Eden on EOS Prepares for Elections Amid Bold Investment Plans, Registration Deadline Fast Approaching

Eden on EOS gears up for its upcoming elections with a last call for registration, against the backdrop of its significant commitment to invest 400,000 EOS annually in innovative projects through a new incubator program.

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LONDON (Bywire EOS News) - Eden on EOS, a groundbreaking collective governance initiative within the EOS ecosystem, is preparing for its upcoming elections on Saturday, 8th July at 12 PM UTC. The elections come in the wake of a significant announcement from Eden on EOS regarding their commitment to invest 400,000 EOS annually to nurture innovative projects through an incubator program.

The deadline to register for the elections is fast approaching - members must ensure they are registered no later than 12 PM UTC on Friday, 7th July, which is exactly 24 hours before the election commences. This leaves only a day for those who wish to participate in the elections and potentially benefit from the generous investment plan proposed by Eden's chief delegates.

The process to join Eden on EOS is straightforward. Firstly, interested individuals need to join the Eden on EOS Community by selecting a social platform of their choice through the contact page. Next, an invitation into Eden on EOS should be requested by introducing oneself to the community. Once membership is granted, participation in an election is the final step.

Election day for Eden on EOS is a unique event. Members meet via video calls to achieve consensus and elect trusted representatives as delegates. These delegates advance into roles of responsibility with decision-making power. The results of the elections, along with the promises made by the elected delegates, are recorded and shared via an immutable blockchain-based system, ensuring a truly democratic election process.

The elections have gained increased significance following Eden on EOS's announcement of its plan to transform into a Worker Proposal System (WPS) or a Sandbox-like venture capital fund. The proposed incubator program is aimed at funding high-risk, high-reward projects, which have the potential for significant growth and impact within the EOS ecosystem.

In light of the proposed funding plan, chief delegates have requested deputies to contribute 300 EOS each. This financial influx will support the planned circle funding that Eden on EOS has envisioned, setting a promising stage for high potential EOS projects.

Transparent engagement with new EOS projects is identified as a key objective by Eden on EOS, intending to bridge knowledge gaps across different language communities. By doing so, Eden on EOS aims to cement its role as an influential agent within the EOS ecosystem, setting a path for the growth and development of the community.

As the deadline for registration looms, this is a crucial moment for potential members to seize the opportunity, join the Eden on EOS community, and be part of the vision to nurture and support innovation within the EOS ecosystem.

(By Michael O'Sullivan)

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