When Year of Release / Debt Forgiveness / Favorable Year of the Lord Announced? believe that the slaves are freed and debts are canceled at the last Feast of Tabernacles of the seven year Shemitah cycle that starts in the spring of 1406 BC. This is in contrast to announcing the land sabbath year around Tabernacles on the 6th year so that farmers would know not to plant crops for the 7th year or the Jubilee which is consecrated on the Day of Atonement in the 6th year of the Shemitah cycle.In my last post I made the case for a 31 AD crucifixion of Yeshua based upon the timing of when Yeshua read Isaiah and declared the favorable year of YHVH where debts are forgiven and slaves are set free. As I was reading it I realized I may have interpreted the scriptures incorrectly; thankfully, the new interpretation I will present here only strengthens the case for 31 AD and in no way negates the arguments of the prior post.https://med...
The Practically Indisputable Case for 31 AD Crucifixion of Jesus life of Yeshua (Jesus) consists of some of the most significant moments in history and the timing of His birth, death, and resurrection are key to understanding prophecy, His appointed times, and His calendar. We are given a puzzle with hundreds of moving pieces that must fit perfectly together and with this information we can determine with a high degree of confidence the most supported doctrines and the most likely appointed times of Yah.In this post I will use information from Yeshua’s life to confirm the Jordan river crossing in 1406 BC and the start of the Shemitah and Jubilee cycle. By doing this, the evidence of the Jordan river crossing also helps to confirm Yeshua’s life timeline including His sacrifice in 31 AD. Collectively this evidence is relevant to our lives today because it points to Fall of 2024 being the 70th Jubilee and the start of the D... are over a dozen different “one true calendar” interpretations out there trying to find the feast days that YHVH has intentionally hidden from us until his second coming. Today I want to present the case for April 8th eclipse falling on the true passover, and correspondingly the October 2, 2024 eclipse falling on Feast of Tabernacles.My advice to everyone entering the calendar discussion is to judge others how you would like to be judged. If you want to be held to having a perfect understanding of his “one true calendar” then you are free to take that risk, but as for me and my house, I hope and pray that we are not accountable for figuring it out perfectly because there is enough ambiguity and tradition to make it impossible to prove with 100% certainty any individual calendar. That said, I believe we owe it to our Creator to do our best to understand and follow His ways as a sign that once He reveals His truth we wi...
Daniel 9 Unsealed — The Rapture Timeline and The Covenant with Many RevealedThe Holy Spirit has guided my research and revealed an understanding of the most critical verses in Bible prophecy that has been hidden in plain sight all of these years.Everyone talks about the covenant with many and is looking for Daniel’s “70th” week and for temple to be built so the sacrifices to begin again so the anti-christ can stop them in the midst of the tribulation. After what this post reveals is shown to you, you will be amazed at how completely wrong everyone has had it and will not be able to look at these verses the same way again. post will provide fresh insight into the translation and meaning of Daniel 9:24–27 that gives the timeline to the end. In my last post/video I addressed Daniel 9:24 and showed its connection to Jeremiah 25 and how there are 70 Jubilees from the crossing of the Jordan river in 1406 BC until the Day of Y...
This post reviews the scriptural evidence for the prophecies of Jeremiah and Daniel and the Rapture falling on the 70th Jubilee based upon new insights into Jeremiah 25, the very verse Daniel was reading when he started praying and ultimately received the vision for his “70 weeks” prophecy.I contend, and will demonstrate, that while most people consider Jeremiah’s 70 years prophecy until the fall of Babylon to be complete, I believe there is far more to this prophecy and that he actually meant 70 Jubilees or both “years” and “jubilees” at the same time in different ways.YHVH gives precise prophecies that don’t require interpreting subjective signs like “wars and rumors” or “earthquake frequency”. Daniel expected the fall of Babylon because he read the Prophet Jeremiah, likewise I believe we can know exactly what year to expect the judgment and rapture assuming we can accurately date the crossing of the Jordan river into the land. I believe this is fall of 2024, so not much time to pre...
