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The popular P2P exchange for Monero will cease operations in six months, leaving users searching for alternative platforms.
With lightning-fast speeds, robust backing, and cross-chain compatibility, MNEE is set to redefine the stablecoin landscape.
Hex Token Founder Seeks Dismissal, Raising Questions About Regulating Decentralized Finance
Today's crypto landscape reveals regulatory pressures, market resilience, and innovative strides in digital asset integration and preservation.
Charles Hoskinson and Adam Back engage in a heated Twitter debate over SEC treatment of cryptocurrencies, contrasting the paths of Bitcoin, Cardano, and Ethereum, amidst discussions of regulatory standards and blockchain authenticity.
Nearly $650 million worth of altcoin token unlocks loom, potentially impacting market prices as supply outstrips demand.
In a significant leadership shift, Richard Teng steps up as Binance's new CEO, succeeding Changpeng Zhao, who resigned following a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice.
LONDON (Bywire News) - In an unprecedented turn of events, Binance, once the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, and its Co-Founder & former CEO, Changpeng Zhao, have pled guilty to criminal charges in the United States. This development marks a significant turning point in the digital asset space, not as a downfall, but as the genesis of a new, liberated, and equitable era for cryptocurrencies. The collapse of Binance under the weight of its legal transgressions is not the end but rather a much-needed purge. It paves the way for a more transparent, fair, and responsible digital asset ecosystem. This is a moment of transformation where the true potential of blockchain technology and digital currencies can be harnessed to foster freedom, protect privacy, and spread wealth more equitably. Blockchain technology, long heralded as revolutionary, now stands at the precipice of fulfilling its promise. The decentralised nature of cryptocurrencies, allowing transactions without i...
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LONDON (Bywire News) - Sam Bankman-Fried, the once-prominent founder of the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX, has been found guilty on all seven charges of wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy, concluding a tumultuous trial that has captured the attention of the financial world. The verdict was delivered on Thursday in a Manhattan federal court, marking a dramatic fall from grace for the young entrepreneur. The trial, which lasted nearly a month, saw Bankman-Fried face accusations of defrauding FTX customers out of an estimated $10 billion. The prosecution presented a compelling case, detailing how Bankman-Fried had engaged in a series of fraudulent activities from 2019 until the collapse of FTX in November 2022. The exchange's downfall was attributed to the misuse of customer funds, which were secretly loaned to Alameda Research, FTX’s sister hedge fund. Bankman-Fried's defence centred around his lack of intentional wrongdoing, with his legal team portraying him as a wel...
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Embracing high-risk, high-reward projects and fostering community engagement, Eden on EOS is set for an ambitious bylaws overhaul, marking the dawn of an innovative era in the EOS ecosystem.
Eden on EOS gears up for its upcoming elections with a last call for registration, against the backdrop of its significant commitment to invest 400,000 EOS annually in innovative projects through a new incubator program.
EOS News: EdenOnEOS DAO is realigning its strategy to elevate its role, aiming to drive value and stimulate greater usage of the EOS blockchain network.
EOS News: In the latest EOS Fireside chat, Pomelo's product owner, Andrew, and host Stephane discuss the current Pomelo season, revealing significant grant statistics and advocating for increased community contribution.
Latest EOS News: Unveiling innovative technologies, Firehose and Substreams, Antelope IO is set to globally revolutionise the way developers utilise and process EOS blockchain data.
Eden on EOS upscales its incubator investment plan to an annual contribution of 400,000 EOS, to foster high-potential projects, fortifying its role as an influential agent within the EOS ecosystem.
EOS Network Foundation CEO, Yves La Rose, discusses the platform's growth, unique focus on scalability, and responsible tokenomics approach in a recent interview.
EOS Network marks its fifth anniversary with a host of accomplishments and big EOS News, including an imminent EOS EVM upgrade, a guest appearance on Real Vision podcast, the launch of Pomelo Season 6, and several significant developments in DeFi, gaming, and community funding.
Eden on EOS and Hypha join forces to enhance DAO management and governance, paving the way for decentralised growth and a thriving EOS ecosystem.
New regulations mandate a 24-hour waiting period for new cryptocurrency investors, aiming to enhance consumer protection.