Elon Musk, Andrew Tate and Tucker Carlson Rally Behind Russell Brand Amidst Sexual Assault Charges

As an investigative report brings rape and abuse accusations against Russell Brand into the spotlight, figures such as Elon Musk, Andrew Tate, and Tucker Carlson publicly back him, sparking widespread debate.

Russell Brand at the Australian premiere of 'Arthur', April 2011
Russell Brand at the Australian premiere of 'Arthur', April 2011
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LONDON (Bywire News) - In the midst of a scandalous exposé accusing Russell Brand of abuse and rape carried out over seven years, he has found support from high-profile figures - Elon Musk, Andrew Tate, and Tucker Carlson, reports the NY Post.

"The competition seems to bother them", Musk posted in reply to Brand's video where he claims to be the target of a planned media assault due to his right-wing standpoint criticising media, elaborated on his podcast "Stay Free".

Andrew Tate, a renowned social media whizz facing a trial himself in Romania for rape and human trafficking accusations, also rallied behind Brand.

"Welcome to the family," commented Tate, attaching a cartoon knight marching forth with the words "On my way to fight the loony allegations."

In another post, he cryptically penned, "Matrix attack."

Tucker Carlson, known for his political commentary, also chimed in. He posted, "Scrutinise the pharmaceutical firms, ponder the war in Ukraine, and surely, you can expect this."

This trio has shown their support to Brand, owing to the shocking investigation featured by Times of London and Channel 4 Dispatches into the charges that Brand, famed British comic, abused and raped women at the apex of his career.

Brand posted a video aiming to counter the fiery report, denying the "shocking" and "extreme" allegations of his abuse over seven years, which supposedly includes a 16-year-old referred to as "the child".

Few celebrities are standing with Brand after this explosive revelation.

The fact that Musk is supporting Brand raises eyebrows, bearing in mind the Tesla and SpaceX mastermind himself was in hot water recently for allegedly sexually harassing a flight attendant, resulting in a quiet payoff settlement of $250,000 to the accuser.

In June, an indictment was filed against Tate for allegedly manipulating a minimum of seven victims into adult films under the guise of a romantic entanglement.

The accusers of Brand assert that the abuse took place during his superstar phase between 2006 and 2013.

One alleged rape incident is said to have happened at Brand's Los Angeles residence, shortly after the official end of his marriage to songstress Katy Perry.

His reported teen victim claims Brand would send a car to pick her up from her school and drop her at his home while they were together for three months.

Despite his high-profile reputation and self-admitted "promiscuous" history, the "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" actor persists in maintaining that all of his relationships were agreed upon by both parties.

(By Michael O'Sullivan)

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