Briefings: OCI, ENF Hiring, Antelope FAQs, Greymass, Chintai, EVMxIdeathon

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Countdown Leap 3.1: ENF in the News, Hiring and More

The EOS Network Foundation continues the countdown to Antelope Leap v3.1. It’s at this time that all nodes wishing to remain part of the mainnet need to institute the coordinated, one-time update. In anticipation of all the new features going live at once, the foundation is actively hiring:

  • Marketing Operations & Analytics, Sr Manager
  • Global Events Marketing, Sr Manager
  • Director of Product Marketing

ENF’s global expansion hiring initiative was a key topic on this week’s Fireside Chat. The foundation was again in the news this week on CryptoNewZ

"...$EOS focuses on creating a community-driven experience that pushes the potential of blockchain even further than before."

Yves La Rose on Nasdaq

"EOS is the first and only DAO that I am aware of that has appointed a centralized leadership. Since this happened, we have had a level of coordination, progress, and sustained momentum that would have seemed impossible previously."

The coming hardfork was also discussed on CryptoDaily. Check out the “and More” in the next section about the recent OCI connection.

ENF Marches Ahead with OCI

This week, the ENF announced a partnership with Object Computing that will last more than 2 years. The contract is valued in the millions. Partnering with OCI enables the ENF to run a firstrate multi-pronged development strategy. The ENF highlighted the strategy behind working with OCI to ensure a bright future for Antelope: 

“… strategic partnership with OCI is a major step towards ensuring #EOS continues to innovate + thrive well beyond our hardfork on Sept 21!”

OCI engineers fill a gap that B1 never did; that is, prioritizing (and accelerating) the needs of EOS. OCI’s talent supports all aspects of ENF’s initiatives, as well as the Antelope coalition. The OCI-ENF collaboration extends back to the very beginning. More recently, OCI works on: 

  • Transaction lifestyle (API) features
  • Backporting EOSIO 2.1+ enhancements
  • Support a multitude of current development from performance and bugs, to migration and proposals

Together, the ENF and OCI don’t just make EOS better, they’re liberating the mainnet to be all that it can be.

Greymass APIs Upgraded

As the September 21 launch approaches, team Greymass let the community know it's right there in the middle of the action. Last week, Greymass’ founder, Aaron Cox, discussed Web3 wallets on GoodBlock. The week before he joined the community’s Fireside Chat to reveal a bit of what’s to come. This week, Greymass announced the upgrade of all its API nodes. The team also asked the community for feedback regarding any issue related to API services. Known to leave no stone unturned, the team welcomed the community to reach out regarding any connectivity issue to the wallet.

EOS Support’s Consensus Upgrade FAQs

EOS Support continues to work diligently to help the community adjust to the new Antelope age. This week, Dario Cesaro provided a detailed set of FAQs about upgrading to Leap 3.1. Links are available throughout. EOS Support’s new FAQs act as a sort of one stop for those interested and actively seeking to upgrade. Below is a quick overview of the contents:

  • About the name and token
  • Developer info
  • Specifics for nodes
  • Finding code repositories
  • Date, airdrop and advantages

Another recent effort where EOS Support demonstrates its commitment to the community comes in the form of an Antelope Leap 3.1 upgrade survey. Also note that the organization’s monthly report was released this week.

Chintai Connects with Young Leaders

Not always in the spotlight but known to create a splash, that’s how Chintai’s mainnet presence feels. This week the Chintai Network discussed its work with NUS Business School. Together they’re uplifting tomorrow’s fintech leaders. Chintai also cultivates strong partnerships aimed at enduring for the future. Chintai is a leader in helping bridge the divide between traditional financial markets and blockchain technology. Find out more about what the network is doing in this week’s NUS Business School YT video.

EVMxIdeathon Date, Helios Incubator, EOS Blocks (rebranded) 

Two days before the launch of Leap, on September 19, the EVMxIdeathon commences. Sponsorship comes from the ENF. The event is a dual-pronged approach (hackathon and ideation) to help bridge the gap between the mainnet and Ethereum communities. Helios’ Chris Barnes provided details about what to expect and how to compete for $125K in prizes. Another interesting topic out of Helios comes in the form of building a shared internet. Gavriel Shaw interviewed its incubator participant, Nomad Nodes, digging into how users are rewarded for helping build the new internet. Those who know EOS block producers know of EOS Rio. EOS Blocks recognized the radical transformation ushered in by Antelope and took the opportunity to rebrand itself away from EOS Rio. Also note that the team’s monthly reports are back.

Eden on EOS: Peace Treaty Update?

If you’ve been a consistent Eden member from the beginning, then you’re aware of the importance of the peace treaty. Actually, since the original development team came out of Fractally (ClarionOS), is it any wonder that both Eden and the Genesis fractal tightly hold new members to an agreement prior to core token reward distribution. All that intro for simply the following:

The Eden Peace Treaty is seen to be outdated by growing community consensus.

Join the discussion to update the Eden peace treaty.

In addition to the above informational resources, Helios weekly discussions catch emerging topics. Members may also wish to check out what Hypha is doing with Eden.

Fractally: Staying Aligned and Growing Together

On point during this past Saturday meeting was the role the Genesis fractal plays and the impact of new fractals upon the ecosystem as a whole. It’s clear that new fractals help the Genesis fractal grow. In return, Genesis can help with things like guidance and liquidity. Fractals wouldn’t need to seek direct guidance, rather, witness the best use case of the to be released open source software and then adopt for their needs. Russian speakers may wish to know about a new fractal forming with potentially more members than Genesis. Bitshares continues to make inroads into forming a team and integrating with the Fractally ecosystem. Most recently, a Bitshares NFT issuance app was released. No vote yet on the Interim Genesis Fractal Consensus Addendum I or interim consensus for Eden fractal proposals. Each fractal below offers their own participation rewards across different chains:

  • Genesis (independent) - learn consensus fundamentals
  • Eden (EOS) - contribute to the mainnet
  • Alien Worlds (WAX) - a gaming DAO experiment
  • Bitshares (on takeoff roll) - exchange on seasoned DPoS tech
  • Hispana - a unique process by Spanish speakers

For those wanting to learn more directly from the community, check out new Hive articles by merivercap,  shakhruz (fractally report), nudimar (infographics updated weekly) auguerrido (Hispania), and highsteam1900 (Bitshares); also, fractally Telegram recaps (same as above). Join the discussion, make contributions, and inquire here.

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