How it works


ByWire News is a revolutionary decentralised news platform. You can read, watch, listen and share outstanding, unbiased and exclusive news content right here. Our news is provided by our expert team of writers and journalists, we have a partnership with Reuters News and our most valuable assets; our publishers. 

We are currently in our alpha release, which means that we are not advertising our platform yet, we are still building it, testing everything and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Please bear with us while we continue our development, we are releasing a host of new features over the next few weeks. 

ByWire exists to solve the funding crisis in news and media in order to help bring truth to the world; by freeing readers, creators and publishers from the constraints of advertising and government funding. Returning shared profitability is essential to defend democracy and save the news, publishing and media industries. 

By utilising decentralised blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, ByWire presents a revolutionary concept; Decentralised, Truthful and Free News. ByWire aims to become the ‘Netflix for News’.  In addition,, the ByWire B2B service is a decentralised, autonomous news and media marketplace where creators, publishers and readers can connect, work together and pay each other directly. will focus on delivering a better connected, truthful world, free from the control of corporate paymasters, vested interests, corrupt governments and state-supported violence and tyranny. Signup now to find out how.