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About us

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What is Bywire News?

Bywire News is a world first, revolutionary democratic platform where you can read news that you know you can trust.

We have partnered with many of the most popular independent media Publishers and Creators from across the UK, and soon World, to create a fully-customisable, democratic, accountable, audience-led news and media network and mobile application (App).

With the Bywire News Website and App, you will be able to:

  • Read, watch and consume news and content from the very best independent media outlets and journalists all in one place
  • Earn rewards simply for consuming news and content on Bywire, and for helping to make our platform an even better place
  • Fully customise your own personal Bywire News Feed to include stories from the Publishers that interest you the most
  • Financially support your favourite independent outlets (Publishers) and journalists (Creators) with just a single, optional monthly fee - with Bywire either automatically allocating subscription fees to your favourite Publisher(s) based on how much of their content you consume each month, or you can customise your plan to allocate specific amounts to the Publisher(s) of you choice


With Bywire News, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you can trust the news you’re reading because:

  • All Publishers on our platforms are regulated by the UK’s only truly independent, Leveson-compliant regulator, Impress
  • All Publishers on our platforms must adhere to Bywire rules governing ownership and financial independence to ensure they are free from either state or vested corporate interests influencing their output
  • Bywire is the first news outlet in the world to utilise blockchain technology - a system which guarantees accountability by ensuring that when a publisher does inevitably make an error, Readers will be able to access a permanent record of all changes made (for more detailed information on how our blockchain technology works to ensure accountability, click here)
  • Bywire operate a decentralised self-governing structure whereby Readers will be rewarded with “bounties” for correctly flagging factual errors or mistakes, and by helping to improve the experience of other users across Bywire’s platform
  • We are a democratic news organisation that truly listens to our audience - with major decisions taken by democratic votes between our Publisher Partners and our Readers
  • Readers will be able to influence the agenda of our Publishers by voting on the prominence of certain subjects and stories, and by suggesting particular investigations or output that certain Publishers should focus on


In addition to all of these revolutionary features:

  • Bywire has set up its own democratic and transparent advertising network - meaning the only adverts Readers will ever see on our platforms are from organisations that adhere to a set of strict democratic & transparent rules that are decided and voted on by our Publishers and Readers (Readers can avoid seeing ads altogether by signing up for any of our paid Membership Packages, starting at just £3.99 a month and launching soon.)
  • Bywire has created our own unique crypto token - Wirebit - More on that very soon. 


Why was Bywire created?

Over recent years, public trust in the mainstream media has plummeted to an all-time low.

Declining newspaper sales have forced legacy media to look at other ways of maintaining profitability - and, with many of these outlets increasingly shifting their focus away from print and towards their digital platforms, there has been a huge uptick in fake news and outright disinformation plastered across all of our Social Media news feeds.

Nobody will have failed to notice how a large section of the media now shamelessly prioritises clicks over truth; foments division over solutions, and intentionally chooses to sow fear and hatred amongst communities rather than looking to bringing people together - all in order to increase their own ad revenue income.

In addition, our mainstream media is almost entirely owned and controlled by the rich and powerful - meaning that, rather than being the voice of the people, much of their editorial output merely reflects the narrow interests of their billionaire owners, or the vested interests of their shareholders and corporate backers

Rather than standing up for the public by exposing the flaws in our system, the billionaire media moguls work hand-in-hand with the political elite to distract and divide - to ensure that our justifiable anger is directed at each other, rather than towards the real cause of our problems: them and the corrupt system that lines their pockets.

Furthermore, as with the media, just a handful of ludicrously wealthy individuals also control the main distribution of news - through their ownership of the major social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These big tech bosses employ the same tactics as their counterparts in the mainstream to further their own interests - employing algorithms which favour corporate media sources over independent journalism, and which advance stories which divide people and generate clicks over and above genuine news which might pose a threat to the system that benefits them and their wealthy mates.

And when it comes to holding the media and social media companies to account, many of the UK's regulators are either toothless or compromised through cronyism/corruption. Indeed:

  • Despite branding itself as “independent”, the UK’s main Press Regulator, IPSO, is literally run by the very outlets it is supposed to regulate.
  • The government has just installed a man who donated £400k to their party, Richard Sharp, as Chair of the BBC, whilst former party member and politician, Tim Davie, has been handed the role of Director General.

However, the dire state of our media landscape is not a “left versus right” issue - and it is anything but a conspiracy theory. The rich and powerful really are “all in it together” against ordinary people. They don’t want the system to change because it’s working perfectly well for them. Yet, whilst the rest of us are suffering and crying out for real change, the very institutions that are supposed to give us all a voice are intentionally playing us all off against each other purely for their own ends.

People are desperately crying out for a source of truly independent, genuinely accountable news that they know they can trust - and, for our fragile democracy to survive, it is absolutely essential that we work together to create it.

This is exactly why Bywire was created. 

Welcome to the beginning of a New Media Revolution.

Be part of the future now. Join us here.


Meet The Bywire Team

Michael O'Sullivan - Founder, CEO. 

Mark Davis - CVO.

Jetze Sikkema - Founder, CTO

Klaudia Fior - Marketing, Partners, Operations, Writer/Editor

Tom Cropper - Lead Journalist 

Emanuel Carneiro - Dev Opps, Engineering, Web Development, Front-end, Mobile Application

Bywire will email you from time to time with news digests, stories & opportunities to get involved. Privacy