Track and Trace Scandal - The Profits Behind the Pandemic

Track and Trace Government Scandal - The Profits Behind the Pandemic - Episode 4 #NotTheNews with Jolyon Rubinstein.

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Credit: Bywire News, The Jolyon Rubinstein Show
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The Government’s total outlay on personal protective equipment (PPE) contracts handed to Conservative Party donors and representatives has surged to £364 million.

The Government’s outlay on PPE procurement contracts in total has amounted to at least £5 billion during the COVID-19 crisis – a colossal private sector spending splurge carried out in just a few months.

The UK NHS Track and Trace app has finally launched in the fight against Coronavirus. Boris Johnson had claimed it would be a game-changer and is the ‘single most important thing to stop the spread of the disease(COVID-19).’

Ironically, on Wednesday during PMQs he claimed it now has very little to do with the spread of COVID-19. 

Labour MP Ben Bradshow asked if the reason Germany and Italy were seeing a much slower spread was that their test and trace system actually worked. 

Johnson’s excuse that the UK is a ‘freedom loving country’ has been widely ridiculed, after all,  nearly every country in the world is free, including Germany and Italy...

Due to the scale and pace of this spending, it is difficult to keep track of all the recipients. It is therefore highly likely that the £364 million figure identified by Byline Times is a marked underestimate of the deals received by Conservative Party backers, with some slipping under the radar.

At least 34 doctors died during the first wave of the pandemic, in large part due to a scant supply of PPE. It is crucial that the Government’s procurement contracts are now delivering the goods.

“We have the nation’s back, but the Government must have ours or we will all fall down,” Dr Nagpail said last week. “We owe each doctor who has laid down their life our gratitude, and their loved ones our profound sorrow.

“Never ever again should doctors and healthcare workers fail to be adequately protected in the course of their duty.”

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