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A truce is called between fighting delegates and the new bylaws have been officially ratified – all the latest from the Eden chief delegates.
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Yield+ began as an ENF sponsored working group in January of 2022. The group was tasked with researching and proposing methods to create a system of economic incentives to bring increased liquidity and opportunities for on-chain yield to the EOS Network.&#160; In May of 2022, the multidisciplinary collaboration of research, analysis, writing, and countless hours [&#8230;] The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com/blog/launch-of-the-yield-incentive-program-is-imminent/">Launch of the Yield+ Incentive Program Is Imminent</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com">EOS Network Foundation</a>.

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Mandel v3.1 Release Features

The Mandel v3.1 release blockchain software distills months of research and development into a network upgrade that is full of useful features and fixes.  The Blue Papers outlined some of these features. The API+ Blue Paper recommended several improvements to mitigate lost transactions and improve the predictability of transaction lifecycles. Previous articles explored how the subjective billing system can cause lost transactions and outlined existing fixes for common transaction lifecycle issues like lost transactions. The Mandel v3.1 release introduces new tools to address these issues and other user experience hurdles.  The Mandel v3.1 release introduces the following new transaction lifecycle tools:  Transaction RetryTransaction Finality StatusTransaction Resource Cost Estimation Subjective Billing ImprovementsTransaction failure tracing with a new transaction endpoint  Additional Mandel upgrades that are not focused on transaction lifecycle include: Improved compatibility with th...
Baidu looks to have gained permits to operate driverless taxis in two of China’s biggest cities in a major step along the way to driverless vehicles.
FILE PHOTO: Men interact with a Baidu AI robot near the company logo at its headquarters in Beijing, China April 23, 2021. REUTERS/Florence Lo/File Photo
B1 who? Trusted, show-worthy and workhorse ENF team already busting moves. Fractally networks contagious as Pomelo grants say season 3 good buys. Yep, still trekking through DUNE- and at a nice cruise.   ENF News: Patty Fisher in at CMO, Learn2Earn  With Token2049 around the corner, the EOS Network Foundation must be ready to present the new EOS on the world stage. Enter Patty Fisher. Patty leads the public relations mission by stepping in as Chief Marketing Officer. She’s a superstar with experience in both conventional enterprise working with Fortune 100 companies as well as a knowledgeable blockchain professional. Patty is a brand builder.  Honored to be stepping in as marketing lead for @EosNFoundation and work with @BlockchainZack @BigBeardSamurai @tedcahall! She’s been working with the ENF as an advisor and held the position of Senior Vice President of Marketing with Block.one. Clearly, Patty is deeply familiar with EOSIO. Her experience with relatable tech companies include:...
The Everything EOS Weekly Report publishes all of the latest news and updates from around the world in the EOS ecosystem. The Everything EOS Weekly Report sources stories and updates from community members that are part of the English, Chinese, &amp; Korean EOS communities. The Everything EOS Weekly Report is the best place to catch up on all the latest news in EOS from all around the world. This Week’s Topics New Chief Marketing OfficerReclaiming EOS on CoinMarketCapPomelo Season 3 Donations are OpenEOSIO Coalition ReportEOS Support Semi-Annual ReportD.U.N.E 1.0.0 RC1 ReleasedMandel 3.1 Upgrade GuideWeekly Mandel UpdateEOS Community Events New Chief Marketing Officer In an epic development for EOS, esteemed global business leader Patty Fisher joins our team as Chief Marketing Officer! Patty Fisher is a founder, entrepreneur, and communications visionary with over twenty-five years of experience leading marketing efforts for several Fortune 100 global brands. She has a stella...
Normally you’ll have to pay a small fee to create an account on EOS. However, with this simple hack, you can get one for free.
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The steadfast work of many teams has breathed new life into the EOS ecosystem. With multiple ENF sponsored initiatives beginning to reach maturity, the renewed momentum is becoming evident. Joining the team at the EOS Network Foundation in this pivotal moment, Chief Marketing Officer Patty Fisher is well positioned to leverage her considerable industry experience to help EOS step into its own as a global brand. A founder, entrepreneur, and senior global marketing leader, Patty Fisher draws from over twenty-five years of hands-on experiences across Fortune 100 companies, start-ups, and global organizations where she has designed multiple programs for building brand value while growing customers and communities to deliver business impact. Patty’s experience spans generations of technological innovation across several different media landscapes. Beginning with telecom titan AT&amp;T and early internet pioneer AOL, to Gannett Digital Media networks, USA Today and associated print and broa...
A building storm and seasoned captain. A call to the community and enthusiastic support. Innovation from all angles and a plethora of contributions. Once a community of strong bonds; now, focused, fractal communities harnessing independent powers from developers and users alike. It's August now, so less than two months to prep for the mainstage at Token2049, September 2022.   Back Bywire on Pomelo and keep this newsletter FREE!    Mandel 3.1 Update The EOS Network Foundation confirmed that Mandel 3.1 is set to go live on September 21. This comes in the wake of several tests in recent weeks. To aid the process, the ENF published an Upgrade Guide. All node operators will need to: …upgrade their nodes before September 21 to continue syncing with the network. Mandel 3.1 promises to be the most profound event in EOS’ history since its lauch in 2018. For those unfamiliar with the consensus upgrade process, know that issues can be mitigated or prevented through planning (as outlined in the...

