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About us

News is the force that shapes the world 

That was, and still remains, the catalyst for our existence here at Bywire News. We believe in the power of solid, truthful journalism. Journalism that creates connections between people, communities, nations, and provides people with the power of information. 

Information that is reliable and accurate leads to good decision-making skills that effect positive changes in people’s lives, in democracy and governments, and in social behavior. It will educate and inspire and lead to a better world for all of us.

News, even bad news, has real-world implications, and there has been an overabundance of fake news, biased reporting, and disinformation saturating the media and sowing the seeds of distrust for quite a while. 

And that was the foundation of our vision - to build a platform using Truth to restore faith in the news. A place where verifiable and accountable independent journalism (not wielded by nefarious special interests), warrants people’s trust.

We built Bywire News because we believe the world deserves better


What the news should be

At Bywire, we believe you should have the most trustworthy information possible at your fingertips that you can share with confidence. News that is accurate, well-balanced from all sides, and fairly presented without any particular slant, spin, or social or political lean. Just the facts, presented on the level.

So why are we needed? Unfortunately, so much of what has been presented as journalism has very little regard for facts or truth! Social media, billionaires, and multinational corporations have blanketed the web and news platforms with fake news that is only intended to generate views, ratings, and corresponding ad revenue. News was transformed into a commodity, and monetary value changed what qualified as news! And some of it is just intended to distract or deflect attention from the more important facts. 

The majority of people taking in the current crop of news have lost faith, they don’t believe it! 


We solved the problem of Trust

Our first mission was finding a way to return trust and accountability into news, and that was an enormous mission! Let’s face it, there are thousands of sources of “news” and information out there these days, and it can be an impossible task to sort out the ones that are credible from those who aren’t. We had to find a way to filter out the disinformation campaigns and fake news that were infecting true journalism.

How could we be sure that independent journalism presented on our platform by third-party sources could be trusted? The key was to focus on the vetting process, and the solution came with the brilliance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

A.I. can do almost instantly, what is nearly impossible to do on your own. It can scan billions of data points to verify if news institutions are established and reputable, if journalists have specific expertise, and it can review stories for bias, unusual links, or sketchy anonymous authors, to name but a few of our parameters.

Our tech engineers have trained A.I. on a neural network to help it distinguish what is real from what is fake, and even built in an analysis for persuasion in the background data that might be designed to elicit an emotional response. (This is a favorite tactic of bad actors spreading disinformation around the world through social media, bot farms, and fake accounts.) 


We created a Trust or Not algorithm

Want to know if a news source is trustworthy? The algorithm will give you a Trust Score, and help you decide if a story is worth trusting, sharing, or making critical decisions based on the information. With the easy-to-use Bywire App, you can verify content available from journalists around the world.

But we still had one final dilemma … how do we turn trustworthy news into a viable commodity with real value?

Once again, tech provided the solution by going one step further and building a data analytics tool to scrape the web and appraise brand sentiment. Now, corporations, banks, PLC’s, NGO’s, small business, entrepreneurs, influencers, artists, and the blockchain community, have a mechanism for measuring and building Brand Trust and Loyalty. 

Suddenly, Bywire had what mainstream media had: a viable business model that sponsors the news.

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Bywire will email you from time to time with news digests, stories & opportunities to get involved. Privacy