Kids in one of London’s poorest boroughs, Newham, are struggling to breathe. So why is the London Mayor pushing ahead with a new road tunnel that could make the situation even worse?
EOS EVM v0.5.0-rc1 reached code completion this week and will be going live on mainnet soon. As the first major EOS EVM release since mainnet launch, this milestone is an important one for the EOS community. With the initial launch of the EOS EVM mainnet happening less than 7 weeks ago, this release speaks to [&#8230;] The post <a rel="nofollow" href="">EOS EVM v0.5.0-rc1 Released &#8211; Enabling Yield+ Liquidity Mining on EOS EVM</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="">EOS Network Foundation</a>.
‘Sneaky, cheating bastards’ – Josiah Mortimer reports on a peer leading the charge against the Government's fresh protest clampdown
A new report reveals that the Ministry of Defence has made no real progress on reducing the carbon footprint of its military bases in the UK
Most freelancers do not report abuse within the industry due to a fear of reputational damage, says the national secretary of the broadcasting and entertainment union
The Prime Minister's real motivation for refusing to comply with the COVID Inquiry is not to protect Boris Johnson – but to protect himself, reports Adam Bienkov
이 가이드를 통하여 UX IBC 를 이용하여 Telos 를 EOS 로 전환하는 방법을 알아보실수 있습니다.이 가이드를 통하여 UX IBC 를 이용하여 Telos 를 EOS 로 전환하는 방법을 알아보실수 있습니다.이 과정을 진행하려면 우선 당신은 EOS 계정, Telos 계정, 그리고 Anchor 지갑이 있어야 합니다.만약 다른 지갑을 사용하신다면, 베타 Alcor Bridge 를 시도하실수 있지만, 조심하셔야 할 것은 아직도 개발중입니다.새로운 EOS 계정을 구매하시려면 EOS 계정 생성 을 방문하세요주의: 이 과정은 두개의 거래가 필요함: 하나는 Telos 에서 전송하는 것이고 다른 하나는 EOS 에서 받는 것입니다. Telos 위에서의 첫번째 거래가 비가역성에 도달하고 EOS 위에서 클레임하기 까지 몇분 소요됩니다.1. 방문하여 소스체인 선택 드랍 메뉴에서 TELOS 선택.2. 목적지 체인 선택 드랍메뉴에서 EOS 선택. 금액은 TLOS 로 표시됨.3. 당신의 지갑을 TELOS 및 EOS 와 연결하여 로그인.4. 전송할 TLOS 수량 입력. 큰 금액을 전송하기에 앞서 작은 금액으로 테스트해 보는것이 좋습니다. 전송 및 확인 클릭.5. 브릿지 전송이 결속될 때 까지 페이지를 닫지마실 것. 당신은 두번의 지갑 거래를 확인해야 합니다. 첫번째 거래를 확인한 다음 Anchor 를 닫지 마세요. 과정이 100%에 도달하는데 삼분정도 걸릴것이며 EOS 블록체인 위의 거래 증명을 제출하도록 할 것입니다.6. 아래와 같이 모든 것이 100% 에 이르고 새로운 전송 버튼이 맨밑에 나타날 때 까지 기다리셔야 합니다.전송시 문제가 생긴다면당신의 거래가 실패했다면, 노란색 “다시 시도” 버튼을 누르고 다시 제출해보세요. 당신의 전송이 확인되기 전에 페이지를 닫으셨다면 를 방문하세요.당신의 처음 거래와 동일한 목적지 및 소스체인을 선택하세요. 그리고, 동일한 계정으로 로그인...

