A woman alleges that Russell Brand exposed himself to her while she worked in the same building as the BBC in Los Angeles, casting a shadow over the comedian's past and putting the BBC's internal oversight mechanisms under the spotlight.
Frank Hester, a major donor to the Conservative Party, has seen his healthcare tech company TPP profit £135m from NHS contracts, sparking questions about the intertwining of political donations and public sector business.
Guardian: Frank Hester with former Tory leader and prime minister David Cameron
Amid increasing scrutiny of police conduct, PC Jonathan Broadhead faces a November misconduct hearing for allegedly using "unnecessary, unreasonable, and disproportionate" force on a 10-year-old girl in southwest London.
Rishi Sunak rolls back green initiatives, citing financial strain on families, sparking debate on the UK's climate commitments.
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announces a delay in phasing out petrol and diesel cars and gas boilers, loosening energy efficiency targets for landlords, and scrapping various proposed green measures, citing the financial burden on British families.
Rishi Sunak Addressing Nation - Screenshot taken from Sky News via YouTube - 20/09/23
As an investigative report brings rape and abuse accusations against Russell Brand into the spotlight, figures such as Elon Musk, Andrew Tate, and Tucker Carlson publicly back him, sparking widespread debate.
Russell Brand at the Australian premiere of 'Arthur', April 2011
<a href="" title="So you&#8217;re not rich, but you argue against increasing taxes on the rich?! Here&#8217;s how you&#8217;ve been totally brainwashed (by the rich)." rel="nofollow"></a>If Britain really has &#8220;run out of money&#8221; &#8211; as both Labour and the Conservatives keep childishly claiming &#8211; why are neither party actually proposing any ways to raise more money? It seems a little strange, doesn&#8217;t it! I mean, both are essentially saying &#8220;let&#8217;s continue doing exactly the same things that got us into [&#8230;] The post <a rel="nofollow" href="">So you&#8217;re not rich, but you argue against increasing taxes on the rich?! Here&#8217;s how you&#8217;ve be...
Exactly one year ago today, the EOS Community reached a massive milestone with the upgrade to Antelope Leap 3.1. This hard fork upgrade solidified the EOS community&#8217;s independence from the old codebase that had become problematic due to the original maintainer&#8217;s neglect. It welcomed a new era, with the network shifting to the Antelope Leap [&#8230;] The post <a rel="nofollow" href="">Celebrating One Year of EOS Independence</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="">EOS Network</a>.
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's upcoming speech on altering the UK's net zero targets has the nation on tenterhooks, as critics warn of legal battles and long-term environmental repercussions.
Number 10: Rishi Sunak Covid-19 Press Conference 29/05
New research from Byline Times reveals that Northern Ireland is one of the most dangerous places in Europe for women, with 98% experiencing at least one form of violence or abuse in their lifetime.
European ParliamentFollow Violence against women, we can stop it!
The Metropolitan Police face a crisis of credibility with over 1,000 officers suspended or on restricted duties, raising questions about unchecked misconduct and the future of public trust in the force.
Algunos valores importantes que rodean la génesis de Web3 son la confianza, la transparencia y la responsabilidad. La EOS Network Foundation (ENF) está fuertemente alineada con estos principios y los adhiere mientras trabaja para mantener y fomentar la adopción de la red EOS. Los informes de salud del programa y las operaciones son una pieza integral de esta misión, con el objetivo de mantener a la comunidad actualizada sobre todo el trabajo que se realiza detrás de escena. El informe más reciente de septiembre está repleto de actualizaciones de proyectos notables en los que están trabajando contribuyentes tanto de ENF como del ecosistema EOS más amplio. Esto incluye iniciativas como la prueba de reproducción automatizada, la actualización del sitio web de EOS, las mejoras de P2P, el arnés de prueba de regresión y muchas más. Puede leer el informe más reciente a continuación y, si está interesado en ponerse al día con los meses anteriores, puede encontrarlos en ENF Github. ...
Voice announces the early results of its community reporting as it attempts to build a community-based self-governing platform in which extreme content is no longer welcome.
Decentralising AI could indeed mitigate some risks, but it's crucial to acknowledge that in the global geopolitical landscape, adversarial exploitation of this technology could lead to a new form of arms race.
Unbiased news is essential for democracy, social cohesion, and informed decision-making, and can be achieved by media outlets and journalists striving for impartiality, individuals seeking out alternative sources of information, and promoting media literacy.
LONDON (Bywire News) - Mission statement: The Bywire mission is to unify independent news, to challenge the legacy media narrative. To simplify Indie news dissemination to the critical masses, by making it as accessible and as convenient as possible. To become and remain the technological, democratic, immutable, monetisation, web 3.0 content publication standard. Bywire shall, and forever adhere to the following principles and standards: Truthful. In the pursuit of truth, Bywire shall be fearless, and prepared to make sacrifices of its material fortunes, if such course be necessary for the public good. Trustworthy. To always remain trusted; to never endanger brand trust through the use of any words, acts, or reporting, in any form, that is or includes deceit, conflation, and supposition. Transparent. The duty of Bywire is to its Readers, Publishers, and to the public at large, and not to the private interests of its owners, advertisers, and general customers. Accountable. Those who r...
Credits: Bywire News (Canva)
A study from Loughborough University has shone a light on how the media joined together to rig the election in favour of Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party, and against Jeremy Corbyn.
Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn attends a general election campaign meeting in Harlow, Britain November 5, 2019. REUTERS/Hannah McKay
As England and Wales grapple with a 20-year high crime surge, Home Secretary Suella Braverman faces criticism for prioritising the regulation of 'woke' content in diversity training over concrete crime reduction strategies.
Simon Dawson / 10 Downing Street, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Anunciamos el surgimiento de EOS Labs, una nueva entidad independiente propuesta por el antiguo líder comunitario Huaqiang Wen. Diseñado como una incubadora y constructor web3 para el ecosistema EOS, EOS Labs representa una nueva etapa en la evolución de EOS Network. EOS Labs está preparado para armonizar con los roles cruciales ya establecidos por EOS Network Foundation (ENF) y EOS Network Ventures (ENV). En reconocimiento de su potencial, ENF se comprometió a asignar una cuarta parte de su presupuesto operativo para ayudar a EOS Labs, defendiendo su visión y abogando por su integración exitosa en el ecosistema EOS. EOS Labs Enfocados La misión de EOS Labs es conectar a las empresas web3 con recursos, conocimientos e infraestructura cruciales, fortaleciendo sus perspectivas de éxito y construyendo un ecosistema EOS más próspero. Todavía en sus etapas formativas, EOS Labs tiene como objetivo atraer talento profesional de una variedad de antecedentes, incluidas instituciones de inversi...
LONDON (Bywire News)- The Labour leader Keir Starmer billed the British taxpayer for more than £160,000 so he could be chauffeur driven less than 4 miles a day to and from his former job as Director as Public Prosecutions between 2008 and 2010, it has been revealed.Matt Kennard, the Head of Investigations at independent media outlet Declassified UK, discovered the eye-watering receipts whilst searching the official Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) web archives.The historic documents show that the Labour leader, who was appointed as Director of Public Prosecutions in 2008, claimed taxpayer-funded expenses worth around £300 a day for the short 3.9 mile trip from his London home to the CPS office in Ludgate Hill.   Damn. I just went through the records. In Keir Starmer’s first 21 months in office as Director of Prosecutions at the CPS (October 2008 to June 2010) he expensed £161,272 of taxpayers money for a chauffeur driven “official car”. He lived 4 miles from the CPS office in London....