Seven reasons why you should support independent news UK

Mainstream media has let us all down badly, which is why you should get behind the independent news media creators.

Credits: Bywire News (Canva)
Credits: Bywire News (Canva)
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The mainstream media has failed us. It is all too often racist, biased, and enthralled to corporate interests. Far from holding power to account it has allowed itself to be transformed into a mouthpiece for the establishment or those with the deepest pockets. 

Against this come a rising tide of independents. They are fighting an unequal struggle against the power and might of the mainstream. It’s one they can win, but they need your support. Here are seven reasons why you should independent news UK. 

1. It will annoy Rupert Murdoch

That in itself is reason enough for doing anything really. Rupert Murdoch is the dominant voice in UK media. Through his network of newspapers, and news channels, he has built up so much power that not even Royalty dare cross him. Independents bring a voice to the table which even he can’t control. No wonder the very mention of it makes his face scrunch up like a raison that’s been left in the cupboard for a month.  

2. Holding power to account 

Journalism used to be about holding power to account. Now it’s the other way around. The mainstream often resembles nothing more than stenographers, pumping out the latest briefings from the government as if it were fact. Independents are often the only people questioning statements from those in power. For this they can expect the wrath of both politicians and journalists who never like having their own shortcomings pointed out. 

3. They are on the side of truth 

When mainstream media is controlled by billionaires, it sings to their tune. Content is produced not to inform the general public but to further the interests of its owners. Independents, on the other hand, get into the game not for money or for power, but to uphold the standards of journalism. The Independent Media Association for example, requires its members to sign up to the National Union of Journalists’ code of conduct. They demonstrate a commitment to the truth that is missing from the mainstream media.   

4. The mainstream has gone too racist.

There was a time when right leaning publications such as the Telegraph and the Spectator produced well written, insightful journalism. Agree with them or not, they were just part of the wider media landscape. Not anymore. Recently, Telegraph columnist Julie Burchill paid damages to Ash Sakar, of Novara Media, for a racist tirade. The Telegraph took no action. Instead, it launched an all-out assault on another BAME woman for laughing at a joke about a flag. 

They are not alone. From the reaction to Megan Markle’s interview, to a false report in the Times fuelled by islamophobia, the content of the press today would not look out of place in 1930s Germany. 

5. They carry the stories you need to read 

Without the pioneering journalism of outlets such as the Byline Times, scandals such as the PPE contracts would have gone by almost unnoticed. For the most part the mainstream has watched on and allowed epic corruption at a time of national crisis to go unreported. It shows why independent media is so vital. 

The mainstream outlets have become ‘sheepews’, following one another from story to story. Without the independent news UK, there is a whole world of stories which are crucial to our future as a democracy which may go/remain untold. 

6. We need diversity 

The media is one of the least diverse industries going. Overwhelmingly, journalists are likely to be male, white and have a public-school background. This encourages a dangerous kind of group think in which any other perspective is excluded or viewed as a form of extremism. Independents give voice to those who have been excluded and tell the stories the mainstream would rather ignore. 

7. They bloody well need it 

Independent news is fighting an uphill battle against the mainstream. They have the platforms, the money and the connections. Against them independents can often seem like little pygmies trying to bring down a giant elephant with their slingshots. 

It’s an unequal struggle which is why they need support, whether that’s through money or simply sharing their content. 

At Bywire, we know that individually, the independent sector will struggle to cope. Together, though, they we have the power and the technology to take the fight back to the mainstream, redefining dishonest narratives with the truth. That’s at the core of what Bywire is doing by bringing readers the very best of independent news media, all in one simple to use mobile application and website. 

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