Antelope Swiss Workshop 20 - EOS BEES Update 6 - Jesse Jaffe

Antelope Swiss Workshop #20 w/ Jesse Jaffe The Evolution of The Bees: Harnessing AI and Blockchain Technology
Antelope Swiss Workshop #20 w/ Jesse Jaffe The Evolution of The Bees: Harnessing AI and Blockchain Technology
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Antelope Swiss Workshop #20 w/ Jesse Jaffe

The Evolution of The Bees: Harnessing AI and Blockchain Technology


Short Summary (1min read):
In the 20th Antelope Swiss Workshop, Patrick Schmid hosted Jesse Jaffe, CEO of The Bees. They discussed the Bees’ evolution, focusing on recent developments like the integration of YouTube into Swarm capabilities, alongside existing Twitter Swarms. Swarms, which are large networks of humans incentivized to engage on tasks like social media posts, are set to create significant marketing effects and foster knowledgeable community members. The Bees plan to engage more in other crypto communities on YouTube to boost EOS content.

Jaffe discussed incorporating YouTube Swarm data into the EOS BEES cockpit to gain insights into their outreach and influence. The team is currently building necessary infrastructure for this, with completion anticipated by the end of the next Pomelo season. The duo also highlighted the profound impact of AI tools like ChatGPT and MidJourney on digital marketing, with potential to revolutionize the field by summarizing long-form content and generating relevant images.

The Bees' use of blockchain technology and AI to create a singular service was highlighted as innovative, combining content production with payment to creators. The discussion concluded with a reflection on their collaborative work and a shout-out to the bees community for their engagement.


Full Summary (9min read):

🐝 Introduction 

Patrick Schmid, host of the Antelope Swiss Workshop, and Jesse Jaffe, the CEO of The Bees, kick off their discussion with an update on new developments for the bees program. They have expanded their operations and are eager to share the new features of their platform, including YouTube Swarms and the use of AI tools.

πŸ’» YouTube Swarms 

Jesse explains the planned addition of YouTube in their Swarm capabilities, alongside Twitter Swarms, which have been active since July 2022. A Swarm represents Web3 technology and a large network of real humans who are incentivized to engage on any task, like a social media post. The magic is that the Bees engage simultaneously. It creates positive, explosive marketing effects. It creates new, knowledgeable community members. 

Unlike on Twitter, where they amplify their community members' posts, they intend to interact in other crypto communities on YouTube to boost EOS content. They aim to target multi-chain communities, such as those following Ivan on Tech or Altcoin Daily, by amplifying EOS-related comments on these channels’ comment section. They believe this approach will help rank EOS-related comments highly and foster more EOS-related conversations.

🐾Tracking and Analytics 

Jesse plans to incorporate YouTube Swarm data into the EOS BEES cockpit, created by Patrick’s MindWeb solutions. This expansion of their operations aligns with the theme of EOS's Digital Extended Network. The analytics will provide insights into the outreach and influence of their YouTube swarms.

πŸ› οΈ Implementation 

The Bee team is currently building the necessary infrastructure for YouTube Swarms, with the most labor-intensive part being the verification of YouTube accounts. They anticipate having the processes and infrastructure in place by the end of the next Pomelo season. The cost for YouTube Swarms should be similar to Twitter Swarms.

πŸ€” Commenting Strategy 

Jesse also discusses their commenting strategy on YouTube videos, and how they intend to use AI tools to enhance these comments. They are still determining who the comments will come from and what they will contain.

πŸ€– AI Tools

Jesse elaborates on the profound impact of AI tools like ChatGPT and Mid-Journey on digital marketing, with their potential to revolutionize the field. The bees have been actively testing these tools and exploring their potential. They are particularly interested in their ability to summarize long-form content, such as lengthy articles and videos, making complex ideas more digestible and efficient.

πŸŽ₯ YouTube Video Summaries

The team has been experimenting with using AI to produce summaries of YouTube videos, providing both short and long summaries, as well as category headers for easier information digestion. Moreover, they have been utilizing Mid-Journey to generate relevant images based on the summaries. 

🌐 Expanding Platforms

Jesse discusses the necessity of expanding beyond Twitter to platforms like YouTube, citing the potential for growth and the opportunity to tell the story of the #NewEOS in these spaces. Patrick agrees, emphasizing that every platformβ€”YouTube, Twitter, Redditβ€”needs to be addressed to effectively brand EOS and impact social sentiment. 

🐝 Workforce

The current "bees" workforce stands at around 450 members, all of whom contribute to various micro-tasks involved in Swarms and other managerial and support tasks. There are many possible ways to utilize The Bees’ workforce. Jesse is open to feedback and suggestions for ideas on how to approach these tasks. 