Nuking Edom & The Garden of Edom — Home of Raptured GentilesEdom is the land along either side of the border between modern day Jordan and Israel from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea. According to my current understanding of scripture, this land will be desolated by nuclear war on the Day of Wrath/Judgment and on the same day as the rapture, on the 70th Jubilee, aka fall of 2024. After the tribulation of those days, this land will blossom like the Garden of Eden (err.. Garden of Edom!) and become the inheritance of the Gentiles who were saved/redeemed on the day of judgement.This post will review the scriptures that form the foundation of this conclusion; however, some of the foundational material was covered in my prior post. For example, the evidence for this occurring in 2024 on the 70th Jubilee and the interpretation of Zechariah 5 as ICBMs will not be fully covered again. If you have not seen that video I encourage you to watch it to have better context for the material covered h...
The Bible describes the Fall of Babylon the Great in detail and provides ample descriptions that link Babylon the Great to USA/NATO. Furthermore, contrary to common belief, the Bible provides exact year counts for when everything will occur. There is no need to interpret vague “warnings” like eclipses, earthquakes, wars and rumors of wars, etc. Furthermore, the Bible provides detailed description including measurements and contents of ICBM nuclear missiles. Babylon (NATO) will be destroyed suddenly (surprise attack) and quickly (one hour) by an alliance of named nations (Russia, Iran, Syria, aka BRICs) and that they will not spare any nukes and none will miss.According to the book of Daniel, all of this death and destruction will occur on the 70th Jubilee from when Israel became a nation (when they crossed the Jordan and received their land). This 70th Jubilee starts in 2024. Thankfully, the prophet Jeremiah describes the rapture occurring in the midst of the fall of Babylon (USA) and...
The EOS blockchain has introduced significant updates to its RAM system, enhancing flexibility, efficiency, and overall utility. These changes, recently implemented through the upgrade to system contract v3.3.0 unlock new dimensions for both developers and users by facilitating innovative applications, more dynamic resource management, and fostering a more sustainable and scalable ecosystem. For those interested [&#8230;] The post <a href="">EOS RAM Evolution: Unlocking New Capabilities</a> appeared first on <a href="">EOS Network</a>.
Introduction The EOS Block Producer (BP) monthly meetings serve as a foundational platform for facilitating consistent and open communication between the top 30 EOS BPs and the EOS Network Foundation (ENF). These gatherings are designed to cultivate a collaborative environment where network operators and custodians can engage in constructive dialogue, share insights, and work collectively [&#8230;] The post <a href="">EOS BP Meeting Recap—February 2024</a> appeared first on <a href="">EOS Network</a>.
The EOS ecosystem continued to push the boundaries of Web3 innovation over the past few weeks. This report will get you caught up on the latest news, including milestones like the 2 Million EOS recovery on EOS EVM and the ongoing work on a BTC L2 scaling solution. In case you missed it, be sure [&#8230;] The post <a href="">Everything EOS Monthly Report – March 2024</a> appeared first on <a href="">EOS Network</a>.
In the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi), the security of digital assets remains a paramount concern for investors and developers alike. Amidst this backdrop, EOS has once again demonstrated its commitment to pioneering robust security solutions with the latest achievement of Recover+ (R+), a cutting-edge cybersecurity portal and rapid incident response program. Designed [&#8230;] The post <a href="">Advancing Blockchain Defense: A Landmark 2M EOS Recovery on EOS EVM</a> appeared first on <a href="">EOS Network</a>.
Leap 6 is set to launch the groundbreaking Savanna consensus algorithm, enabling faster finality and creating irreversible consensus transactions over 100 times faster compared to previous releases. This significant update goes beyond mere performance enhancement; it represents a comprehensive upgrade of the network. At the heart of this evolution, Savanna will not only accelerate transaction [&#8230;] The post <a href="">Advancing To Leap 6: EOS To Unlock Savanna’s Instant Finality on July 31st</a> appeared first on <a href="">EOS Network</a>.
2024 is in full swing and the ecosystem reached a ton of epic milestones over the past few weeks. The year started off strong with members of the ENF attending two high profile events; the CRYPTO2030 event in Davos, Switzerland, and the Blockchain 2 Government Conference in Phuket, Thailand. This was followed by a number [&#8230;] The post <a href="">Everything EOS Monthly Report &#8211; February 2024</a> appeared first on <a href="">EOS Network</a>.

