The Antelope ecosystem is fertile ground for collaborations that shape the course of innovation. Such is the nature of the alliance being forged between EOS Bees and NovaCrypto/EOSDEN, our supporter and early sponsor. We are thrilled to announce a significant collaboration that takes our mutual engagement to new heights. When the initial concept of EOS Bees was just an idea, it was Patrick of NovaCrypto who recognized its potential and offered his unwavering support. He was one of the first to join our telegram group and message us with an offer to help, demonstrating his commitment and aligned vision. In September 2021, NovaCrypto/Patrick served as EOS Bees' first sponsor, allowing us to advertise on Boid's EOS PowerUp site. This sponsorship came a month before the first EDEN on EOS election, helping us further validate the idea by achieving the role of Chief Delegate.  Beyond sponsorship, NovaCrypto/Patrick actively engaged with the Swarm system, regularly ordering Swarms. NovaCrypt...
‘Sneaky, cheating bastards’ – Josiah Mortimer reports on a peer leading the charge against the Government's fresh protest clampdown
A new report reveals that the Ministry of Defence has made no real progress on reducing the carbon footprint of its military bases in the UK
Kids in one of London’s poorest boroughs, Newham, are struggling to breathe. So why is the London Mayor pushing ahead with a new road tunnel that could make the situation even worse?
Most freelancers do not report abuse within the industry due to a fear of reputational damage, says the national secretary of the broadcasting and entertainment union
The Prime Minister's real motivation for refusing to comply with the COVID Inquiry is not to protect Boris Johnson – but to protect himself, reports Adam Bienkov
EOSDEN is an aggregator of Web3 Solutions built on EOS.
Powered by Patrick Schmid - NovaCrypto/EOSDEN - Music mixed & Video produced  - May 2023 | Credit to Jesse Jaffe - EOSBEES who produced this EOSDEN Story and narration - May 2023.
LONDON (Bywire News) - Boris Johnson’s Tories have voted down a Labour amendment in support of a worldwide ban on Tax Havens. Labour’s New Clause 23 to the Finance Bill would have compelled the Conservative government to support the US President Joe Biden’s proposal for a global minimum Corporation Tax. In addition, the amendment would have forced Chancellor Rishi Sunak to publish a review on the impact of a minimum global corporation tax, as well as a review on how a global minimum corporation tax could affect levels of tax avoidance and evasion.  However, the amendment was shot down in Parliament, with MPs voting 364 to 261 to reject it - with not a single Conservative MP voting in favour.  The Tories’ decision to vote down the proposal means that the UK is now the only major G7 nation not to support Mr Biden’s anti-Tax Haven plans. Last month, the think-tank Tax Justice UK published research indicating that a global minimum corporate tax rate set at 20% would raise an extra £13.5bn...
A study from Loughborough University has shone a light on how the media joined together to rig the election in favour of Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party, and against Jeremy Corbyn.
Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn attends a general election campaign meeting in Harlow, Britain November 5, 2019. REUTERS/Hannah McKay
In a world dominated by corporate media, a growing band of independent news publishers is more important than ever before. Here are the best Independent news sites you should be plugging into this year.
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A new parliamentary reports criticises the Government's plans for young people's care – with the Home Secretary announcing that the same strategy will be used to tackle child sexual abuse
Angelo Calianno spoke to supporters of the Turkish opposition during the two ballots in the closely fought Presidential election against Recep Erdoğan

#Pomelo - Crowdfunding on EOS

How to Transfer TLOS to EOS with UX IBC

This guide will help you transfer Telos to EOS using UX IBC.You must have an EOS account, a Telos account, and the Anchor wallet for this process.If you use another wallet, you may wish to try the beta Alcor Bridge, but use caution as it is still being developed.To purchase a new EOS account, visit the EOS Account Creator.Note: This process requires two transactions: one on Telos to send the tokens and one on EOS to receive them. You’ll need to wait a few minutes for the first transaction on Telos to reach irreversibility before you can claim the transaction on EOS.1. Go to and in the Select Source Chain drop-down menu, select TELOS.2. Under the Select Destination Chain drop-down menu, select EOS. The Amount will read TLOS.3. Login by connecting your wallet for Telos and for EOS.4. Enter the amount of TLOS that you want to transfer. It is always a good idea to test with a small amount before sending larger amounts. Click Transfer and Prove.5. Keep the page op...
Fizza Qureshi, CEO of the Migrants' Rights Network, explains why her charity did not want to apply for funding from the Mayor of London to tackle hate crime and extremism
Short summary (1min read): In the 20th Antelope Swiss Workshop, participants of the EDEN Fractal, including Patrick, Dan, Tadas, and a surprise guest, Rosemari, discuss the group's latest projects and insights. The conversation begins with an introduction to Alien Worlds, a leading game on the AntelopeIO network, and the potential collaboration between the game and the EDEN Fractal. They introduce the concepts of consensus games and share plans for a future Alien Worlds Fractal.    The talk then shifts towards enhancing user experience, discussing the creation of a welcome guide for new members, and sharing experiences of existing members. The upcoming EDEN Fractal's first anniversary is also acknowledged. An update on Firmament, a revolutionary blockchain-based tool, is given, with an exploration of its workflow, technical requirements, and future plans. Finally, the session wraps up with plans for future meetings and episodes, encouraging viewers to join the EDEN Fractal community...
Antelope Swiss Workshop #20 w/ the EDEN Fractal The Future of Fractals: Exploring Consensus Gaming and Blockchain Innovation
After the surprise cross-border raid against Russia and unexplained drone attacks in Moscow, Julian McBride looks at how Ukraine is turning Putin's playbook against him
The Ethereum Virtual Machine has been launched and will soon be fully up and running. Could it be a game-changer for EOS?
Credit: Bywire News, Canva
In today’s interdependent economic world, UK companies are just too small to survive and thrive without cooperation with the EU, writes Jon Bloomfield
Brands such as Kopparberg, Grolsch, Ikea and Nivea have already confirmed that they have retracted adverts that ran on the new Fox-style news channel GB News after complaints from consumers, but many other companies are staying silent - for now.
By Bywire News
Attack proves to be the best line of defence for mining giant ENRC as it turns up the heat on the Serious Fraud Office.
A statue representing the scales of justice is seen on the roof of the Old Bailey courts in central London, January 26, 2007. REUTERS/Toby Melville (BRITAIN)