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About us

Credit: Bywire News, Canva

Bywire Blockchain News Network (BBNN)

Introducing an independent news revolution

The digital age needs a fresh approach to news. At the Bywire Blockchain News Network, we are building what we believe to be the new web standard for daily news content trust, delivering transparency, accountability, and impartiality. The future of news is independent news, many agree that traditional media has too much influence over political news in the UK and around the world. Create a free account right now and be part of the future.


Truthful unbiased news

We are the world’s first decentralised blockchain and democratic daily news platform. Once you sign up to Bywire, you can earn rewards for consuming content and have a democratic say in how the platform is run. As such, we are guided by our readers and publishers, making us the most open, democratic, and transparent platform around. 

We are here to challenge the mainstream media narrative and pioneer a new technological standard for web content. We dream of ushing in a new era of freedom and truth anchored upon the ideal of democratic, accountable, independent news. Click here to find out how it works.



Michael O'Sullivan, Editor, Writer, CEO. 

Thomas Barlow, COO.

Klaudia Fior - Partners, Writer, Editor and Social Media.

Mark Davis - Video Chief.

Tom Cropper - Lead Writer.

Vicki Lewis - Partners, Fundrasing, Social Media.


Join us for free right now and be part of the change that our society so desperately needs.