EOSIO Launches Business Support

The launch of a comprehensive business support package bolster’s EOSIO’s claims to lead the way in the blockchain for the business market.

Photo by Launchpresso on Unsplash
Photo by Launchpresso on Unsplash

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LONDON (Bywire News) - EOSIO took another step forward in its bid to become the blockchain of choice for the business world with EOSIO Support. Their premier technical support gives you specialised EOSIO experts on tap when you need them. 

The move aims to combat one of the biggest impediments to blockchain adoption: fear and a feeling that firms don’t possess sufficient technical expertise to make it work. 

Your in-house team can draw on the engineering experts who built EOSIO. They can work with you to reduce risks associated with developing and operating the blockchain. 

EOSIO’s premier technical support engineers can manage technical issues to reduce the impact on operations. It provides access to the very best experts and frees your in house team to concentrate on other matters. 

They can also help to review the architecture of operations ensuring businesses have the optimum system in place. Where appropriate, they can provide advice on fine-tuning and custom configuration. When your blockchain is ready to deploy, the support team can be on hand to resolve any problems which occur.

The feature comes with tiered plans to meet any needs or budget. Each one offers access to help support from 9 am to 6 pm eastern standard time. This includes email and Zendesk support. 

Additional support tiers focus around a Slack channel which gives you direct access to engineers during business hours. It also offers an architecture review, customisation guidance and backs up support for outages. 

Moving on up the tiers, you can expect faster resolution times, and up to two week’s worth of launch support from your own dedicated remote or on-site engineer. The higher tiers also provide access to 24/7 helpdesk support. 

(Written by Tom Cropper, Edited by Klaudia Fior)


Bywire will email you from time to time with news digests, stories & opportunities to get involved. Privacy .