EXPOSED: 'Big Pharma CEO' caught in furious rant at idea of selling vaccines to poorer countries - "Where's the money in that?"

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LONDON (Bywire News) - A 'Big Pharma CEO' has been caught on camera saying that he doesn’t want to sell vaccines to poorer countries because there’s no profit in it.

Despite the big pharmaceutical companies being predicted to make a staggering $30bn in revenue this year - and handing out a monstrous $26bn in dividends to shareholders - they are strangleholding poorer countries who cannot afford their prices, and they refuse to give up their patents to allow developing nations to produce their own generic vaccines.

In addition, the $26bn paid out from multinational pharma companies to their shareholders alone would be enough to vaccinate 1.3bn people - or the entire population of Africa.

That is why the People’s Vaccine is urging governments and pharmaceutical companies to sell vaccines at affordable prices. But, as the 'Big Pharma CEO' puts it: “That’s an absolutely terrible idea”.

In a Twitter rant after his shocking comments were exposed, the CEO also exposed the astonishing greed of big pharma companies getting richer off of taxpayer-funded vaccines, saying:

“What am I supposed to do? Just give them away for free so people live? Where are the margins in that?”



Yes, you might have already guessed it - this video is a parody. But it’s precisely how big pharma is acting right now. 

The video, starring actor Jolyon Rubinstein - creator of the BBC Comedy series The Revolution Will Be Televised - was produced to raise awareness of the People’s Vaccine campaign, and to urge more people to sign their petition demanding that vaccines are made available to everyone.

Only 2% of vaccines have so far gone to the poorest countries - and at this rate, it will take 57 years for everyone in these countries to be fully vaccinated. Thousands are still dying every day - all because of pharmaceutical greed.

No one should profit from a pandemic - and more than 2.7m have already signed up to show that they agree. You can sign the petition here.

(Writing by Jess Miller, editing by Tom D. Rogers.)

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