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EOS Q4 2023 Report

Every quarter the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) provides the EOS community with an overview of activities, growth, and financial expenditures in a detailed report. The ENF provides support, funding and the coordination of resources necessary to make EOS a thriving ecosystem. We’re harnessing the power of decentralization to chart a coordinated future for the EOS [&#8230;] The post <a href="">EOS Q4 2023 Report</a> appeared first on <a href="">EOS Network</a>.

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Leap v5.0.0 Performance Testing

This guest post was written by Ross Dold of EOSphere. Learn more about EOSphere&#8217;s work in the EOS ecosystem at the end of this article. Antelope Leap v5.0.0&#160;was released almost a month ago and is now seeing adoption across the many Antelope based networks as node operators start to upgrade their production environments. Leap v5.0.0 [&#8230;] The post <a href="">Leap v5.0.0 Performance Testing</a> appeared first on <a href="">EOS Network</a>.
Inscriptions have been a major talking point across the Web3 industry in recent months. Starting on the Bitcoin blockchain in the form of Ordinals, this new approach to storing data on chains quickly found further use cases in Ethereum-based environments. EOS EVM is no exception and when a massive inscription event caused 17M+ transactions in [&#8230;] The post <a href="">Evolving the Inscriptions Landscape on EOS</a> appeared first on <a href="">EOS Network</a>.
Disclaimer: None of the information provided in this article constitutes financial advice. It’s important to remember that engaging with DeFi carries inherent risks, and individuals should conduct thorough research and exercise caution when engaging with DeFi projects. Following a strategic move to halt RAM inflation on EOS, the blockchain community has experienced a surge of [&#8230;] The post <a href="">EOS RAM: The Hidden Gem of Blockchain Infrastructure</a> appeared first on <a href="">EOS Network</a>.
Today's crypto landscape reveals regulatory pressures, market resilience, and innovative strides in digital asset integration and preservation.

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January EOS BP Meeting Recap

Introduction The monthly EOS Block Producer (BP) meetings are intended to establish regular communications between the top 30 EOS BPs and the EOS Network Foundation (ENF), to foster an open dialogue between network operators and custodians in support of the mutual development of the EOS ecosystem. Meeting Overview The meeting began at 0200 UTC on [&#8230;] The post <a href="">January EOS BP Meeting Recap</a> appeared first on <a href="">EOS Network</a>.

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BTC Ordinals 任务更新

赶快采取行动,确保Pomelo Ordinauts安全着陆。🚀 好消息,Pomelo NFT 收藏家们请注意! 🌟备受期待的 Pomelo Ordinauts 即将到来!在此之前,我们有一项重要的更新和任务需要您在 2024 年 1 月 31 日之前完成。确认钱包正常访问,以及 Ordinal 铭文地址🔧 我们在之前的文章 Ordinals Mission article 中推荐的 Hiro 钱包已经更名为 Leather。因此,Chrome 扩展程序也已经更新。为确保您的Ordinauts顺利抵达,我们需要您完成以下操作!🛠️ 完成以下步骤:确认钱包访问: 请确认您的钱包仍然可以使用。这是顺利接收Ordinauts的关键。确认Ordinal铭文地址: 再次确认您在发送宇航员时提交的Ordinal铭文地址。通过采取这些步骤,将帮助我们确保您的Ordinauts可以顺利抵达终点。📝如果您能够正常访问您提交的 BTC Ordinal 钱包,那么您无需采取任何操作。如果您无法访问BTC Ordinal 钱包,或者想要更新Ordinal 铭文地址(Bech32 Bitcoin 地址),以下是在系统中的更新步骤,请确保您能够在 BTC 区块链上访问Pomelo Ordinaut。选项 1:向 EOS 账户 ord.pomelo 发送任意数量的 EOS,并在备注中添加更新的 Bech32 Bitcoin 地址/Ordinal 铭文地址。这里有一个示例您发送的 EOS 将随附确认信息的备注,发送回给您。注意:您只需要发送一次交易。这将更新您提交给 Ordinal 任务的所有 Pomelo 宇航员NFTs 的Ordinal 铭文地址。选项 2:如果您不想发送代币转账,您可以使用这个操作,newaddress.这里有一个示例可以发现,发送 EOS转账和备注要简单得多。您有1周的时间确认您的钱包正常访问和铭文地址,请在2024年1月31日之前完成。感谢您的参与 🙏🌌 您在Ordinal 任务中的参与对这次冒险至关重要。让我们确保您的Ordinauts安全着陆,一切皆在您的掌握之中!感谢您成为Pomelo 社区的重要一员。期待未来更多的宇宙之旅!🌠 Pomelo 团队🌠...