GB News Commentator Quits “Nightmare” Channel Over “Demonising” Anti-Trans Coverage

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LONDON (Bywire News) - A commentator for GB News has quit after accusing the TV channel of “demonising” trans people and giving a platform to anti-trans organisations and people.

India Willoughby joined the news channel as a regular commentator on Tonight Live with Dan Wootten on Sunday nights.

However, India has now left just two weeks after the news channel was launched.

In an interview with PinkNews, she explained that she had doubts over the show after the first week, saying that they were “demonising” trans people: “I was really disappointed in the first week when I saw they were demonising trans people at every opportunity.”

During the last episode of Dan Wootten’s show, she became furious during a debate about a girls’ school replacing its “head girl” role with a “head of school”.

The school has said that their students decided on the change, which was partly about ensuring non-binary pupils were included, but mainly because they see themselves as young women and not girls.

She told PinkNews that the station saw the story as a joke and an excuse to mock non-binary people:

“As far as GB News was concerned, it was about ‘nutty’ non-binary people. ‘Aren’t they crazy?’ That sort of thing. It was a joke.”

Incensed, India denounced GB News as “crap” live on air, saying:

“This story is typical of the crap that this station has been pumping out for the last week or so.”

The episode is currently not available on GB News’ website, despite all other episodes being available.

Since leaving GB News, India has been forced to lock her Twitter account after receiving abuse from their viewers, saying that, after appearing on the channel, she felt “unsafe” for the first time in Britain: “There is 100 percent hostility in the press, except for the LGBT+ media… This is the first time ever, I felt unsafe in Britain.”

GB News launched just over two weeks ago and has already come under fire for hosting anti-trans charity LGB Alliance and campaigner Maya Forstater during Pride Month, as well as being accused of spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories. Some people called for a boycott of the companies who advertise on the channel.

(Written by Jess Miller, edited by Klaudia Fior)

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