EOS Independence Day

EOS formerly declares independence with the successful hard fork and Antelope rebrand.

Credit: Bywire News, Canva
Credit: Bywire News, Canva
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LONDON (Bywire News) - For months, all the talk in EOS circles has been about throwing off the past and creating a new narrative. Today the network confirmed its biggest step yet with the successful hard fork of the EOSIO code into the new Antelope rebrand. It’s Independence Day for EOS with an exciting future ahead.  

The story so far

For those unaware, EOS has been building steadily ever since what was, at the time, a record-breaking ICO of $4.4bn. However, having been released with more hype than any blockchain before it, EOS was in danger of vanishing altogether. A lack of development from B1 saw EOS sink out of the top tokens towards oblivion. 

Last year, though, things began to change. Frustrated at what they perceived as a lack of action from B1, the community rose up and pushed it to the side. Since then, led by the ENF, the community has been in control marching towards a vision of true independence. Today is the day that vision becomes reality. 

EOS Building A New Future

This new independent era for EOS will aim to ‘empower the people of tomorrow by using a collaborative approach and technical expertise’. It’s an ambitious aim resting on three pillars of the EOS network: 

  • Cultivating Decentralized Communities 
  • Technology Built By Open-Source Collaboration
  • Funding The Bright Future Of The EOS Network

These are the building blocks that provide the developers of the network with the adequate tools needed to achieve their overarching objectives.

Antelope = Community Led Protocol

Central to this new era will be the Antelope rebranded fork of the EOSIO 2.0 protocol. This community-run protocol will be the leap for freedom the EOS community has been looking toward for months. The rebrand has been in development for some time and is led by a team chosen by the ENF and including top talent from across the EOS ecosystem such as: EOS, Telos, Wax and UX Network. 

These chains will all share the underlying codebase for Antelope as well as a treasury that is set to ensure the network is improving continuously. That’s something which was conspicuously absent in the bad old days of B1.

It is, then, in the words of ENF CEO and Executive Director Yves La Rose a historic moment for the entire community. Commenting on the change he said: "The release of Antelope is the culmination of an historic effort undertaken by some of the most talented developers in blockchain." 

Leap 3.1

Leap, previously known as Mandel, is the branding for the consensus upgrade which is set to rubber-stamp the network's independence. The EOS block producers will start carving their path toward self-determination by executing this consensus upgrade which means anyone running a node must have upgraded before in order to sync with the network.

The leap upgrade is the network's representation of ownership of its own codebase which is a key milestone in the Antelope and new EOS coming to market.

Evidence Of Evolution

Evidence is the biggest testament to progress and already the ENF has placed building blocks to highlight the new direction of the protocol.

EOS and the ENF will be participating in the highly anticipated TOKEN2049 in Singapore where they will be a title partner allowing them to express and show a substantial audience of blockchain enthusiasts Antelope.

Additionally, EOS will be participating in a number of conferences and events which will be powered by their partners at Zaisan who will help provide marketing support for EOS in its upcoming events in Europe. 

The future, then, is brighter than it has been for some time. Independence Day is the moment EOS has been waiting for ever since it kicked B1 to the curb. We’ll look forward to seeing what opportunities this new independent era will bring. 

(Writing by Samba Jallow, editing by Klaudia Fior and Tom Cropper)

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