Eden on EOS 2nd official Chief Delegates held their 6th meeting. Check out the full meeting notes and links to the recorded meeting video below.

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19 May 2022 - VIDEO LINK


Present: Gracie Lau, Edgar Fernandez, Michael O'Sullivan, Brock Pierce

Not Present:  Chuck MacDonald - his vote was proxied to Michael for this meeting.

Meeting Chair: Edgar









with Notes

Review individual updates as per CD election commitments: (2 mins each)

Michael: Completed weekly treasury report. 1 member increase. 5 members have opted out of the next election. $263k in Eden Treasury. $30k unclaimed EOS from all of Eden Delegates. Progressed Eden Discord and Twitter Spaces. Looking to integrate Eden into Davos discussions, ie EOS relaunch, or DAO leadership. Reviewing responses from the last meeting.

Gracie: Eden CD started Twitter and Discord. Will do more updates in English. Project EDAO is ready to take on tasks for the EOS community. IF anyone needs single code changes, dapp testing, translations, EDAO can help. Chinese Eden will track EDAO’s work, to ensure work is being completed. EdenCN doesn’t have a large treasury. Spoke with a local merchant to support their being able to sell goods in web3.

Brock: In Panama. Thinking about modernizing infrastructure around trade. Concerned about global food production, and how upgrades to trade systems reduce the tremendous amount of waste. Need these government leaders to make moves to reduce the global loss of 35% of food annually. Call to EOS community to engage in this conversation. 

Edgar: The Eden Treasury Management portal has been published and looking for community feedback. Had UI/UX dev publish this on the EOScommunity.org forum post from before. Thinking about what Eden’s Role in EOS is, and reaching a consensus on that. 

Vote to Ratify Yves La Rose as ENF President:
(5 mins)

Vote for Yves: Michael: Important to make their mark, and for Yves to be voted in a democratic manner. Thinks Yves is doing a fantastic job. Thinks there should be a process in place to stop a tyrannical leader. Brock: How often should these votes occur considering term lengths? Michael: Should be a vote once per CD term. This would make for a lot of renewal for the role. Would consider every other CD term. Brock: The concept of biting the hand that feeds you applies here considering the ENF funds Eden. Should CD terms be 3 months or 6 months, worth considering this. Edgar: The BPs fund and appoint the ENF. Eden is funded by the ENF. Also considering Eden rating BPs. It would be circular in some sense. This is aspirational, but important to keep in mind. Agrees they should have a symbolic vote. What happens if the CDs don’t, or the next CDs vote no to Yves? Michael: One way to solve this would be the president requires two successive negative votes from new CDs to request a resignation. Edgar: A negative vote could also impact future funding chances. Brock: Might be a vote that you do at the end of a CD three month term, not at the beginning. Should have a separate group call, perhaps 3 times over their term, with the President of the ENF. Introducing the CDs, and hearing from the President. A mid-term meeting update call would take place updating the ENF on CD progress, and a final end of term closing call. Would be a good best practice to put in place. Micheal: Agrees with Brock’s point. Brock: Agrees with earlier statements about Yves, working very hard, and tremendous productivity coming out from the ENF. Michael: Agrees to push this agenda item to the end of the term. Edgar: Agrees to move the vote and to meet with the ENF.


What Areas Should CDs Vote to Ratify: (10 mins)

What Else to Ratify: Michael: Important to have democratic oversight within the community. Aren’t sure of any other individuals or groups to vote over. On a whole would like to take a position on BPs. Not in a position to demand a BP to not be on the list. Brock: If nothing else what is Eden responsible for…to bring greater governance to the EOS ecosystem. To shine and light, and create awareness. Believes BPs should be the infrastructure providers. Should the infra providers be picking the ENF. Does EOS have a constitution on roles and responsibilities. Eden is a democratically election portion of the ecosystem. Michael: Has heard feedback that Eden isn’t ready for these larger roles, but need to start somewhere. Feels that CDs are here to work on crypto governance. Core mission as CDs should be focused on defining what Eden is and what the governance on EOS should be. Edgar: The BPs are a big part of potential ratification. BPs as infra providers should be considered and do they just need to produce blocks or do other things. What do CDs believe the BP role should be? Tried to implement a rating system, previous CDs started a proxy. These were good first steps. Believes this body should be vigilant on the infra providers for the ecosystem. Brock: Agrees with all of this. BPs should all have infra, but what they do beyond that is what earns them votes. Michael: Chuck mentioned Eden starting up it’s own APIs as a solution to this. Edgar: BP transparency also matters and looking at if BP rewards are paying for votes or for investing in infra. They should also all be adhering to the BP json standards. Eden running its own API might be difficult considering how stretched thin Eden already is. ENF shouldn’t be the only source of funding for Eden. Michael: We are proposing to run some code already, so perhaps could add a basic API. Edgar: The idea would be to allocate to a 3rd party…so that would be something that any Eden member can campaign on, but doesn’t think there should be an Eden core role, or circle for this. Michael: Need to see what Chuck was thinking. What Edgar was suggesting earlier on BPs would be a minimum standard. Eden delegates could define that. Edgar: Showed EOSIO Dashboard. There are 24 BPs who’s json data isn’t able to be pulled from. This is something like 15% of BP rewards going to BPs that aren’t compliant. Brock: Biggest issue with the community he sees, who is out at conferences speaking to the value propositions of EOS. Could map out what all the events are, and need to show up and represent ourselves to the external market. EOS is a forgotten chain. EOS as a rebellion chain isn’t a good look. Need to get the ideas out about being battle tested, SEC, the EVM. Need to get out and meet people out where they are. To have an opportunity to get on stage and make the case for EOS. Edgar: We need to take ownership of the narrative. Need to have all participants getting out there, showing diversity, and strength in numbers. Need to ensure those on stage have answers to the hard questions. CD should be willing to speak out against what the status quo is and risk getting backlash. Michael: First part of fixing a problem is recognizing you have one. Gracie: Agrees with what everyone is saying. Has read some discussion that Eden is trying to take over, but the goal is to have some influence in governance. Need power to have the BPs to do what they need to do, to make the mainnet to work as promised. Doesn’t see Eden removing BPs, wants to work together. 


Eden on EOS Mission, Why Eden, What is Eden's Future Three Months out: (30 mins)

Why Eden: Edgar: Great discussion on this topic already, at the end of the previous agenda item. This is a continuous conversation, a dialogue. Brock: Will be chairing the next meeting. Could set up that meeting from Magna Carta Island. Open to all CDs, easiest for Michael. Edgar: Next meeting will be next Thurs, Brock chairing. Brock: They are at the half-way mark of their term. Edgar: Would like to go through previous notes to consider what bylaws should be considered for the next CDs.






Brock will be chairing the next meeting.

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