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Sam Bright and Sascha Lavin explore how the ‘Zoomtowns’ phenomenon is putting a burden on local property markets
AV Deggar considers how the Vote Leave coalition may react to emboldened separatist forces in Scotland and Northern Ireland
The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration raises concerns about housing people seeking asylum in temporary accommodation
Rising energy bills, increased food costs – and yet benefits have not risen with inflation, leaving families struggling to make ends meet, Sian Norris reports
Thomas Perrett unpicks why the Conservative Party is considering rebooting the long-discredited housing policy
As the Prime Minister’s former chief aide reveals the direct line between Johnson and billionaire media moguls, Sam Bright explores how they may have shaped Government COVID policies
Nafeez Ahmed reveals how the most influential think-tank in Boris Johnson’s Government has ties to an anarchist Nafeez Ahmed reveals how the most influential think-tank in Boris Johnson’s Government has ties to an anarchist movement, through its top ‘extremism’ expert
A new investigation by the Byline Intelligence Team reveals that fewer men are being convicted for sexual offences – a crime that impacts on one in five women
The Conservative Party’s cash-for-access culture is one of the neglected scandals of modern British politics, says Iain Overton
Parliament's Public Accounts Committee raises serious concerns around recruitment and information sharing at three of the country's key watchdogs
Public spending on translation and interpreter services was reviled by the anti-migrant media. But new figures show the real extent of spending and need, reports Sian Norris
A new report from the NGO Freedom from Torture found that London Policing College has multiple links to Chinese institutions connected to the torture and genocide of the Uyghurs
Nafeez Ahmed reports on contingency planners for financial institutions who believe a combination of energy and food shocks will cause major social disruption
The Conservatives promised to keep the UK wedded to its biggest international market after Brexit, but have instead left us in ruinous isolation, reports Adam Bienkov
Sascha Lavin investigates the political ties of an online education provider that has won millions in state contracts
Former Labour MP Ian Lucas explores how digital campaigning and Big Tech has driven a coach and horses through the UK’s historically robust electoral rules
Chris Grey poses a thought experiment around the Government's plans to scrap part of the Northern Ireland Protocol
With one in four Ukrainians over the age of 60, Natalie Vikhrov documents the suffering of the elderly during the siege of the country's second-biggest city Kharkiv
CJ Werleman says Fox News has become the media arm for white domestic terrorism and would-be right-wing terrorists around the world
A Tory insider describes the tense scenes in Westminster as the party awaits a leadership challenger to emerge
Post-Brexit immigration rules are pushing more and more foreign fishermen to the margins of an already exploitative system, reports Frankie Vetch
Angelo Calianno visits the oil-producing town of Basra and the Mesopotamian marshlands to witness the direct consequences of fossil fuel production on the environment and its inhabitants 
CJ Werleman explores how a zero COVID policy, economic problems and war in Ukraine has fundamentally destabilised China

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Rachel Morris considers the malaise of modern Britain as the Conservatives initiate Austerity 2.0
Alexandra Hall Hall considers the mistakes she has made in believing that the arc of history was travelling in a more progressive direction
Sasha has been waiting two months for his visa to come to the UK – but new rules say children travelling without their parents are only eligible under the Homes for Ukraine scheme if reuniting with a parent or legal guardian in the UK
Nafeez Ahmed reveals the European Union’s new defence strategy that promises to scale up an unlawful scheme to forcibly trap migrants in abusive detention camps throughout Africa
As the nation nears the three year mark of Johnson’s Government, it’s time to be honest about the collapse of his flagship project, says Sam Bright
Boris Johnson has failed to release advice he received from UK security services about his friend Evgeny Lebedev, despite MPs voting for its release, reports Adam Bienkov
New testimony from the Prime Minister’s former chief aide shows how the free press has been bought by the Government
A lack of faith in politics is dangerous for democracy, argues Sian Norris, as it paves the way for 'strongmen' to take authoritarian control