Eden on EOS Chief Delegates Meeting 3

All the highlights from the third meeting of the current list of Eden Chief Delegates.

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LONDON (Bywire News) - Chuck MacDonald was in the chair for the meeting for the third meeting. Included in what he describes as an ‘aggressive agenda’ are changes to the bylaws, the recruitment of a support team for the technical implementation and the development of an accounting standards proposal. 


Chuck MacDonald has been Working on a couple of projects, the most significant of which is a speaking tour locally. He is onboarding everyone. They are invited to bring their devices and get a free EOS account. He is creating a local EOS community. 

Edgar Fernandez has prepared and published Eden's accounting standard proposal which will be debated later in the meeting. He has discussed with previous chief delegates the bylaws, what work was done, and to figure out what the best technical approach will be. He intends to nominate a group for leading this technical endeavour. 

Michael O Sullivan has a series of updates including: 

  • Running Eden and Bywire Discord Townhall and Twitter townhall spaces.
  • He has created a new Eden Odyssey channel which stores meeting on the blockchain. 
  • Working with Chuck to create the new Eden movie style introduction. 
  • Set up the new Eden EOS Bywire channel 
  • Attended Eden Fractal brainstorming 
  • Proposing building an Eden member service so we focus on serving our Eden members. 
  • After each one of our meetings one of the Bywire team will write a press release circulating these around journalists. 
  • Set up an Eden Trello Board. 
  • Been trying to track down social media accounts of previous Eden chief delegate accounts. 

Gracie Lau has been focusing on the official deployment of Eden Chinese and hopes to be finished this week. Even though she still has a couple of questions, about some of the bylaws she says she is comfortable ratifying them this week. 

Brock Pierce, meanwhile, says he has been meeting people and crowdsourcing ideas about the use of his Chief Delegate tokens. He has made his first contributions on Pomelo and says his team is now in discussions about what comes next.  

Creation of the Eden Technical Office 

One of the most pressing points has been the technical means by which the proposed bylaws should be implemented. Edgar Fernandez proposes posting for a technical support role to see which members step forward. He proposes Edenia, the development company he is a partner at, to take on the role, but will wait to see what other proposals come in. He says that he would supply the funds to retain Edenia from his own Chief Delegate funds.

The team voted in favour of creating a technical office. This is passed. The position will be posted immediately after this meeting and a lead will be ratified next week. 

Retaining a Permanent Team 

The recruitment of a technical lead runs into another area of discussion – should they recruit a permanent team that would be hired by the Eden Chief delegates to handle such issues. There are questions about whether the technical team should be hired on a one-off basis to help with the running of Eden. 

The consensus is that Eden could benefit from permanent technical support, but to retain a sense of democracy it could be ratified by the next chief delegates. They settle on a process by which each new group of chief delegates can ratify the team at the end of their first month. This will give them time to assess the work being done and decide if this is something they value. 

Bylaw Ratification 

The next item on the agenda is pretty straightforward. Although all delegates remain committed to ratifying the bylaws, they agree to wait until they have more details on the technical requirements of implementing them and how much this would cost. They set themselves a target of May 9th of having everything in place. 

Eden Delegates Accounting Standards Proposal 

Edgar Fernandez’s proposed accounting standards aim to bring transparency into the way funds are spent by chief delegates. 

It will follow a three-stage format: 

  • Identify transfers that count as chief delegate expenses. 
  • Categorise the expense into predefined categories 
  • Describe with additional information the nature of the expense. 

Initial MVP to be delivered before the next election.

He proposes his allocation will fund the development of a web application which will be implemented by EOS Costa Rica. If they need more budget, he will ask for more funding. There are no bylaw changes needed for this to happen. 

Brock Pierce suggests not making this compulsory but getting people’s consent to use this. If we mandate anything it should be once it has proven its effectiveness. 

Account Permissions and Other Eden Assets

An ongoing problem has been getting hold of active permissions for the current leaders. These, as Michael O Sullivan has found, are owned by several different people and organisations including EOS Support, Fractally, and some of the former chief delegates. He proposes voting to find a way of having an automatic way of handing these assets over to the Chief delegates. 

For example, as things stand only Jesse Jaffe of EOS Bees can post on the Eden Twitter accounts, while the subreddit page is currently controlled by EOS Support. The Eden website is controlled by someone within the Fractally team. He has been in amicable discussions with people within this team about having those permissions handed over. 

What Other Spheres will Eden Need 

Finally, they looked at other spheres Eden would need help with. For Chuck MacDonald, one of the biggest issues is community engagement – finding a way for Eden to make the most use of its membership. There is a lot of talent out there, but those who did not make it through the election process have nothing for them. He proposes, as a start, issuing community rewards such as for participating in the election. For example, anyone who votes could receive an NFT worth 1 E0S, or a non-transferable token that acts like a badge.

Michael O Sullivan meanwhile proposes the following areas to look at:  

  • Communications 
  • Business development 
  • Analytics 
  • NFTs

They could create a permanent Eden member service which will eventually lead to paid positions. Where possible, he suggests, this should only be Eden members. They already have a Treasurer role as well as plans to establish a CTO role. He also suggests someone take control of project management to take the pressure off the shoulders of Eden Delegates. 

This team will be committed up to the end of the first month of the next Chief Delegates’ terms which means they will not be passing on any unfunded obligations.  

They propose to focus on developing a community engagement lead for next week with Michael O Sullivan taking the lead. 

(Writing by Tom Cropper, Editing by Cléo Celeste)

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