EXCLUSIVE: Former COO of Block.one, Ted Cahall joins EOS Network Foundation

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LONDON (Bywire News) - In the latest EOS news it has been described as a ‘massive coup’ for both the EOS community and EOS Network Foundation (ENF) as today, Bywire can reveal that former Block.one (B1) Chief Operating Officer, Ted Cahall, has been appointed in an identical role, at the ENF.

Ted Cahall served at B1 from July 2019 until March 2021, with his departure coming just weeks after the EOS creator, Dan Larimer, also resigned his position at B1.

Sources close to the foundation tell us that the appointment of Ted Cahall was a clear signal of their intent to redefine the EOS ecosystem, systematically, describing him as “the adult in the room”.

You can see why, Cahall’s résumé is exceptionally impressive. Apart from understanding EOS/EOSIO/Mandel inside out from his time at B1, he was a former Vice President at Microsoft, Divisional President at Time Warner, CTO at CNET Networks and Vice President of Bank of America.

Cahall claims on his personal website to specialise in ‘Digital Transformation’ – which is good, because right now, EOS needs a deep digital transformation, and it would seem logical that Cahall would make the perfect choice in leading the operations at the ENF.

Bywire understands that Cahall will also be charged with working across all the various working groups, helping them to ensure maximum operational data flows and organisational structure.

(Writing by Michael O’Sullivan)


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