EOS Fireside Chat

A packed fireside chat includes updates on the second round of Pomelo, upcoming Twitter spaces, and the Recover + account.

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LONDON (Bywire News) - As the analysis report into Pomelo continues, reports are still coming in about grants which have not been following the rules. Meanwhile, the Recover + website is up and running and there is news of a new Twitter spaces event for fireside chats and other EOS-related events. Here’s a rundown of these and other highlights from the fireside chat. 


Pomelo Analysis Report is still being prepared. They aim to publish next week and there will be a one-week appeal process. You can still get your trust bonus activated and have that applied before they apply the matching funds. Matching amounts are applied once the report and the appeal period have passed. 

Yves on Not Gaming Pomelo 

Yves La Rose of the EOS Network Foundation shared a cautionary tale regarding one of the organisations which had been in line for one of the direct contributions grants on the back of Pomelo. It had been brought to his attention, he said, that it was one of those grants which were likely to be penalised for using multiple accounts and websites to inflate its matching funds. 

This is, he suggests, a lesson to others. Not only is this organisation about to lose the funds raised through Pomelo but it is missing out on another opportunity through the ENF, none of which would have happened had they been honest in their grantmaking. 

The increase in gaming attempts is something that had been anticipated and could even be seen as a positive development. If people are attempting to bend the rules to get onto a program, it suggests they see it as having value. 

The data from these attacks is also providing useful insights to the Pomelo team which will help it to guard against similar attempts in the future. 

KYC Process 

La Rose also had a few thoughts to share on the KYC process for those looking to access matching funds. He describes this as building trust in the community, ticking certain regulatory boxes, and opening doors to future funding and non-funding opportunities. 

Twitter Spaces 

From next week, they plan to move to Twitter spaces in the hope of attracting a larger audience. You can only participate from mobile devices, but you will be able to listen in on your Desktop. With desktop, though, there will be an automated transcription in real-time with text displayed in your native language, which makes this a good option if you only plan to listen in to the Fireside chats. 

Yield + 

The blue paper has been completed and reviewed by Yves La Rose. It is 59 pages long and, although it has not yet been published, they have given the go-ahead to start building the platforms and the smart contracts. They are looking to accelerate progress on this to align it with the EVM work. 

Recover + Website 

One piece of news which has flown under the radar is the launch of the Recover + website. 

Recover+ will be deploying their own test net where they carry out fire drills so organisations will go through a recovery process as if an attack had happened. In much the same way as you carry out fire drills at work, so you’re better prepared for an emergency, you’ll be able to do the same thing with Recover +. 


A blog on the Fantom website has announced that their successful liquidity program is being sunsetted and moving to Gitcoin Grants which is very similar to Pomelo to have a different mechanism for choosing those projects which will be given the incentives. While EOS started with Pomelo before adding liquidity programs, they are moving in the opposite direction. 

EOS Coalition Top 20

The EOS Coalition is going through the Top 20 items and sending our requests for proposals for each. These will be sent out on a priority basis to the teams which are the authors of those proposals with the first right of refusal. If they do not take this up, it will go through to an open proposal. 

Eden Expansion Group 

Chris Barnes had an update about the Eden Expansion Group which is being developed out of a high school course into financial literally. The Expansion Group has been working with a teacher on powerpoint presentations for a class on what is money and moved to what is Bitcoin and how it can be used for money. There is a lesson on EOSIO and a lesson on EOS and he’s going to do a lesson on Fractal governance to close out the semester. 

The working group has weekly calls, and they also have a children’s book about the fractal governance process written by his wife. They also had a Pomelo pitch from season one and season two. The funds have not been touched. They will put up a website and get an illustrator for their children’s book and use this as a starting point to share some ideas about fractal governance and build on the work done for the class.

What’s going on with Eden?

Barnes also gave an update on the latest developments with the new Eden Chief Delegates. Much of the work so far has been around the new bylaws which were proposed by the previous set of chief delegates. These include substantial changes to the rules governing Eden including changes to the funding levels to ensure all chief delegates receive the same amount. 

Any set of chief delegates can propose changes to the rules which govern the Eden community, but these can only be ratified by the next set of chief delegates. 

The rules prevent any group from pushing through changes that would benefit them – such as extending their terms or rigging elections. It’s one of the key elements which has made Eden’s fractal democracy model so successful. 

The current leaders have spent their first four meetings deciding whether to ratify these new bylaws. Each of them had promised to do so, but the process has been complicated by the technical challenges involved. Changes to the bylaws will involve changes to code. 

To help them with this they have proposed an office providing technical support for Eden. They will handle all the technical challenges involved in these developments. 


Another exciting development in the EOS ecosystem is EOSIO + which is the first time we have seen serious interchain collaboration happening between the different EOSIO chains. EOSIO + has seen $2million transferred for coalition members. It will go towards whatever the coalition sees as the priority. Out of the blue papers, there are a lot of ad-hoc items being brought up by the coalition. The first funds will be spent for the second payment for the company which is going to the rebranding of EOSIO. 

(Writing by Tom Cropper; editing by Cléo Celeste


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