#Pomelo - Crowdfunding on EOS


本指南将帮助您使用UX IBC从Telos转移到EOS。首先,您必须拥有EOS帐户,Telos帐户和Anchor钱包才能进行此过程。如果您使用其他的钱包,您可能可以尝试测试版 Alcor Bridge,但请谨慎使用,因为它仍在开发中。如果您想要购买一个新的EOS账户,请访问EOS账户创建。注意:这个过程需要2次交易:一个是在Telos上发送代币,一个是在EOS上接收这些代币。您需要等待几分钟,让Telos上的第一笔交易达到不可逆后,然后才能在EOS上申领这笔交易。1. 访问 ,在 Select Source Chain(选择源链)下拉菜单中选择TELOS。2. 在 Select Destination Chain (选择目的地链)下拉菜单中,选择EOS。Amount(金额)处输入TLOS金额。3. 通过连接您的钱包登录Telos和EOS。4. 输入要传送的TLOS数量。在发送更大的金额之前,请先用少量的金额进行测试,以防万一。单击Transfer and Prove(传送和证明)。5. 在桥接传输完成期间,请保持页面打开。您需要确认两个钱包的交易。确认第一笔交易后,保持Anchor打开。可能需要3分钟才能达到进度100%,并提示您在EOS区块链上提交交易证明。6. 等待,直到您看到如下图所示,100%完成,New Transfer(新传输)按钮出现在底部。如果出现了问题如果交易失败,请尝试使用黄色“Retry”(重试)按钮重新提交交易。如果您在确认转账完成之前关闭了该页面,请访问。选择与初始交易相同的目的地链和源链。然后,使用相同的帐户登录。找到丢失的交易,然后单击Retry(重试)。4. 打开钱包查看交易并单击批准。如果提示没有自动出现,请使用QR码手动签名。几秒钟后,交易将完成。...

#Pomelo - Crowdfunding on EOS

How to Transfer TLOS to EOS with UX IBC

This guide will help you transfer Telos to EOS using UX IBC.You must have an EOS account, a Telos account, and the Anchor wallet for this process.If you use another wallet, you may wish to try the beta Alcor Bridge, but use caution as it is still being developed.To purchase a new EOS account, visit the EOS Account Creator.Note: This process requires two transactions: one on Telos to send the tokens and one on EOS to receive them. You’ll need to wait a few minutes for the first transaction on Telos to reach irreversibility before you can claim the transaction on EOS.1. Go to and in the Select Source Chain drop-down menu, select TELOS.2. Under the Select Destination Chain drop-down menu, select EOS. The Amount will read TLOS.3. Login by connecting your wallet for Telos and for EOS.4. Enter the amount of TLOS that you want to transfer. It is always a good idea to test with a small amount before sending larger amounts. Click Transfer and Prove.5. Keep the page op...
Angelo Calianno spoke to supporters of the Turkish opposition during the two ballots in the closely fought Presidential election against Recep Erdoğan
Fizza Qureshi, CEO of the Migrants' Rights Network, explains why her charity did not want to apply for funding from the Mayor of London to tackle hate crime and extremism
After the surprise cross-border raid against Russia and unexplained drone attacks in Moscow, Julian McBride looks at how Ukraine is turning Putin's playbook against him
In today’s interdependent economic world, UK companies are just too small to survive and thrive without cooperation with the EU, writes Jon Bloomfield
A new parliamentary reports criticises the Government's plans for young people's care – with the Home Secretary announcing that the same strategy will be used to tackle child sexual abuse
As the Prime Minister reveals that his favourite author is Jilly Cooper – he tells Otto English about some of his other favourites in music, food, movies and sport
A former 111 clinician speaks out on rising pressures and a staffing crisis at the NHS non-emergency call service. Josiah Mortimer and Max Colbert report
Lawyer Gareth Roberts explains how theDame Hallet's inquiry has the full force of the law and is not a constitutional nicety the former Prime Minister can wriggle out of
Britain is 'strikingly unprepared' to face the escalating consequences of inadequate action on climate change
It was early 2018 in Silicon Valley, with Cryptokitties and Bitcoin price swings regularly making the news. Upland co-founders Mani, Idan, and Dirk were discussing digital collectibles while playing a late-night game of Monopoly when they had a vision for a virtual property trading metaverse, with a vibrant community and blockchain-based incentive structures.&#160; In the [&#8230;] The post <a rel="nofollow" href="">How Upland Utilizes EOS to Revolutionize Virtual Real Estate! &#8211; #PoweredByEOS</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="">EOS Network Foundation</a>.
Natasha Phillips reports on the success of the Coventry City reunification pilot featured on Channel 4’s ‘Kids’