, allowing us to advertise on Boid's EOS PowerUp site. This sponsorship came a month before the first EDEN on EOS election, helping us further validate the idea by achieving the role of Chief Delegate.  Beyond sponsorship, NovaCrypto/Patrick actively engaged with the Swarm system, regularly ordering Swarms. NovaCrypt...

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Antelope Swiss Workshop 20 - Eden Fractal Update 6

Short summary (1min read): In the 20th Antelope Swiss Workshop, participants of the EDEN Fractal, including Patrick, Dan, Tadas, and a surprise guest, Rosemari, discuss the group's latest projects and insights. The conversation begins with an introduction to Alien Worlds, a leading game on the AntelopeIO network, and the potential collaboration between the game and the EDEN Fractal. They introduce the concepts of consensus games and share plans for a future Alien Worlds Fractal.    The talk then shifts towards enhancing user experience, discussing the creation of a welcome guide for new members, and sharing experiences of existing members. The upcoming EDEN Fractal's first anniversary is also acknowledged. An update on Firmament, a revolutionary blockchain-based tool, is given, with an exploration of its workflow, technical requirements, and future plans. Finally, the session wraps up with plans for future meetings and episodes, encouraging viewers to join the EDEN Fractal community...
Antelope Swiss Workshop #20 w/ the EDEN Fractal The Future of Fractals: Exploring Consensus Gaming and Blockchain Innovation

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Antelope Swiss Workshop 20 - EOSDEN Update 2

Short Summary (1min read):   Patrick, Vlad, CAC, and Lennar discuss EOSDEN, an EOS Digital Extended Network that links various Web3 solutions, Network Advertisers and Content Creators. Affiliates can add solutions, which are reviewed for inclusion by a decentralized team. The EOSDEN website, designed to be user-friendly, contains extensive information on the $NCO token, partners, and privacy policy.    During the discussion, the team elaborates on EOSDEN's platform, reward system, and review decay system. They also explain how to add solutions to the platform, and the steps for approval. Two phases of NCO token utility are mentioned, and affiliate collaboration is demonstrated. Looking ahead, EOSDEN's production launch is planned for late May/early June. Connections with Pomelo, a crowdfunding platform, are also noted. The meeting ends with the team chanting "Go EOSDEN!", demonstrating their excitement for the project.   Full Summary (8min read): 🀝 Introductions The session starts...
Antelope Swiss Workshop #20 w/ EOSDEN An In-depth Look at EOSDEN's Decentralized Platform, Affiliate Collaboration, and Future Plans

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Antelope Swiss Workshop 20 - EOS BEES Update 6 - Jesse Jaffe

Antelope Swiss Workshop #20 w/ Jesse Jaffe The Evolution of The Bees: Harnessing AI and Blockchain Technology   Short Summary (1min read):In the 20th Antelope Swiss Workshop, Patrick Schmid hosted Jesse Jaffe, CEO of The Bees. They discussed the Bees’ evolution, focusing on recent developments like the integration of YouTube into Swarm capabilities, alongside existing Twitter Swarms. Swarms, which are large networks of humans incentivized to engage on tasks like social media posts, are set to create significant marketing effects and foster knowledgeable community members. The Bees plan to engage more in other crypto communities on YouTube to boost EOS content. Jaffe discussed incorporating YouTube Swarm data into the EOS BEES cockpit to gain insights into their outreach and influence. The team is currently building necessary infrastructure for this, with completion anticipated by the end of the next Pomelo season. The duo also highlighted the profound impact of AI tools like ChatGP...
Antelope Swiss Workshop #20 w/ Jesse Jaffe The Evolution of The Bees: Harnessing AI and Blockchain Technology

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Antelope Swiss Workshop 20 - UX Network Update 1 - GNOME

Antelope Swiss Workshop #20 w/ Gnome Navigating the UX Network: Blockchain Interoperability and Predictable Resource Models Short Summary (1min read):Patrick Schmid interviews Gnome, a representative from the UX Network, during the Antelope Swiss Workshop. Gnome, a veteran of the cryptocurrency industry, introduces the UX Network, known for its rational resource model and unique inter-blockchain communication (IBC). He critiques existing resource models for their lack of effective correlation between infrastructure operation and token price. Gnome explains how UX Network's unique resource model allows predictable resource costs, a solution to problems faced by other blockchains.  The UX Network's IBC facilitates seamless liquidity movement between different blockchains, enhancing user experience and attracting more liquidity. This open-source software can be adopted by other blockchain networks. Gnome also reveals the development of the UX Network's Automated Market Maker (AMM), aim...
Antelope Swiss Workshop #20 w/ Gnome Navigating the UX Network: Blockchain Interoperability and Predictable Resource Models