LONDON (Bywire News) - British Bafta award winning comedian, Jolyon Rubinstein, provides a fantastically funny, engaging and unique reaction to the 2020 Presidential Debate.

Presidential debate? Presidential Debate 2020 Reaction is this: this wasn’t a “debate” and it sure as s**t wasn’t “Presidential”. But that was Trump's intent from the off: destroy the format, claim the victory. 

S**t show, horror story, it’s all been said before. More concerning however is the deliberate tactic of disqualifying anyone from knowing anything about “policies” (remember them?) by purposefully railroading the terms of the debate to make the debate itself meaningless. 

With Trump's COVID hospitalisation (who knows whether he has it or not) it's easy to forget that this may have been the last debate prior to polling day. 

There is no precedent for these events, but it’s likely that they may be used as yet further context to dispute the results of the election, should Trump not triumph. An American President, the Commander-in-Chief, openly telling armed militias to standby was to me, reminiscent of Hitler himself telling the SS to be ready before Kristallnacht in Germany in 1938. 

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