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Mandel 3.1 Upgrade Guide

On Wednesday, September 21, 2022, EOS block producers will begin carving a new path toward self-determination by executing a coordinated consensus upgrade to Mandel 3.1.  Anyone running a node must upgrade their nodes before September 21 to continue syncing with the network.  The coordinated consensus upgrade to the Mandel 3.1 release includes priorities guided by network consensus. With this release, a coalition of EOSIO networks officially replaces the previously inattentive EOSIO developers with the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) core development team. This emancipation enables cross-chain collaboration and pushes the network into the future. The Mandel upgrade represents the network assuming ownership of its own codebase.  As guardians of the network, block producers on EOS assume responsibility for stable network upgrades. However, with consensus upgrades, all nodes in the network need to be updated. For weeks now, many people have been testing Mandel 3.1, and the ENF engineering t...
“Don’t be such a d***head!” Sparks fly as the chief delegates clash over the future of Eden.
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The creative team behind the likes of the Crown, Peaky Blinders and black mirror is working to bring the true story of EOS to the world.
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Through continued weekly discussions, and “a rising tide lifts all boats” approach, The Coalition of EOS, Telos, WAX, and UX is maturing into a tremendous force for inter-chain public good infrastructure. Despite the recent market downturn, The Coalition has found creative ways to deploy capital so as to extend the capacity for collaborative development while further strengthening the position of its respective members. Faster Finality and IBC—Have Your Cake, and Eat It Too! In considering the bid for the Faster Finality RFP, The Coalition had some challenging decisions to make. The initial bid from 0rigin for Faster Finality was $2m, and even with a lower counter-offer in the works, the treasury of just under $2m USDT would be nearly depleted by this single RFP, leaving Coalition member chains with little choice but to sell more of their reserves to top up the treasury. However, given prevailing market conditions, the downward pressure exerted on various member chains would be undesi...
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Despite all the doom and gloom around the crypto market recently there are real signs of a rebound, especially when you look at EOS.
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Eden on EOS 3rd official Chief Delegates held their 2nd meeting. Check out the full meeting notes and links to the recorded meeting video below.
Dune 1.0.0-rc1, Mandel and More With all the discussions centered around Mandel 3.1-rc2 and an EOS EVM, sometimes important advancements get lost in the mix. It’s understandable considering how development teams focus on the release of key applications in advance of Token2049. So when EOS finally delivers on what outside developers have most criticized, it’ll be all that much sweeter. Dune 1.0.0-rc1 makes developing on EOS much easier for experienced professionals who aren’t familiar with the code. ‘Just try EOS and you’ll be hooked’, is a prevailing sentiment that never caught on with mainstream developers. Dune’s:      “...Node management, compiling smart contracts, and running tests…” Radically shifts the development paradigm in EOS’ favor. It comes just as the third version of the mainnet (Mandel) and cross-chain applications to Ethereum (Trust Network EVM) set to go live. Pomelo Applications: “And They're Off!” Pomelo applications are being accepted. Donations open on the 27th. T...
The Everything EOS Weekly Report publishes all of the latest news and updates from around the world in the EOS ecosystem. The Everything EOS Weekly Report sources stories and updates from community members that are part of the English, Chinese, &#38; Korean EOS communities. The Everything EOS Weekly Report is the best place to catch [&#8230;] The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com/blog/everything-eos-weekly-report-july-25th/">Everything EOS Weekly Report — July 25th</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://eosnetwork.com">EOS Network Foundation</a>.

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Special Hu-Fi Workshop by NovaCrypto

Special Hu-Fi Workshop by NovaCrypto Focus on Web 3.0 Era on EOS Hu-Fi / EOS Questions The Enterprise Resource Center A script to run on your local computer with NodeJs and the API End Point Hyperion by EOS Rio 00:51 - Introduction 02:12 - Happy birthday Hu-Fi Movement 03:21 - Which use case for EOS are you most excited about? 05:33 - The infinite potential of EOS 07:31 - Why is EOS better than other Management Systems? 08:28 - How do we create liquidity with EOS? 11:32 - What has affected the price of EOS? 13:29 - How can we make liquidity dance? 14:33 - What is the greatest goal of the Hu-Fi Community? 16:12 - What does MLT stands for? 18:42 - The growth of Hu-Fi in Nigeria 19:38 - How can I recover my EOS Account? first answer 20:55 - The Telegram bot - create your EOS Account 22:55 - How to recover your EOS Account? Second answer 24:53 - How can EOS help to eradicate famine? 27:50 - Will $EOS be the best currency in the future? 31:36 - MindMap 33:53 - Ente...
SPECIAL Eden On EOS - Chief Delegates Interviews On July 9, 2022, the Eden On EOS process elected new Chief Eden Delegates who will ensure continuity of service for the next election in October 2022. Discover innovative insights from Chief Delegates on topics such as:- Their background and skillset- The ultimate goal of Eden On EOS- Their mission for this new mandate until the next election- Considerations on the Onboarding process- What can be improved in this short amount of time Luka Percic - Head Chief Delegate 01:04 - Introduction 02:52 - About Luka Percic 03:56 - About the Solution Port on EOS 05:47 - Private transactions combined with Port 07:19 - Avoid deepfake on Videos with the Port Solution for Eden On EOS 09:17 - What is the ultimate goal of Eden On EOS for Luka Percic? 11:14 - Split the consensus 15:34 - Unified communities 16:58 - 3 months objectives for Luka 21:39 - Telegram Bot to streamline the election process 28:33 - Roadmap for the Telegram Bot 29:38 -...
Polygon is being hyped as a cheaper alternative to Ethereum but if you really want a high performant, affordable experience, head to EOS.
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