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Trust in politicians and political campaigns is diminishing. Fake news may soon inform more people than real news. Opinion is becoming fact. News is unable to deliver a profitable, repeatable & scalable model. Journalists are forced to become freelancers with little business protection.  Social share organisations are broken; selling users privacy and refusing to remunerate creators.

Without a free and open press democratic freedoms are seen as being in grave jeopardy. Fascism is on the rise. Communism is en vogue.

ByWire Ltd (ByWire) aims to reverse this trend and in so doing create an organisation that champions unbiased comment, rewards news makers and journalists and in so doing, combats the growth in fake news and biased opinion in the news arena.

ByWire looks to become a market leader in the sector, creating a news marketplace platform that is sensitive to the needs of journalists and producers as well as readers and ByWire’s primary strategy is to cater to their need for a high quality, honest and rewarding global news platform that puts all market stakeholders directly into contact with each other.


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Office: 35 Little Russell St, London, United Kingdom