Your Guide to the Pomelo Season 5 NFT Adventure

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Celebrate the new dawn of Pomelo Astronaut deep-space exploration!

This article covers everything you need to know to join the Pomelo Season 5 NFT festivities. We’ll update it as events unfold, so you’ll always know what’s happening.

In order to start, adventurers will need lots of resources to achieve their ambitions. In Season 5, this means Artifacts.

Support the expansion of the Pomelo intergalactic adventure by buying some Artifacts. They will fuel great innovation and unlock ancient wisdom that is crucial for the Pomelian space adventure to reach the next level.

Participating in this NFT series directly helps all Pomelo builders who contribute public goods for the Antelope ecosystem. All profits go to the matching pool for the current Pomelo season.

If you are new to Pomelo, you can still get involved. Create a Pomelo profile and start collecting.

Buy your Season 5 NFTs to join the adventure

Go to Pomelo NFTs and connect your wallet to buy. There’s a limited supply so don’t wait!

If you’re missing some that are already sold out, you can purchase them on AtomicHub or you can offer to trade Pomelo NFTs with fellow collectors on the Discord Pomelo channel or the Telegram NFTs on EOS channel.

If you’ve already got your Artifacts, that’s good! ✅

If not, buy today. Hint: You’ll need at least 4 to complete a project.

Pomelo Grant Collectibles

The next step includes the Grant Collectibles of Season 4, which are based on the 20 most successful grants, according to matching amounts raised. Grant Collectibles are sold in packs, which include 3 collectible cards each. You’ll need to unpack them before you can see which ones you got and take the next step.

You’ll need at least 1 to craft your DNA Potion.

Crafting a DNA Potion

4x Artifacts + 1x Season 4 Grant Collectible = DNA Potion

Your DNA Potion allows you to claim Crew Members that you will need to staff up your Spaceships and travel for long distances into deep space. What kind of epic adventures may await you there? For more context, read the Pomelo Chronicles NFT Lore.

As you know, the Grant Collectibles are inspired by the previous season and highlight grants that attracted the most support from donors and received the most matching funds.

These Grant Collectibles are infused with the magic of quadratic funding and, when combined with Artifacts, allow us to extract a powerful serum called Pomelo DNA Potion. Once infused with this substance, our Pomelo space crew become energized and gain new capabilities, which they can leverage to reach new heights as a community!

Stay tuned. There’s more to come!

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