Eden on EOS Partners with Hypha to Catalyse DAO Development, Ushering in a New Era of Decentralised Growth

Eden on EOS and Hypha join forces to enhance DAO management and governance, paving the way for decentralised growth and a thriving EOS ecosystem.

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LONDON (Bywire News) - In the most recent Eden on EOS community assembly - a fledgling, decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) built on the EOS blockchain - a range of topics were addressed with a shared commitment to nourishing the EOS ecosystem. Highlights from the assembly included a planned technical session with Hypha, the unveiling of an innovative compensation scheme for working groups, discussions of strategic initiatives, and the proposition for establishing an incubator for promising ventures.

Hypha, a suite of tools designed to structure and manage DAOs on the EOS Network, emerged as a central point of technical discussion scheduled for the 9th of June. This dialogue, open to developers and other interested parties, will explore Hypha's functionalities and potential synergies with the Eden on EOS platform. Thanks to an $850,000 USD grant from the EOS Network Foundation (ENF), Hypha is positioned to build on its robust product development and a series of advanced features, offering an organisation-in-a-box approach to DAOs. The presence of a product manager from Hypha will ensure an in-depth discussion on the open-source software's potential in facilitating DAO formation and management, governance methods, member compensation, token issuance, and more.

Delegates at the Eden meeting agreed to fund the working groups with 300 EOS each, in a unique pact to spur collaborative growth. Each group, focused on a specific aspect of EOS ecosystem development, will use these resources to fuel their activities until the end of the term. This funding model, echoing similar strategies used by other blockchain ecosystems, will empower groups with the means to conduct research, bring in necessary expertise, and produce clear, actionable recommendations.

Unveiling a strategy geared towards enhancing the value of the EOS community, the delegates aim to channel human and financial capital towards potential value generators, with a view to stimulate positive growth within the EOS ecosystem. This strategy will use the community's treasury and circles to support and incubate projects promising to bring value to the EOS ecosystem.

Furthering this strategy was the proposition of a sandbox or incubator for projects within one of Eden's circles. This innovative idea allows delegates to identify and nurture promising projects throughout their term. Once spotted, these projects could be financed through the treasury and integrated into the EOS ecosystem, driving transactions and utilisation of the blockchain.

Aiming for transparency and community involvement, the delegates have set a plan to release a proposal and bylaws by the 18th of June, granting the community sufficient time to review, contribute to, and comment on the ideas. This collaborative process embodies the shared decision-making power and ownership ideals central to Eden on EOS's philosophy.

Another measure to bolster transparency and community engagement is the upcoming mid-June release of a video featuring the chief delegates. This video will offer a comprehensive look at their strategy, track record, and the current direction of Eden on EOS.

As Eden on EOS evolves and innovates, it remains true to its core principles of decentralisation and collective decision-making, marking an exciting stage in the blockchain communities' evolution. The integration with Hypha is a significant stride, which will improve the democratic process within the EOS community and provide the organisational infrastructure needed to fully realise its governance capabilities. This development paves the way for the growth of a large-scale, international, interconnected DAO ecosystem.

(Writing and editing by Michael O’Sullivan)

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