Eden’s Chief Delegates Unanimously Approve New Bylaws

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LONDON (Bywire News) - The new set of Chief Delegates for EdenOnEOS have voted unanimously to ratify a new set of bylaws with immediate effect. The decision means that elections on Eden will occur every three months rather than the previous terms of six. 

The Bylaws were proposed by the previous set of Chief Delegates at the end of their previous term and cover issues such as the community’s mission statement, election processes, and term limits. Each of the five new chief delegates had run on a platform promising to ratify these recommended bylaws.

Which runs as follows: 

  • Mission statement: To create value for the EOS ecosystem. 
  • Election process: Delegates elected by members randomly organised into roughly equal-sized groups of 12 or fewer. Each group must select a representative from their group with more than two-thirds of the votes cast and the elected representative must vote for themselves. The process repeats until a final group is left from which a head chief delegate is randomly selected. 
  • Election Schedules: Elections may occur every three months or be triggered by a petition of more than two-thirds of the chief delegates. 
  • Adopting Bylaws: The Eden on EOS community may adopt bylaws that contain all rules processes and regulations which are binding for members. Bylaws can only be ratified if they were proposed at least 14 days before the last election. 
  • Election process: The winning delegates will have their account keys replaced those of the previous delegates. The head chief delegates funding allocation will be  equal to what the other chief delegates will receive. A threshold of 2/3 is required for account transactions. 
  • New members: All new members must be invited by three members on video. They must read and agree to the bylaws before continuing. Membership is voluntary and anyone can leave at any time by executing the resignation contract. 

With the new bylaws finally approved, the community can now look forward to the third election of Chief Delegates on Saturday, July 9th.

Implementation of the new bylaws will be carried out by a technical lead who will be formally announced shortly. The technical lead will be one of a number of positions to support the Chief Delegates including a Secretary, social media lead and treasurer.  

The new term limits of three months will also increase the opportunities to showcase Eden’s revolutionary process of Fractal democracy. The process sees candidates being divided into small groups who elect a representative from within that group. Representatives are then randomly divided into small groups and a second-level representative is elected. The process repeats until the chief group of delegates or a president is elected.

It's a system that has already proved to be highly successful in two elections and could also be used for other applications. 

Speaking about the development Michael O’Sullivan, communications lead for the Chief Delegates said: “The decision to formally ratify the new set of bylaws fulfills key promises made by each of us during our elections and pays tribute to the contribution of the preceding set of Chief Delegates. It helps take Eden forward into a new phase and establishes the credentials of EOS as being the world’s more transparent, open, and democratic blockchain.”  

Further information 

The weekly meetings of the Chief Delegates can be viewed on their Odysee Channel. For further information about Eden contact Michael O'Sullivan, michael@bywire.news, M. 0786 9666 955

About Eden on EOS 

Eden is a community working to maximize the power and independence of its members and thereby securing life, liberty, property, and justice for all. It is governed by a revolutionary process of Fractal Democracy that enhances the independence and power of those who join. This process is used to elect a group of Chief Delegates who are allocated funding to support projects within the community and develop the growth and evolution of Eden. 

(writing by Tom Cropper; editing by Cléo Celeste)


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