Pomelo's Sixth Season Surge! An Encouraging Push for Quadratic Funding and Creator Support

EOS News: In the latest EOS Fireside chat, Pomelo's product owner, Andrew, and host Stephane discuss the current Pomelo season, revealing significant grant statistics and advocating for increased community contribution.

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LONDON (Bywire News) - In a recent episode of the EOS Fireside chat, a lively discussion unfolded around the open-source crowdfunding platform, Pomelo. Ripe with insights from product owner Andrew, Pomelo's current sixth season and its promising grant statistics were at the forefront of the latest EOS news conversation.

For the uninitiated, Pomelo represents a refreshing approach to the world of crowdfunding, revolutionising it with the concept of quadratic funding. Andrew's candid excitement was palpable: the product owner greeted the introduction of multi-tool features and IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) with a heady mix of anticipation and delight.

Andrew called on the Pomelo community to flex their generosity, highlighting the opportunity to donate Telos – a cryptocurrency known for promoting real-world usage and mass adoption – to a vast array of initiatives. This was an invitation not only to fortify the development efforts within the blockchain ecosystem, but also to aid in the greater democratisation of funding worldwide.

Statistical transparency has always been integral to Pomelo's operation, and Andrew did not disappoint in this regard. As of now, he revealed, 95 grants have seen successful approval, accumulating a total matching pool teetering around the $182,000 mark. Titled towards substantial participation this season, approximately 5,000 EOS (a cryptocurrency designed to facilitate large-scale applications) and 100 Telos have been effectively raised.

Andrew also underscored the dynamic nature of grants on Pomelo. For grant owners, the possibility of returning to amend, adjust, and add more depth and context to their submitted proposals is an available option – an empowering feature that allows for the continuous evolution and improvement of their individual pitches.

These conversations would remain incomplete without the host, Stephane's remarks regarding the Pomelo telegram channel. Tasking himself with extra moderation duties recently, he advocated for enriched participation. Stephane urged individuals to eschew solitary link or grant posts, instead favouring more involved discussions and substantial content. He echoed Andrew's call for increased community input with a request for constructive feedback on the running of the Telegram channels.

The conversation rounded out with Stephane drawing attention to the ongoing Pomelo Pitch sessions. Currently in full swing, these sessions offer the digital floor to creators from the English, Chinese, and Korean communities. He shared a sign-up form and expressed eagerness for increasing numbers of grant holders to come forward and utilise these pitch sessions as an avenue to connect with the wider community, engagingly articulate their visions, and highlight their respective grants' potential contributions to the ecosystem.

Through their discussion, Stephane and Andrew incited a spirit of proactive participation, assuring listeners that irrespective of the season's current progress, there still remain plentiful opportunities for creators to submit their innovative project proposals. The resonating message was clear: Pomelo promises a revolution in grant funding, promoting transparency and equal chances for all creators, tethering the community together in a cohesive, nurturing ecosystem.

(By Michael O'Sullivan)

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