Chief Delegates Meeting #10

As the third group of chief delegates held their fifth meeting thoughts turned to what, if any bylaws, they’d like to change.

Credit: Bywire News, Canva
Credit: Bywire News, Canva
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LONDON (Bywire News) - First, as always, it was time for individual updates for the previous week. 

Chris Barnes 

A short update for Chris today. The Hypha tool is still live. There is a link pinned in the Eden members' chat for people to make an account. Website progress is still coming along. 

He has spoken to Edgar about tweaking the Resign function so that it can be used to remove members. They may take time to look at the suggested function for an election to be triggered once membership grows by 10%. If they dig into this it will involve a cost. 

Hahn Ryu 

He has onboarded a couple more BPs for his proxy. Some of them are from other Antelope chains such as WAX and Telos. There is ongoing progress with the Eden proxy content. They are about to review the first draft of the wireframes. 

There is some coordination within the Korean Eden on the EOS group. There are several subgroups within the Korean community. There need to be certain agreements about bylaw coordination. 

Luka Percic 

Luka continues to spend all his time working on his bot4eden which will help Eden members keep track of events on Eden such as elections. 

Dan Singjoy 

This week’s Eden Fractal event had 17 participants including three new people. The event lasted for around five hours. There is a lot of confusion about Eden Fractal. A lot of things haven’t been explained. He has been working on articles explaining the benefits of Eden Fractal.

Proposed Bylaws 

As they near the end of their term much of the debate has centred on proposed changes to bylaws. 

Dan Singjoy has been working on the proposal for pushing back the disbursement date and automating permission changes. He suggested there is some work they are doing which could be relevant for the Eden NFT by distributing NFTs to people who are contributing in different ways. 

Luka explained his main stipulation for bylaws is that everyone in the group needs to agree on them. His logic is ‘let’s see which proposals everyone agrees with and then if someone is against some of it, he would just remove it. For him, it doesn’t make sense to propose something for the next chief delegates if they can’t fully agree with themselves. 

He also won’t support anything which will not be funded in this session. He is against leaving a funding obligation for the next group of chief delegates. Everything they propose, he says, should be paid for and at least partially completed before the end of their term. 

From what he can see the only proposal so far which would meet that criteria are Chris Barnes’ proposal for the resignation function. This has a general agreement and they also have an idea of what it costs. 

Hahn’s ideas for new bylaws 

Hahn Ryu has also come up with a number of suggestions. 

  • The three months term for a chief delegate, he believes, is too short. He suggested reverting back to six months. 
  • He proposes a dynamic bylaw disbursement. Right now it is fixed to 15% although he thinks this should not be rigidly fixed. 
  • He also suggests sparing some time for the proposals made for the Eden community. 

Luka opposed extending the chief delegates’ term as they have only recently changed it. 

On the issue of dynamic disbursements, he was sympathetic to the idea but thinks it’s probably something which will not need to be changed now. 

He also expressed his annoyance that previous chief delegates have made changes which meant work for them. It could be a touchy subject of course as one of those former chief delegates is Chris Barnes. 

Luka also opposes the idea of creating a gap between the chief delegates being elected and disbursements being made. 

(Writing by Tom Cropper, editing by Klaudia Fior)

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