πŸ—‚οΈ Digital Marketing Strategy 

Jesse and Patrick discussed the importance of a content strategy, while emphasizing the bees’ focus on an amplification strategy. Jesse expressed openness for ideas about a content strategy, noting their expertise lies more in the amplification side of things. They mentioned the use of organizational chatbots that help execute Swarms, highlighting how these bots offer a low barrier of entry for anyone who wants to participate in and order a Swarm.

πŸ€– AI Tools 

The duo elaborated on their use of a combination of AI tools for summarizing and enhancing content. For this Antelope Swiss Workshop, they're employing AI to create summaries of YouTube videos (like this one!). They believe this would appeal to different content consumption preferences, as some people prefer text over videos and vice versa.

 πŸ“– EOSDEN Story

Jesse shared his excitement about using AI to help tell the EOSDEN story. Inspired by the EOSDEN whitepaper, he wrote a story about a girl named Sophie who created a DApp called EcoMedia, a social media application rewarding users for posting about sustainable living. He utilized an AI tool, MidJourney, to generate images that best represent the story. The aim of the story is to explain the contents of the whitepaper in a more engaging and fun way.

πŸ”„ Feedback & Improvement 

Jesse stressed the importance of feedback in the development process, using EOSDEN as an example. In EOSDEN, solutions are rated and reviewed, providing valuable feedback to the creators. This feedback mechanism, according to Jesse, is crucial for improvement and growth of any project.

🎨 AI-Generated Video 

They also mentioned an AI-generated YouTube video, created based on Jesse's EOSDEN story. The AI analyzed the story and generated images to match the narrative. The result was a six-minute video with images appearing throughout the story. However, some images were not accurate, prompting manual adjustments for better alignment with the story.

πŸŽ₯ AI and Multimedia Creation

Patrick explained the creation process of the EOSDEN Story YouTube video, which is a synthesis of AI technology and human effort. The video is composed of Jesse's narration (MP3), a background music mix created by Patrick, and images generated from the story text by an AI tool. The AI tool, supplied with the story text and MP3 voice-over, created an engaging video experience. Patrick emphasized that Jesse's human voice was preferred over an AI voice-over. The AI would read everything, including text in parenthesis, which was not flexible.

πŸ”— Blockchain and AI Integration

Jesse highlighted the bees’ unique use of blockchain technology and AI to create a singular service. Their system uses AI to produce content and leverages blockchain technology to pay the content creators. Jesse noted the innovative nature of their approach, combining two cutting-edge technologies into a single service, and expressed excitement for the value it could bring to the EOS community.

πŸ›‘οΈ Sybil Protection in EOSDEN

Patrick mentioned the importance of their Sybil protection mechanism, where they can verify users before onboarding them onto EOSDEN. He gave a shout-out to various EOS community members and emphasized the interconnectedness of EOSDEN with other networks like Pomelo and the Bees. He expressed his enthusiasm for the synergies and collaborations this connectivity could enable.

πŸ’­ Hopes for the Future

Jesse expressed his desire to meet Sophie, a character from their EOSDEN story, one day. Patrick praised Sophie's entrepreneurial mindset, encouraging listeners to read their story.

πŸ“š Storytelling and Mystery

Patrick expressed his admiration for Jesse's storytelling abilities. He compared the mystery of Sophie's real-life existence to the enigma surrounding Satoshi Nakamoto, the unknown creator of Bitcoin. Patrick emphasized that the story does not provide financial advice, but rather it demonstrates the possibility of collaboration and unity.

🎯 Patrick’s Motto

Patrick started to wrap up the discussion by highlighting the effectiveness of their collaborative work. He stated that working with Jesse always leads to something great, even if the end goal isn't clear from the beginning. Patrick's motto is to "inject the best nectar into the mindset of the people," which he believes is achieved through their work together.

🐝 Shout-out to the Bees

Patrick gave a shout-out to the bees community for their engagement and genuine comments on his Swarmed Twitter posts. He praised the diverse user base spanning various countries, such as Vietnam, India, Nigeria, and Uganda, and mentioned that it's grown to around 450 members. He acknowledged the slow, organic growth of their community and expressed appreciation for their two-year journey with the bees.

πŸ™ Farewell and Gratitude

Jesse thanked Patrick for having him, expressed excitement about future workshops, and reaffirmed their commitment to providing value to the EOS community. He expressed gratitude for donations received in Pomelo's fifth season and encouraged support for the sixth season. They ended the conversation with their customary farewell chant, "Go EOS Bees," and thanked each other for their time.

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